Animation Source newsDecember 11, 2012
Snow Day on AS!


EDIT: It's been fixed!

Well, there's snow again this year. Same old same old, you know how it works.

But how to turn it off?

Seems Steet forgot to add that option this year. Until he fixes it, here's how to turn off the snow in case you're not interested in seeing it. As of right now, this is really the only way that has been found to turn off the snow, so you're going to have to make due.

You'll have to go to the AS hub, and scroll ALL the way down. You'll see options like this:


As you can see, there is an option to stop the snow there. (Highlighted in red in [...]

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Animation Source newsDecember 01, 2012
2nd ASCAs - Helpers Chosen!



It is now the first of December, and as such we are exactly one month away from the start of the Animation Source Choice Awards. This year, I have asked for help, and help has come! If you sent me a PM asking to help out, check the list below and see if your name has appeared! You can also check out the list on this page.

Vote Collectors:

Ancient Fairy Dragon
Black Rose

Graphic Designers:

Brown Wolf


Here's how it's going to work. Vote Collectors, you will be [...]

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Animation Source newsNovember 30, 2012
Deleted Account? Post Here!


I was busy curling up in a corner upon the realization that Samurott is a girl, when this came up. So I'm happy to post a news that I'm sure will make a lot of you happy.

A LOT of people have found their accounts have been deleted. If you are one of them, here's what to do:

1) Post a comment in this news, either as a guest or on a backup account, stating the account's name that has been deleted.

2) Create a second account, with the knowledge that it should ONLY be used temporarily until we get your old one restored.


Unfortunately, the ONLY way for deleted [...]

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Spirit Source newsNovember 22, 2012
General please-don't-fight news post!


Hey guys, we've noticed that lately there's been some arguing going on over names and copying.
There really is no need for it.

Names cannot be copyrighted nor can anyone be warned or banned for "copying" a name. Proving someone copied a name directly from another member would be near impossible to prove as there's no such thing as a 100% unique name and they could've gotten it from anywhere.

People can steal or copy art or characters, and that will not be tolerated and anyone doing should be reported.
But just using the same name is not against any rules and reporting someone [...]

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Animation Source newsNovember 08, 2012
2nd ASCA's - We Need Your Help!


Hi, everyone. You may remember earlier this year, when the 1st Animation Source Choice Awards was held. Well, it's time to start getting ready for the 2nd ASCA's, and this year I'm looking for YOUR help!


The way the Animation Source Choice Awards works is like this. Each year, several animated movies are released in theaters around the world. I count them up, and decide which films are eligible for which categories in the awards; the categories are set up like the Academy Awards, so there are, for exmaple, Best Picture and Best Animation. (22 in total.)

For the first half of [...]

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Spirit Source newsNovember 05, 2012
Game time!


(Before I get going, don't forget to check the news post below this one!)


Introducing a new feature - GAMES!
These will be run by me and Blazetail and will be posted at random intervals for a bit of fun. There are no prizes, just the fun of participating! They'll be a mix of visual games, puzzle games, quizzes and anything else we think up.
(If you have a suggestion, feel free to PM either me or Blazetail with your idea!)

And here is the first game!

Spot the difference!
There are 7 differences between the two pictures below, can you find them [...]

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Animation Source newsNovember 05, 2012
News Regarding Drama


This is a message from the mods.

Recently,  there has been a lot of flaiming of members in the shout boxes, through comments, and on the forums. In particular, the members are Brown wolf, MightyBalto1925, Skulblaka_Shur'tugal, Kelsey the Zombie and JerseyCaptain. As of right now, anyone caught doing this again will be given an instant month-long ban. Consider it a rule for now.

To elaborate: don't talk about them even if you talk about the situation without mentioning names. It's obvious who you talk about. And we also don't care if you talk about it either civilized or [...]

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Spirit Source newsNovember 01, 2012
Book Characters?



Hello well it seems the poll is going good.

Once again this is about the books.

Which characters do you want on the sources? Just the ones blood related to Spirit and Rain like Alma or as many as I can get some bio for like Alicia, Willow and Aspen.


Spirit Source newsOctober 21, 2012
New poll again



Hi guys doing this quick.

