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The " El Rebaño eltoro " Herd

Recruiting new ( few ) members!

Welcome to the El Rebaño eltoro, In English means The Herd Bull.

It all took place back on the border of Mexico! Many fighters and partiers lived there, and most of the stallions were violent or had violent pasts. Travis, a bay spanish stallion, who was born in Mexico but grew up in America travled back to his birth place every once in awhile to catch up with his cousins. While he was visiting with his cousins one timeViolence had broke out in their area, None of the cousins wanted to live there anymore and wanted to re-new their lives. So Travis, Andre, Hijo, Rio, Dominio, and Marco left to America. They also brought along Bolivar and Mi. When they reached a certian part in America, Andre ran into a wild and an un-ruley dun stallion, who's name was Spirit. Before Andre was almost brutally killed his herd mates stepped in. Ever since the incident The Cimarron Herd and El Rebano El Toro have been life long enemies. Also along the way they became enemies with another spanish herd who have started to roam the valley of the Cimarron herd, The Panthera Herd. As well as new members such as Carmen, Adelita, and Marcella Devala.

This herd is allowing only three new members. ( Technically not a contest ) One cousin and two not cousins.


- Can be any gender. No Geldings.

- Any Color. ( No bright un-realistic colors )

- I will be choosing one spanish mustang and two regular breeds. ( For example: American Mustangs, Indian Mounts, Calvary Mounts, Thoroughbreds, Paints. )

- You may use line arts, but please credit.

- Try to make them unique please!

- You may enter only one entree to make it fair.

- Follow the Rules.

Herd Members-

Leader: Travis (c) TheOpposite
* I run the herd though. *

Bolivar, and Fionn.

Mates: Mi ( Mi is for Diminio)
Marcella Devala ( Mareclla is for Andre )
Carmen ( Carmen is for Marco )
Eden ( Eden is for Travis )

Yearlings: Carino ( Daughter of Carmen and Marco )
King ( Son of Andre and Rosa )

Foals: Cherie ( Daughter of Andre and Marcella )

Roams with the Herd, But not apart of it:

Rosa {Loor} & Ryker & Juliet


( If Spanish ) Meaning:
Mate: Would llike if you wait till I approve.

Winners chosen will get a free render. :3

Deadline for this project : June 15, 2013

Members who have joined the project :


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July 15, 2013
Uk Female Is not currently on the site
Fluff Stuff
Oooh! Thank you, Loren! :D

July 01, 2013
Is not currently on the site
Barley's in Gums!

June 25, 2013
Is not currently on the site
Val, Skeeter, and Angel they are in! Val I love the little mare :3

June 20, 2013
Is not currently on the site
Name: Zephyr
( If Spanish ) Meaning: Flirt ( I actually just made it up but eh xD )
Breed: Quarter horse
Color: Chocolate palamino
Mate: ---
Crush: Andre
Personality: Zephyr is a very out-going and confident mare. She be a little hurtful at times but most of the horses often around to her are used to it. Zephyr is known for her short temper and is one of the youngest in the group. Her soft side is only shown when she feels upset, let down or hopeless.
History: Zephyr was born in a small town just outside the wild-west. She was training to be used in the civil wars, but due to an unfortunate accident to her leg she had to be put in quarantine for 4 weeks and was unable to go to war. The owners couldn't afford to take care of her any more, and she was sold to a couple of young men who were recruiting soldiers. They knew Zephyr wouldn't be able to go into battle, but there was a cavalry fort a couple days travel from the town, so they decided to take her there to work. Zephyr was then owned by a young woman named Prim. prim was a maid at the fort, and loved her to bits, but when she was sold to another man in another part of the country, so she was forced to leave her at the fort. There, the men took good care of Zephyr, but it just wasn't the same..

June 15, 2013
Is not currently on the site
Name: Alfonso

 Meaning: Noble, and ready

Breed: Gypsy VannerXSpanish Mustang

Color: Dun Paint

Mate: None

Crush: None

Personality: Alfonso is strong willed, and has very little of his father or mother in him. He is a bit untrustworthy, and will go back on his word

History: I'll send it to you by Pm. ^^

I hope you like him! I had him planned a long time ago, and thought he'd match perfectly in this herd. ^^

June 13, 2013
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
Ran Fan!
( Continued again..) Cora lived alone for little bit. While resting one day, a snake attacked her while she was sleeping. Cutting her muzzle open with its sharp fangs. Cora felt herself getting weaker from the loss of blood. So she searched for help, so she doesn't die in the later future. Eventually, she found a Spanish herd called, The El Rebaño eltoro herd. Some of the members saw the injury on her muzzle. She was forced to stay to recover. After she recover, two scares crossed on her face as a result. She didn't the leave the herd after the recovery, she stayed in the herd as a member.
Lines by: Blackhorsebeth

June 13, 2013
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
Ran Fan!
( Continued...)
While waiting for her mother to come see her and her father. Something happened, Cora's mother never came. Days passed the vanishing of her mother. No signs of her had appeared, her father was loosing hope and happiness. Cora seen her father's eyes, he began to change his thoughts. Cora's father began to starve himself. Which made him weak and thin.

Soon as Cora grew into her yearling stage. Her father had already passed away from not eating. Cora was left alone to live her own life. Cora traveled on her own.

June 13, 2013
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
Ran Fan!
Name: Corazón quebrada --- Cora
( If Spanish ) Meaning: " Broken Heart"
Breed: Spanish Mustang / American Paint Horse
Color: Buckskin pinto ( I'm guessing, not really sure ^^)
Mate: None
Crush: None
Personality: Cora has many personalities, since her mood changes often. Towards friends, she is friendly. Towards foals and enemies, her actions are grumpy and snappy, so she tries to stay away.
History: Was born in the plains that lied on the border of Mexico and Texas. Her mother was an American paint horse and her father was Spanish mustang that was from Mexico. The little filly was raised in the plains, she didn't meet a lot of horses there. She didn't see her mother a lot since she is from the Lakota tribe and that was far away from Mexico. Her father couldn't bring her up their. But so often... her mother visits her mate and her little foal of hers...
( more to come)

June 11, 2013
Is not currently on the site
She's gorgeous, Skeeter! Can't wait to see her bio!

June 11, 2013
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
Ran Fan!
Will send in the information soon. But her pics are there so I don't forget x33

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