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The Windy Valley Herd

This is WhirlWinds's herd. His lead mare is Felicity. The range of the herd and homeland extends over a green luscious valley with many hills and plains of grass, near Spirit's homeland, but not close enough that they compete. This herd is open to all horses. (EVEN other stallions, but if they try to take his mares he'll give him some problems) Yopu can enter Foals, old horses, Geldings,Mares,(Possibly other animals that are friends)

My Stallion Whirlwind is looking for members! Mares(His), Mares(Not Whirlwind's ) Stallions(They can be mates with the other mares that are not Whirlwind's),Foals(Adopted or not etc), Defenders, Teachers, Foalwatchers,and retired horses. The Windy Valley Herd is a kind, generous herd open to all kinds of members.

If you have a suggestion for a position, just leave a comment or PM me!

Note: Even if your horse has a position, they will be liosted also as a mare/stallion etc.


-Follow site Rules!

-No Sparkle Horses

-Has to have A Spirit relation(Includes non-horse characters)

-Do not ask for any positions already taken.

Thank you.

~The Windy Valley Herd~

WhirlWind (Lead Stallion)

Felicity(Lead Mare)

Members (OPEN!)

Lead Stallion:  WhirlWind Lead Mare:Felicity


Whirlwind's Mares:Riola, Carmina, Amelia, Koko, Aurora(Open)


Mares(NOT WhirlWind's) :(Open)




Defenders:  Sparky,(3,Open)


Teachers: (3,Open)


Foal Watchers: Athena,Koko(1,Open)


Foals:Mia, Wings,Brewster, Wilson(Many)


Yearlings-Two year olds: (4,Open)


Retired(Too old to fight kind of horses): (4,Open)


The Range and Terrirory of The herd consists of a large valley near where Spirit and his herd reside. It is full of hills, flat grassland, several pine trees and a river and a couple of streams. The land is awfually windy, sometimes many gusts bring in Rainstorms but not too often, but at the right time the river may flood. The most dangers are predators: Cougars, Coyotes. Humans: Wranglers, Cavalry. The valley is almost always windy, so it's never too hot, but it can become quite cold!

Locations-(To give you an idea of the herd's territory)

The Hills 

You can see the river above(In the background).

The Curvy River

The Flat Plains

Whirl Wind's Hill(A Place where Whirlwind likes to stand since it overlooks much of the herd's territory.)

Herd Allys(Other Herds/Groups that arevfriendly to This Herd)

-The Cimmaron Herd

-The Long River herd


Enemies(Herd/Groups Hostile to the Herd)

-Any Cougars/Predators

-Bachelor Groups

-The Cavalry


-Shadow woods Herd










siblings-If any

Mate-If any

Foals-If any

Spirit relation:

Summary of history:


You can PM it, or comment. Also send an image of the char.

Deadline for this project : June 01, 2014

Members who have joined the project :


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  • athena.png by Heartfox1000 (July 17, 2014)
  • zephie.jpg by Heartfox1000 (July 16, 2014)
  • tyler.png by Heartfox1000 (July 16, 2014)
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  • rocko.jpg by roxie (July 07, 2014)

Last comments

July 17, 2014
Usa Is not currently on the site

July 17, 2014
Is not currently on the site
Name Dreamstar

Nicknames- star

Age- 4 year old

Color- strawberry roan

Rank- Whirlwind mare

Sire- Acheron

Dam- Burn

siblings- Scorch

Mate- One of Whirlwind mares

Foals- non (open)

Spirit relation: Friends

Summary of history: Dreamstar met Spirit on her walk and he know that she was the daughte of Acheron and she told him that she not like her father she like more nice and spirit true her and told that The windy valley herd need somes members and she and thank him and left to go to the herd .

July 17, 2014
Is not currently on the site
Appy i put her page up so that everyone can see her

Name/Nicknames- Athena

Age- 7 year old

Color- Chestunt apploosa

Rank- Foal watcher

Sire- Unknown

Dam- Unknown

siblings : non

Mate- one of Whirlwind mares

Foals- Robin , Arrow with Riley

Spirit relation: she live they for a few year

Summary of history: She came to the cimarron herd with her two best friend named Amelia and Sparley and them few year pase she become pregnant with Riley foals and she Abandoned them and to live in the cimarron herd and them her and her tow best friends left to go found a new home and they saw the The windy valley herd.

July 16, 2014
Is not currently on the site
Name/Nicknames- Zephie

Age- 6 mounth old

Color- Gray

Rank- Foal

Sire- Unknown stallion

Adopt father : Tyler

Dam- Morgana

siblings- non

Mate- Too young

Foals- Too young

Spirit relation: She met her with Tyler

Summary of history: she was born in a cave not to far form the cimarron herd and few year pase she met Spirit and Tyler and he become her adopt father and she was happy filly and live in The Windy Valley herd

July 16, 2014
Is not currently on the site
Name : Tyler

Nicknames : Ty

Age- 6 year old

Color- Blue roan

Rank- Teacher

Sire : Unknown

Dam- Unknown

siblings : Angelia

Mate (open)

Foals : (open)

Spirit relation: Great friends

Summary of history: Tyler and his parent came to the cimarron herd and live there for a few year and tht have he met spirit and become is great friend and they play fight and playing . Went Tyler was older he went to Tralver and he met a filly named Zephie and become her adopt father and she was happy .

July 16, 2014
Usa Is not currently on the site
Accepted! Roxie, I need information, use the form.

July 15, 2014
Is not currently on the site
Name/Nicknames- Sparky

Age- 6 year old

Color- Bay

Rank- Defenders

Sire- Unknown

Dam- Unknown

siblings- Amelia

Mate- (open)

Foals (open)

Spirit relation: He a old friend

Summary of history: Sparky went the the cimarron herd and stay there for a few year them he left to go found is sister and he saw her at The windy Vallay herd and he join the her and become a Defender for the herd .

July 15, 2014
Is not currently on the site
Name/Nicknames- Wilson

Age- Newborn

Color- Chestnut Apploosa

Rank- Foal

Sire- Whirlwind

Dam- Amelia

siblings- Brewster

Mate- too young

Foals-too young

Spirit relation: Friends

Summary of history: Wilson was born afther is brother Brewster and he was very little and he stay beside is mother all the time but Brewster was they with him and he like that and he met Spirit who is friend with is father and him too .

July 15, 2014
Is not currently on the site
Name/Nicknames- Brewster

Age- Newborn

Color- Bay Apploosa

Rank- Foal

Sire- Whirlwind

Dam- Amelia

siblings- Wilson

Mate- too young

Foals-too young

Spirit relation: Friends

Summary of history: Brewster was born in the herd with is brother Wilson and they love to play with the other foal but Brewster can be a little bit shy sometime but later he love to handout with is friend Spirit .

July 15, 2014
Usa Is not currently on the site
Yeah, You guys are all accepted, But Roxie. I need info. I'm guessing his name is Rocko.


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