I made a new poll .I know I made one only days ago but  this is again to help with the site :).


I ordered the spirit books (3 of the 4) and will be getting them some time soon , they said 3 to 4 weeks but iv had books come in  7 to 10 days after ordering before.


The question is easy do you want the book characters on the source?

So go vote, and leave any comments on this post.




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Animation Source newsOctober 15, 2012
New Animation Announcements


It seems the frequency of animated films is becoming more common. Box Office Mojo has updated their release schedule with updated and brand-new release dates for upcoming animated films.

First of all, let's look at rescheduled release dates for films we already knew about. The first one is "Phineas and Ferb", the theatrical film based off the TV show of the same name. What little is known about the film is that it's actually NOT animated--not entirely. Its format is described as "similar to Who Framed Roger Rabbit". The film will be released in 3D (and 2D as well, don't worry) in [...]

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Spirit Source newsOctober 06, 2012
Horse breeds



Hello spirit sourse

As someone who wants to help the source I came up with an idea

as of now there is a fourm for horse info its not finished yet and nowhere near it (theres over 200 breeds and iv only done 3) but its now open for members the point of it is to help get info out there about breeds yes other members can submit stuff I haven’t done it yet but ill pin ones which have info that is proven from books ect

So yes if you want to help feel free to join it and hopfully help SS become even better


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Spirit Source newsOctober 04, 2012
Happy Halloween!


Spirit Source, I bring you a Halloween banner!

It's quite saturated compared to the usual one, but I think it fits the season quite nicely.  xD


Animation Source newsOctober 01, 2012
Sourcecast 2.0 Episode 4 - Going Fourth



After a summer of hiatus, Sourcecast 2.0 is back, with our fourth episode "Going Fourth!" Guest co-host Dragon Tamer joins the three regulars, and they talk about Hotel Transylvania, Wreck-it Ralph, and Finding Nemo! (And other stuff, but you'll have to listen to know what.)



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Spirit Source newsSeptember 16, 2012
New "Video games" page!


Added a new page to the site for the Spirit video games!

I've tried to make sure all the information is present and correct but if you notice a mistake feel free to say so and I'll fix it asap.  c:

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Animation Source newsSeptember 15, 2012
Character Rules


Hello Animation Source!

Mods have noticed all the problems going on with characters and what is accepted.

The first and probably one of the most important rules is that sparkle dogs/horses/lion ect... are not allowed.  And if you aren't sure what a sparkle character is, it is any character that has an unnatural color that you would not find on the regular animal. So for almost any animal, that includes the colors blue, green, red, purple, pink ect. To go along with that, unrealistic designs are allowed. Please do not give your character excessive jewlery, this does include [...]

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Spirit Source newsSeptember 13, 2012
New banner chosen!


The people have spoken, the vote for the new banner has been cast and the results came out;


Banner 2- 12 votes
Banner 4- 21 votes
(Thanks to RainbowKat for counting it up, saved me some time. <3 )
So there you have it!
This is our new banner, for now anyway.
I still wish the screenshots were better quality, less fuzzy and blurry, but there's nothing I can do about that for the time being. Unless I find some really good quality high resolution ones.
Edit: Okay guys, all changed. Some colours will have changed about the site too - [...]

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Animation Source newsSeptember 11, 2012
New Releases Announced: Tons of Threequels!


I had written up a LONG news about the stuff going on, but the browser just blurped and I lost all of it. So unfortunately, here's a shortened version of what I wrote.

Ok, so if you check out the latest release dates, courtesy of Box Office Mojo, you'll see there are new entries. How to Train Your Dragon 3 comes out on June 17, 2016. Kung Fu Panda 3 comes out March 18, 2016. The Penguins of Madagascar - a brand-new film based off the TV show -  comes out March 27, 2015. Three brand-new animated films have just been announced: Trolls (working title, June 5, 2015), Mumbai Musical [...]

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Animation Source newsSeptember 07, 2012
Animation Source News - 09/06/12


Due to the general lack of news in the actual animation world, I decided (upon the proposal of someone awesome, you know who you are) to write up a fan news for ALL of Animation Source. The French do this all the time: take all the Sources and show off the best parts of them, so here we go with the very first English edition!

