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Tales Of The Cimarron : Dating Sim: *UPDATED*

I am interreste din making a Dating Sim/ pc game, and i need some help. you'll either love this or hate it. there will be no grey area.

Hello have you ever played the N's game the Hook Up? or Wolf Quest? maybe Impressive title? or DA's Dating sims? Well I am trying to make a game that has the styleof the hook up, the choices of a DA dating sim, and the pack or in this case herd and mate creating that wolf quest has. But its based around spirit.

Know that i am completely serious about this and will be posting on DA to find help as well.

This game will take place in the Cimarron and the Rocky Moutains. Main characters that will of course be in it re spirit, Eperanza, Rain, Little Creek and Colonel Cluster.

In this game you will be able to Design your own character, Pick from either being a human or a horse, Of corse gender, race if you choose human, Breed, if you choose horse. You will be able to go through Intense convo's like on the hook up (will go through that below), give gifts, earn Ex. points, Show jump, Dressage, own a pasture/farm and flirt with many of the characters untile you find one you like.

It will not be a simple game like the DA sims, whcih take alot of time to make so this one might take us a while. Like the hook up and WOlf quest you will be able to walk around, Go into Buildings, caves, tents and so on. you will need to gather information like The Hook Up in oder to get the guy/girl you want. Going after main characters is a option ( like Spirit, Rain, Little Creek, Esperanza). You Will also be able to Play as main characters or pre-made characters. (I will go into further detail below on that). you can start out as an adult or a foal in Horse mode. if a stallion yu will have the option to fight insted of having a Intense convo. The game will have you choose your age group in real life, so the game can make the age approperate setting. for the older people I am thinking about having it so you can flirt with the same gender but Iidk how people will take that. Although everything will stay relatively from PG-T  so do not worry.

There will be mini games with in the game, such as races, fights, puzzles, memory testers, and missions. Now I hope you've gotten the feel for it. if not feel free to ask questions. Below I will list Basic info about some of the theme's here and then I will list what is needed to get this thing going ok.



Play as Main Characters , Premade charcter or a Character you design yourself. can be either Human or horse

Slef Designed: you will get to choose markings, color, breed, mix breeds, eye color, mane, color, voice, size, race, Gender, hair color, cloaths, If you choose to be Human you can pic from being an Army person, a lakota or an average joe lol.

Per-made: Some premade that i already have in mind are Emery (horse), and Weeping Doe (laokta), See Aplications for details on how ot add your fan character to the list.

Main/ Orig Characters: Play as Spirit, Rain, Esperanza, Little Creek or Colonel Cluster

Intense Conversations & Fights:

 Intense Conersations: They will not be called this they will be called Flame Wars, like how you flame a person online. This is a heated converastion between your character and your love intrest or Rival. you will choose a list of facts and rumor you have gathered from other characters to win the fight.

Fights (for horses only): These will happen with male players more often than with female characters,  Fights give you Ex. points, a higher rank in the herd, and an atavantage in Flame wars if you win. if you Loose it will do the oposite.

If you win a fight  and the horse  says "do what you will" you may choose to send  the looser away or to add them to your  herd. Not all horses will say this tho. if they are a man character or main threat they will simple run off.

Mare fights: these will be rare only certain rival Mare characters will start these. you will have to fight her off, using you horses, strengh, rank, and Looks, yes i said looks. When the rival mare is fighting you based on looks it will say "work it" before the fight starts, if she is fighting you based on rank it will say " Own it" before the fight, if She is Fighing  you Based on Strengh it'll say "K.O her" before the fight. Once you win the same thing will happen as saisd above ^



lol ok so now here's were you come in, I need help making this thing, i can animate some but i an not the best at it, Plus there are some other things missing I will list the spots open below please if you think you can help please enter. however i am warning you  I am looking for  good quality stuff. ok, also if oyu know of anyone who would like to help my Email adress is CookieCannible@live.com and mt DA is CookieCannibleSofiel.


i need you so much! please help, if you know how to put game together and all that cool stuff please join

also if you know some one who would be willing to help FOR FREE lol because is is a no pay totaly free game please tell me how to contacted them.


here i will need the following....

Characters Animators: Horse animators / Human Animators / and random animal animators

Lanscape Animators: Trees, watter, sky, grass, sun, moon, stars, coulds, flowers, tents, buildings, and so on.

