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The Northern Colorado's Herd

Alone we can do so little, Together we can do so much

Welcome to The Northern Colorado's Herd

Shaped in North Colorado by a stallion called Luther, The Northen's were a legend back in the day. When Luther died the responsibility was passed onto a stallion named Flint. Flint was known as a weak stallion, and wasn't fit to run the herd. A month later, a stallion named Flynn took his place after killing him. He became rivals with another herd; his brothers herd, The Cimarron.

Enter form

To enter, please put in a full body reference and a bio. The story but be at least 6 lines long.

Coat colour:
How did they find the herd?:
What are their feelings toward the Leads?:


Lead stallion: Being made
Deputy Lead stallion: Open (Win will decide who get's this rank)
Lead mare: Indie
Deputy Lead mare: Open (I will decide)

Favourited mares: Open (I will decide)
Stallions mares (x10): Open (Win will decide)
Other mares: Open (I will decide)

Elders (x10): Open (Just enter them)
Foals (x20): Open (Fanfoals?)

Lead guard: Open (I will decide)
Guards: Open (I will decide)


Foal sitter (x3): Open (I will decide)
Dancers (x10): Open (I will decide)
Medicine horses (x5): Open (I will decide)




  • No fighting
  • No stealing
  • Linearts are allowed, but give credit
  • 5 entries per person ^^
  • Have fun!


If your entry is.....

  • Appaloosa
  • Short-maned
  • Non-skinny
  • Sweet and kind
  • Brave
  • Strong
  • Reliable

She has a better chance of getting the spot you are trying for!

Have fun and good luck! ^^

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  • annie.jpg by Baby Beau (August 02, 2013)

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July 27, 2013
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She's gorgeous Misseh, Thanks for entering ^^

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