First off, Balto Source. Our artist for this Source is Kema. Let's take a peak at what she has to offer us... Oh, how unfortunate. It seems as if one of her characters is crying in this art piece entitled: "Le Sniffle". 


But her character should [...]

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Animation Source newsAugust 15, 2012
Fix it Felix - Play The Game!


To help promote its upcoming animated feature film, Disney has released an online flash version of "Fix-it Felix", the game centered around its 52nd animated feature "Wreck-It Ralph". The film will be released in theaters on November 2 this year, and centers around a video-game "Bad Guy" named Ralph who feels his job is underappreciated. The film also cameos video game characters from other franchises such as Mario and Sonic.

To play the game, click the picture below!


The full-length trailer, which debuted in front of Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted, can be seen [...]

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Spirit Source newsAugust 09, 2012
New banner vote has been cast!


It was close guys.

The vote ended up being 12 people for this one - which was the winning vote!
Banner #4!

Although ... the second place banner had 11 votes. That complicates things a little.
Banner #2!

I'm going to be annoying and ask for another vote from you guys.
Please vote again by posting a comment but ONLY pick Banner#4 or Banner #2!
And only one of them.

This will end on August 23rd, so get your vote in before then.

The winning one from this vote will be placed up top.
This will give me some time to redo the layout itself a tad too, but I have to [...]

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Animation Source newsAugust 03, 2012
Tangled Source - Now Open!


Well, not much to say about this one. Tangled Source is now open! All the content was handled by Nakou, and translated by me - but trust me, she deserves far more credit than me, so all the thanks go to her!



Animation Source newsAugust 01, 2012
Animation Source Awards - And the Winners Are...


Well, it is now August 1, which means it's time to announce the winners for this year's Animation Source Awards! Thanks to everyone who voted; this year it was REALLY close for a lot of categories. Remember, the winners this year get to have their selections posted as Selection of the Week!


And here is the complete list of winners:


Overall Awards
Wolf Award - blazetail
Lion Award - Brown Wolf
Frog Award - MightyBalto1925
Dog Award - JerseyCaptain
Horse Award - Mohammad891
Bear Award - catwhohas14tails
Princess Award - Draco
Cat Award - Saske Italian [...]

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Spirit Source newsJuly 26, 2012
SS new banner



Hello spirit sourse

I made a news post only a fue days ago but its time for another,SS will be getting a new banner and its up for a vote out of 6 All you do is post wich one you like best

votings only up for 2 weeks so vote befor the 8th of august

 all banners are made by UK

1 -
2 -
3 -
4 - [...]

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Spirit Source newsJuly 23, 2012
Spirit sourse gets an ipod



Hello blazetail again

As some members might have seen there is a project to try and make spirit source better, and one comment was for it to get an ipod

Well I did some work and iv made one, so far not all the songs are on it but i’m working on it as the website that host it isn’t to new user friendly , but I plan to work it out and slowley add the rest of the songs

On another note me and UK stoped the weekley picks as we both got to busy to ,I would have loved to do it more but life got in the way sorry about that

Also remember if you have an idea to help [...]

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Animation Source newsJuly 06, 2012
Sourcecast 2.0 Episode 3 - Brave


EDIT: Also of note is a follow-up interview with Balto sequels director Phil Weinstein. You can read it here.

Episode 3 of Sourcecast 2.0 has been released, and features the regular hosts (Skulblaka_Shur'tugal, Ancient Fairy Dragon, and Juuchan17) along with our guest co-host SpaceTimeGuardian - Skul's very own wife!


This episode, "Brave", focuses on numerous subjects, including Brave, fathers in animated films, and why Ancient STILL needs to become a brony!



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Animation Source newsJuly 01, 2012
Animation Source Awards - Part 2


The nominees are in, and now it's time for everyone to VOTE in this year's Animation Source Awards!



Overall Awards
Wolf Award - blazetail; HaruWuffle
Lion Award - brown wolf; Imagine
Frog Award - Rio LilC; MightyBalto1925
Dog Award - The Batman; JerseyCaptain
Horse Award - Seth2208; Mohammad891
Bear Award - catwhohas14tails; Bambi Fletcher; Roi Doberwolf
Princess Award - Draco; MW Roach
Cat Award - Saske Italian Wolf; Rio LilC
Dragon Award - Mightybalto1925; Blazetail

Balto Source
Balto Award - Hecate; Nattikat8; MightyBalto1925
Aleu Award - Jett; [...]

