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join the Silver Moon herd

the Silver moon herd needs members

A bold, Protective,handsome, and strong stallion has a small hers. He is happy for his little herd..but there is one problem..He wants more members for his herd! He is on the lookout for new members, and he needs your help!


Here are the ranks, and what are open


lead stallion:Dagger

co-lead stallion-(open)

lead mare-(coming soon)

co-lead mare-(open)

foal sitters-(open)

mares-open to 15 spots

1.                   11.

2.                    12

3.                     13

4.                       14.

5.                       15.






foals-open to 10 slots

1.                                      6.

2.                                       7.

3.                                       8.

4.                                      9.

5.                                       10.


rules to join

-horses must look realistic

please fill out the forum on the project site, and please do not message me about it

if you have created a horse, send the link of the horse

send in as many horses as possible and have fun!


how the forum is supposed to look









                          if you have any questions..feel free to PM, or message me!


Deadline for this project : July 18, 2016

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October 19, 2016
Is not currently on the site
my oc has a page but im still waiting for it to be accepted

June 15, 2016
Usa Is not currently on the site

6 years


Co-Lead Stallion

Golden Buckskin

His legs are black, except his front and his left back. They are small white socks. He has a blaze down his head, ending at his black muzzle.

Dark Gray




He's very friendly but very protective of his herd.

Born to a Lakota mare, Lenape grew up away from the village. When he was older, his father brought him to the wilderness. The young colt learned his natural survival skills. He had been in many fights, resulting in battle scars on his golden coat. At age five, Lenape had gotten into a bachelor herd. He was unsuccessful at getting mares, so he ran to Dagger. Lenape agrees to join his herd, thus earning a new friend.

May 17, 2016
Usa Is not currently on the site
Name: Roxy

Age: Depends on use

Sex: Female

Rank: Mare

Breed: Mustang

Personality: Flirty but kind and gentle. She loves gossiping with the other mares and grazing.

History: Roxy was born to a rogue stallion and mare. He was stolen but many different stallions until she ended up with Dagger in the Silver Moon herd. She was abused by many of the stallion but Dagger was sweet to her. She gladly stayed in the herd with him because she wanted to settle down. She made many friends with the mares and loved racing thru the open fields of the herd lands.

May 16, 2016
Usa Is not currently on the site
Name: Abbey

Age: Depends on use

Sex: Female

Rank: Foal sitter

Breed: Quarter horse

Personality: Sweet and caring, layed back, always wants to please, playful

History: Abbey was born in the cavalry but was sold to a farmer as a work horse. But that wasn't her kind of thing. She escaped and was found by a stallion named Dagger. At first she was scared of him but when he offered her a place in his herd she agreed. She was happy their taking care of the other mare's foals giving her plenty of time to play with them and graze in the sun. She is hoping one day for a foal of her own.

Hope you like her! Oh and her dam is my mare Jessica.

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