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Phantom needs more mares and foals! :D Please join!!

Okay so Phantom needs more herd members. Mares, stallions, foals, anything is fine! Even a zebra or zorse xD Please join!



1. NO fighting

2. You can enter as much times as you want!

3. NO US signs or Indian signs

4. NO cut mane horses

5. fill out the form. Unless your horse is already made just send the link

6. If you use line art you MUST credit the rightful creatater



There's no 1st or 2nd or anything. Every one who enters gets a image of their horse and Phantom and a request of any kind :D






How they met (does not have to be long):

Short bio (if too long just PM me):


What he likes:

1. Phantom likes any color but he prefers: cremellos like him and duns and greys

2. He likes kind mares and strong mares

3. he loves foals

4. he finds a liking in quiet mares



Phantom's page HERE



Lead Stallion: Phantom (duh xD )

The prince (2nd in comand stallion): You can try for this spot!

Lead Mare: Mary (c) BraviaryThunderstorm

2nd in comand mare: Porche (c) WolfDemon

3rd in comand mares: Stella (c) BlakeySkeeter  and Sequoia (c) blackhorsebeth

Brood mares: open!

Mares {these are the mares that are apart of his herd}: Janet (c) Lady Jessie BCL, Queen (c) Lady Jessie BCL, Moon Dancer (c) Wolf Demon, Angel (c) me, Secrets (c) me, open!!

Foals {these are his desendence}: Cheza (c) TheWhisperer, Bella (c) me, Lily (c) WolfDemon, open!

Yearlings {these are his yearling foals}: open!

Guirdians {these are the horses that protect the herd when Phantom's away}: open!

Care takers {these are mostly mares, there horses are meant to take care of the foals with out parents}: open!

Thanks so much for entering! :D

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June 23, 2013
Is not currently on the site
Oh he's wonderful Misseh :D

June 23, 2013
Is not currently on the site
bio: a small band of traveling gypsy and there horses came to near lands, the horse were allowed to go freely while they camped, a gypsy vanner dark bay sabino mare named rose of wildfire, she was a beauty long flowing dark hair and feathered feet. she roamed across phantoms herd, and immediately she was charmed by the stallion and he was dazed by her grace and beauty. but soon she had to leave with the travelers and never returned, after 5 months the traveler noticed a change in rose's behavior and this lead to them finding she was carrying a foal, they didn't know who the sire was, but when t came to the birth the happily welcomed to foal into the band, as a foal he was very high spirited and the humans found him difficult to handle , he would wonder away from his mother rose and the camp curiously, as he grew his mother told him about his sire, and the foal never understood why his farther didnt follow them, why he didnt ant to see his colt and it son grew into a frustrated hate towards his farther , a year older at a camp the colt ran away from the humans and left his mother, he wanted to find his farther the ghost that his mother talked about, and confront him, did he even know about his birth?. it took him2 years to find the herd, and he spotted the stallion within minutes , his looked at his farther, the same snip down his nose , he then went to confront him and told his who he was why he was here, but talking to him, the stallion was overjoyed to see his colt..well stallion.. and then welcomed him into his herd, he earned more about his farther and himself, and became a strong stallion full of courage, and to prove himself he set targets , and did so much for the herd then phantom appointed him price and he has been nothing but faithful to that roll since.

June 23, 2013
Is not currently on the site
Name: fireside flynn (fireside)

Age: 5

Gender:stallion (mane)

personality: he is a very loyal driven and full of courage, he has always been a curious gentleman, kind and has a heart of gold , but if you get on his wrong side, he can be arsh with his punishments and abit hot headed

Color: (manly white) dark bay sabino, flaxen mane and tail, medicine hat marking, dark socks, snip and dark muzzle.

June 22, 2013
Is not currently on the site
Okay thanks! ^^

June 22, 2013
Is not currently on the site
i will try for the prince :)

June 22, 2013
Is not currently on the site
Whispy thanks for entering! Can't wait to see your entry! ^^

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