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Animation Source newsJune 11, 2012


I'm sorry for the downtimes occuring lately, me and my co-host are still looking for what is causing them.

No change in the site code has been made lately so it's probably due to some upgrades on the server.

Until it's all fixed, please be patient!


Animation Source newsJune 01, 2012
Dual News: Sourcecast and the ASAs!


You all remember the Animation Source Awards, don't you? I'm not talking about the Choice Awards, which honor the best in film. I'm talking about the ASAs, which honor you, the members of Animation Source. Well, this year's ASAs have officially begun: the 2012 Animation Source Awards!


The rules for this year are much like the last few years. You cannot vote for yourself. You can only nominate one person per award, but as many awards as you like. No nominating banned members. You cannot use multiple accounts to vote for a person.

Otherwise, the rules are pretty lax. I'm the judge [...]

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Spirit Source newsMay 30, 2012
Weekly fan picks - 30/5/2012

Spirit Source newsMay 23, 2012
Weekly fan picks - 23/5/2012


Hey guys!
I'm doing this weeks fan creations picks, unfortunately it's just art, images & characters again.  D:
I'm afraid I'm far too busy to read any fics and the other sections appeared to be full of tumbleweed, sorry about that!


This week's character belongs to Dúnedain.
Smoking Loon

Smoking Loon has a really nicely laid out profile and he sounds like quite an interesting character.
I also really like his design.




Fan art

This week's artwork pick is this picture by windhowler;
This [...]

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Spirit Source newsMay 22, 2012
New "Merchandise" pages!


Hey guys!
You might have noticed there's a new section on the left named "Merchandise" - that's right, we're currently in the process of making new Spirit merchandise pages!

You're going to have to bear with us for a short while whilst we write them but they should be coming along nicely!
If you have your own photographs of this merchandise (DVDs and CD included) I'd be much obliged if you'd consider taking a good quality photo of them (seperately) for us to use on these pages!
Just PM the images to me or blazetail.  C:
You would of course be credited for your photos on the [...]

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Spirit Source newsMay 16, 2012
Spirit source weekly update 16-05-2012



Hello, after some thought and asking another site builder what they think I have decided to do a weekly “pick” sort of thing this will highlight what IV liked this week

It will include fanart, fanfic. Images and characters and I may feature a contest i’m not too sure yet I will also post any spirit source related updates

Do not ask for your image/fanfic/character to be in this!!


First up we will start with
Fan art
This weeks fan art
sleeping spirit
by hayleywolf

I picked this purely cause its cute and hayley has shown mass [...]

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Animation Source newsMay 15, 2012
101 Dalmatians Source - Now Open!


Hello, Animation Source! I am here to welcome the newest Source: 101 Dalmatians Source!


There have been so many people who have worked on this over the years! Pilot and Skip were among the first to work on it, with contributions from Grey wolf. In the end, MightyBalto1925 worked on the graphics, and Imagine and myself (Skulblaka_Shur'tugal) worked on the infos.

Come over and enjoy yourselves!


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Animation Source newsMay 13, 2012
Restoring Animation Source



Used with permission. Banner © Hecate

Some of you may be aware of the fact that a lot of us older members are upset over the fact that people are here for all the wrong reasons. This news is what this news will be focusing on.

Yes, this fan site is out of control, and needs to be fixed. At this rate Animation Source has gone above and beyond the words "fan site". So I would like you to ask yourself, am I truly a fan? Think hard, and think seriously. Because if you are a truly a fan of whatever site you may spend your time on, then you wouldn't be using this site as a [...]

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Animation Source newsMay 08, 2012
Animation Source - Celebrating 8 Years!


Animation Source--first opened as Balto Source, as many of you remember--first became a website in France on May 8, 2004. As today is May 8, 2012, it means that today marks the 8 Year Anniversary of Animation Source! (The English side opened in September, but what the hay.)

Birthday Picture courtesy of Hecate!