Close up character animators: close up facial expressions and so one

Waether Animators: wind, rain, snow, fire, blood (yes blood)


screens: like when the game is Loading or its showing the tile screen, credits, titel to the next chapter and so on.

Voice Overs:

Yes the characters will speek! lol




Weeping Doe:


Little Creek:

Colonel Cluster:

Bonita: (from the Book series)

Foals: Male

Foals: Female

Stallions: Mature/ Imature/ shy/ mean/ old/ sweet/ cocky/ charming/ and well the list goes on

Mares: shy/ mature/ mean/ sweet/ motherly/ flirty/ and the list goes on

Sound Effects:

Wind sounds

Water Sounds

Rain sounds

Horse Sounds

Night time sounds

daytime sounds



I need good renders to render as many diff horse or human designs as possible for close up picutres. and render other horse pics so that they look like believeable or halfway believable spirit offical characters.

Pre-made Characters and Love intrests:

Okey here's were anyone can help!

if you have a fan character on this site or not, send him or her in, along with there gender and bio/story line, or we'll wing it for them. and they might be put on the list as premade characters


talk about this as much as possible to get more helpers, suporters, and testers when it's done



test the game when its done.


I have the basic story line and down for the Love intrest characters ok that are already ready.

Please be patient this is a work in progress and please join in theres always a way you can help!

wish use luck!


Deadline for this project : October 30, 2011

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Last comments

January 13, 2012
Is not currently on the site
Acctually I can help with the horse sounds and voice actors! I would love make som pre-made charries! ;)

January 13, 2012
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
I would like to join!! I would like to be one of the mares!

Name: Willow Spirit
Gender- Mare
Age- 2
Breed- Mustang paint
Color- black and white

Past- Wild all through her life.

Personallity- Caring, Fast, Courageous, Clever, hot-headed, playful, and spirited.
Likes- Running, fighting, and talking to other horses.
Hates- two legs, and being alone.

Mother- Jokers Spirit
Father- Storm Cloud
Siblings- none
Crush- None
Mate- None
Looks: http://www.animationsource.org [...] chars/Willow_Spirit/32419.html

Herd Rank- second in camand

Bio- After running into Spirits Heard, Willow desided to join and fought her way to were she was.

January 13, 2012
Is not currently on the site
I would like to be in the project. I want to be a tester.

January 13, 2012
Is not currently on the site
Hi! If you do not mind, I could be a tester. I am really good at testing things out.


January 13, 2012
Is not currently on the site
I want to join in! Could I be tester? I'm very good at seeing mistakes in games.:P

December 26, 2011
Usa Is not currently on the site

December 04, 2011
Is not currently on the site

a.ka. Izz Man or Izz or Zi
Gender- Stallion
Age- 6
Breed- Mustang
Color- Blue Roan

Past- He was in a rodeo as a bronco

Personallity- Gentle, Kind, Caring, Athletic, Courageous, Clever, Hillarious.
Likes- Galloping, Peace, Joking Around, Being Playful
Hates- Fighting and Men.

Mother- Courage.
Father- Isahia
Siblings- Hot Shot
Crush- None...
Mate- None for right now!

Herd Rank- Lead Stallion

Bio- After being a Bronco Stallion for 3 years Izzy left. He escaped on the night of the rodeo. Ash he was running he caught a glimpse of old mares and young fillies being loaded on a trailer. In deep black written letters on the side of that trailer it said " Your Dream of Escape? The Wild One". He ran up to the horse barn and hung his head low to pretend he was a old mare. Once loaded he thought of all the beautiful things and how the home lands would be. It took 7 days and 6 nights to reach the home lands. Once they opened the trailer he busted out into a gallop and ran through the dark green lusios grass. He kept on running and running. Until he met up with some band of stallions all without mares of their own. Izzy not having any mares stayed with the stallions.

I hope mine will make it!:) Good Idea:icon108: :icon14: :icon108:

September 24, 2011
Usa Is not currently on the site
Ok it won't work on my stem but download Adobe flash player and you can make moving animation, it's the the whoa horsie group is making theirs BUT lets try to make ours 3-d It will be cooler. :)

September 24, 2011
Usa Is not currently on the site
I found something big that can help us, when I'm dune doing what I'm going to do I'll show it to yo u guys if it worked. :)

September 24, 2011
Usa Is not currently on the site
I had to make these for some reason, lol~
http://bri-and-haerts.deviantart.com/gallery/?catpath=scraps (Your looking at the 1st two, sorry one is hard to see, I thought that the colour would be easer to see.)


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