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Where did your images and characters go?

I deleted every, single, one of them. I'am tired of art thieves stealing my art whether or not I have watermarked them or not. Not only have I had peoplestealing   my art, I've also had people   rendering   over my own renders after I've asked and informed   kindly   on this page and on everyone one of my images for people   not   to render over them.  

I can't understand why it's so difficult to be a decent human being and not steal from others or take credit for their work. But I guess not everyone can see eye to eye, and not everyone will listen to reason.  

And for those of you who are curious, yes, I will still finish all those design requests I promised you guys, but I will send you guys the designs personally through PM. I will not be uploading anymore images to this website, and I will   not   be adding any new characters, despite my previous plan of doing so. Looking-Glass

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October 15, 2013
Usa Is not currently on the site
Hi! It's been awhile since we've talked. How are you? LOL, tomarrow I have court at school, andd my old crush is the judge, and my boyfriend is who I'm up against! He lied and we broke up...ish... :/:

August 23, 2013
Is not currently on the site
You're online? Dk ;D

August 10, 2013
Is not currently on the site
poor Dky! *hug*

August 10, 2013
Usa Is not currently on the site
oh im so sorry dkrvice -hugs-

August 10, 2013
Usa Is not currently on the site
I'm so sorry, Vice! ): -hugs-


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