^Birthday picture by Hecate^

It's hard to believe it's been 8 years. Yes, it's had its ups and downs, but look at how much progress it has made: from a yellow hard-on-the-eyes single website with less than a hundred members, to a total of 15 Sources (with more on the way!) devoted to quality animated [...]

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Spirit Source newsMay 03, 2012
New site builder



I just thought id let spirit source know I am now a site builder for the info side of things, I do have some idea that could improve spirit source, one i am sure most of you have seen is adding the cougar, he or she is now an official character

Along with the cougar I have plans for the twins, and the Indian horses to have pages up soon, also the translation of the characters back into English with more bio in more detail

But one thing I question, should we have strider as an official character? Iv seen this over and over but i am not sure so leave a comment below letting [...]

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Animation Source newsMay 01, 2012
Sourcecast 2.0 Episode 1: "Round Two - Begin!"


With the original Sourcecast now put on the shelf, we are now proud to announce the release of a brand-new podcast from Animation Source: Sourcecast 2.0! And to kick off the new series, we now present you with Episode 1: "Round Two - Begin!"


What makes 2.0 different from Series 1? For starters, there are new additions to the team: Juuchan17 and Ancient Fairy Dragon. On top of this, the official website, hosted by Conay, has been re-designed and will be hosting the episodes internally now. (Don't worry, they're still available to download from iTunes.) In the future, there [...]

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Animation Source newsApril 17, 2012
New Animation Source Game - Find.It!


Animation Source now brings you a new game that EVERYBODY can play: Find.It!


How Find.It! works is like this: For the next 4 weeks, the Site Infos Builders on the Sources will be hiding text (or pictures) in the official sections of the Sources. (For example, it could be the DVD section of Lady and the Tramp 2's Information tab, on Lady and the Tramp Source.) You'll know it when you see it, because it will be big, bold words at the bottom of the page.

The goal of Find.It! is to rack up as many points as possible before the four weeks are up. You earn points by finding the [...]

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Animation Source newsApril 06, 2012
Disney comes back with hand-drawn 2D game!


 Disney is currently making a sequel to the Wii game "Epic Mickey", which was a very good and creative game! It will be released on Wii, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, scheduled for fall 2012, and this news alone is already a very good one!

But the best news, is that there will be an entirely different version on the Nintendo 3DS, which will be a coming back to the 2D, hand-drawn style!!!


This game will be part of the old "Illusion" series of games ("Castle of Illusion", "World of Illusion"...), the last one being my favorite Disney game ever (I still play it with my niece [...]

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Animation Source newsApril 01, 2012
Important announcement!


April fools! This was just a joke, there is no site being made, and your characters will be left alone.

I've recived word that there are too many characters on all the sites of AS, that starting next week all your characters will be moved to the new Animation Source character hub, which is still in the making. This means you will have to remove all your character related content off the site and put it up on this new one. Why this? Because people are not focusing on what they should be. So in order to get things back on track, this new source will solve everything.

Have a nice [...]

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Animation Source newsMarch 29, 2012
Sourcecast - Final Episode


It's been almost a year since the last Sourcecast episode came out. Now it's time for us to present you with the final episode of Sourcecast, as we know it. Don't worry, it'll come back, re-vamped in the form of Sourcecast 2.0. But as for the original Sourcecast, this is it. (Total length is 33 minutes, so it won't take too long to listen to it)


To listen to the episode, or to download it to your computer, click here. For more information on Sourcecast, click here.

For more information on how to become part of Sourcecast 2.0's team, send me (Skulblaka_Shur'tugal) a private [...]

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Animation Source newsMarch 16, 2012
1st ASCAs - The Winners Are...



Thank you to everyone who participated in the 1st annual Animation Source Choice Awards. It was a huge success! And now, here we go with the results!

Best Picture: Rio

Best Director: Jennifer Yuh Nelson, Kung Fu Panda 2

Fan Favorite: Pokemon the Movie White: Victini and Zekrom

Best Screenplay: Don Rhymer, Josh Sternin, Jeffrey Ventimilia and Sam Harper, Rio

Best Voice Actor: Jack Black, "Po" in Kung Fu Panda 2

Best Voice Actress: Anne Hathaway, "Jewel" in Rio

Best Animation: Rio

Best Sequel: Kung Fu Panda 2

Film Most Likely to Receive a Sequel: [...]

