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Darkwoods herd

We are the herd of Darkwoods and before you judge,no we arent evil.We are symply called after the heart of our homelands ,The Darkwoods.My name is Badr and me and my buddy Jango rome these lands together.Besides my sister Bita and a few mares,the herd is quite small and we need more members to make the herd grow together.

The darkwood Herd



From the Darkwoods to the Canto falls into the valleys of peace he herd roams these lands with pride and courage.They each supply water.The woods and the valley supply vegetation and and the cantos provide routes to each part.Most unique about the heart of their land,The Darkwoods,is that they share a bond with the bears in the forest.(Will be explained in Bearlily's bio.)


Herd Members:

Lead stallions:Badr and Jango(me and blakey)

Second in command stallys:Koda,Zephyr,Falling SnowUp to four (some being made bc this is only open for friends as this position)

Siderunners:up to 3(Some being made and same as second in command)

Lead mares:Glory&Now jango is left to have a lead mare and mate but its all up to when blakeys ready to make her contest.So be patient!

Second mares:None(Second place will be second mare for Badr and again if blakeymoof does make a contest for jango then same)

Mares:Darling,Bita,&Bearlily&Glory,Gingersnap,Malaria(blakey,me,and me made by blakeymoof&Pushover)Open!!

foals:Mirror,Alecto and Tantalus(Adoptives from dk and they found their way to the herd will be in updated bio btw And mirror is pushovers)Open!!

This was made by my dear friend wolfy all credit to her and credit to the owners of the horses used!These are some of the adults in the herd the main ones because i didnt add ginger or malaria yet until now









Bio to how they came upon the herd


foals:adoptive or already born or pregnant








Bio to how they joined







Adoptive or born in the herd


Bio to how they arrived or if they were born by a mare in the herd



1.This rule is tradition to all herds.Respect the higher ranks.

2.A unique rule only for the Darkwoods herd.Keep peace with the bears.

3.Respect your elders.(The old mares and stallys)

4.Foals.Please stay within watch of the herd stallys.

5.Leadstallys word is code.


Deadline for this project : January 01, 2015

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  • malaria.png by Shadoweclipse (July 25, 2014)
  • gingersnap.png by Shadoweclipse (July 25, 2014)

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May 11, 2014
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
Ran Fan!
For the people who enter, could you send me the pics of your horses too.

I would like to see them^^ :3

May 10, 2014
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
I love koda and mirror^^I will add them to the herd.

Badr speaking-Welcome to the herd koda and young mirror.

May 10, 2014
Uk Is not currently on the site



Persona:Quiet, shy and small Mirror prefers to be alone than in a large group.Not fond of sunlight, she likes the shadow, this leading to other foals teasing her.

Bio:Born to a mare of Spirit, Mirror had a good first week in her birth herd.The birds always sang, the sky was always beautifully lit with the sun..Until her mother was attacked.The skys turned grey and all that was heard was the horrible caw of the crows.This was when she grew accustomed to the dark, although she was half blind.At birth, her right eyes was blue-blind.She was a target of ridicule, pushing her over the line.She ran away from her birth herd, The Cimmaron, before she was barely 2 months of age.She found a place to sleep, in a dark forest that was out of bounds at her old herd.She awoke to see two stallions muzzles. "Eek!" She yelled, clearly startled.
"Hush, hush." One of them spoke.
Two months later she lived happily with these stallions, dwelling under there safe eye.

May 10, 2014
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
Born To Make History
I'm sending his picture by PM, the site won't let me post it here.

May 10, 2014
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
Born To Make History
Name: Koda

Breed: Mustang x Thoroughbred x Quarter Horse

Age: 3 1/2

Rank: Second-In-Command Stallion

Personality: Very timid, shy, and sticks to the rules. He is not one to blow up on others, but can have a bit of a temper if provoked. He has a soft spot for mares, but isn't ready to take on a mare of his own. He is shyer than most stallions.

Bio to how they joined-

Koda was born into a rival herd to the Cimarron. As he grew, his father decided that he wasn't fit enough to take on the role of lead stallion, and so kicked him, along with a few other colts, out of the herd. The colts formed a bachelor band. Koda would have preferred to go out on his own, but knew he still needed the protection of a herd. Time went by, and Koda grew into a young, handsome stallion. By staying with the bachelor band, he had learned how to fight, lead others, and the dangers of the wild.
Soon, the band began to break apart, and soon Koda was on his own. It was just by luck that he happened to meet Badr. The stallion offered Koda a place in his herd, and of course Koda accepted the kind offer.

Breeding: Isn't ready to find a mare of his own yet.

Foals: None

May 09, 2014
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
Mhm the project for the herds up^^

May 09, 2014
Greece Is not currently on the site
Hey Shadow,you linked me here ^_^

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