The Start of a New Life and the Beginning of War

The Start of a New Life and the Beginning of War

Some drama XDDD. So Miasma is trying for Mercy's lead stallion in Serpentine's contest, The Dynasty Herd. Not sure if he'll get the spot but if not maybe I can get him as a brood stallion.

So anyways the story line is that 11 months ago Mercy had chosen Colorado to be the sire of her new foal. And a couple of months ago she and Miasma had met. Miasma had not yet been told the whole deal about brood stallions so when he stumbled upon Mercy, Colorado, and their new born filly he was devastated and angry. Mercy didn't see Miasma over the tree or hear his hoofbeats fading away because she was too busy examining her new foal. Colorado knew Miasma was there and he made sure to give Mercy an extra possessive nuzzle to get the point cross to Miasma.

Colorado, Mercy, and the foal lines (c) Shy-Fox @ Da

Miasma's lines (c) Sofiel

Mercy (c) Serpentine

Miasma, Colorado, and unknown foal (c) me

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October 03, 2012
Usa Is not currently on the site
The Albino&Royal herds
Thanks, and I was planning on it, once I find a suitable lineart and BG xD.

October 03, 2012
Is not currently on the site
:3 oh this looks cool! are you going to make the foal a page?

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