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Animation Source newsMarch 15, 2012
Animation Source Choice Awards - Announcing Live


EDIT: The show has completed. The winners will be announced tomorrow morning on the site.

It will be just under 24 hours from now that the winners of the 1st Animation Source Choice Awards will be announced--live! Want to see the results? Then go to this website (courtesy of AS user Conay) tomorrow at 8 PM Eastern/5 PM Pacific to watch the start of the show.


The winners will be announced one at a time in a show that will last for just under an hour, hosted by yours truly. They will be posted on the site later Friday morning for those who can't make the show. See you then!


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Animation Source newsFebruary 29, 2012
ASCAs: Officially Ended


EDIT: The voting period has now ended. Thank you everyone who voted! Be sure to check back on March 15 for the live results!

Well, today is February 29. That means two things. One, it's Leap Year, which only comes once every 4 years, so enjoy it while it lasts. Two, it's your last chance to vote in the Animation Source Choice Awards for this year.


You have until midnight tonight, February 29, your local time, to send in your votes. If you haven't voted in the month of February, then you are eligible. Here's how to do it:

1. Look at this list.

2. Send me [...]

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Animation Source newsFebruary 10, 2012
Great Place to Buy Movie Posters


Ever wanted a poster for a film that you've seen? Some people prefer to print out black-and-white posters from their computers. Others are lucky to find cheap un-official posters at the local supermarket. But now there's a site where you can buy an original movie poster from the films you love the most!

The website is called Movie Poster Shop. They carry official, mint-condition posters for over 600,000 films (and growing), and for each film there are usually several different posters. For example, if you were to look up posters for Fantasia, you’d find 16 different styles and [...]

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Animation Source newsFebruary 01, 2012
Animation Source Choice Awards - The Nominees


Thanks to everyone who participated in voting in the past month. 157 votes were received, far surpassing my expectations! Now, it's time to announce the nominees for the 1st Annual Animation Source Choice Awards!


You can click the banner above to see the list of nominees. If the link does not work, you may instead click here, which will take you to an alternate page that works for most people.

Since it wasn't clear last time, you vote by SENDING ME (SKUL) A PRIVATE MESSAGE. (Need a shortcut? Click here.) You may not vote by posting a comment on this news. In addition, you can [...]

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Animation Source newsJanuary 15, 2012
Shoutboxes Gone Active!


It's amazing how active the Sources have become! So active, for the first time last night, every single shout box was alive with activity!


What does this mean? It means that a new record has been reached on Animation Source: most shout boxes active at the same time! But it doesn't have to end here! From now on, let's make it a point to make conversation in all kinds of Source boxes, not just Balto Source or Lion King or Spirit--the regular ones. Try and go with a friend to a more inactive Source, just to boost activity! Who knows? Maybe it will become your favorite [...]

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Animation Source newsJanuary 06, 2012
A Note Regarding Characters


This is a note from the moderators of all the Sources. It is important, and if you make characters, regard this as an official rule.

Recently, characters site-wide have been created that are based on, resemble, are named after, or otherwise bear a resemblance to other characters that have already been established in other media. That may seem like a mouthful to you, so let's break it down.

Say, on Bambi Source, a deer character is made that is named Pascal. It's green, doesn't speak, and is best friends with a girl named Rapunzel. This is not at all okay, as it is considered [...]

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Animation Source newsJanuary 01, 2012
1st Animation Source Choice Awards - Begin!


HAPPY NEW YEAR, ANIMATION SOURCE! 2012 will be one of the greatest years yet for the website, and the first event to kick it all off is the 1ST ANNUAL ANIMATION SOURCE CHOICE AWARDS!!!


For those of you who don't know what this is, the Animation Source Choice Awards (ASCA) are AS's equivalent of the Academy Awards, only for animation. There will be 20 categories this year (including 2 surprise ones), with 18 films of 2011 being eligible for a range of the categories, as well as TV shows, video games, and special categories!

Let's take a look at the 1st ASCA's:

Our [...]

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