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Eve :

Eve is about a black Friesain who never really knew why she was treated so badly. She spends her whole life wondering and trying to get by. Warning : This fanfic may contain violent sceans (blood and graphic sceens such as death, fights).
Length :

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Eve, Part Two :

In this part of Eve, she is with the calvery, but many things happen along the way. She sees her father and meets a strange foal who follows her. Warning: This fanfic may include graphic sceens and blood. P.S. Eve, in this story, will be reffered to as I and Eve.
Length :

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Freedom: How he got lost and who saved him :

This story is about Freedom, son of Spirit and Rain. Brother to Morning Arrow. IN this short story it shows how Freedom was away from his family for so many years. And who found him and took care of him, and the relationship of love with a beautiful filly.
Length :

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Dumbledore Trilogy: Herd Life :

This is the first of The Dumbledore Trilogy. This is his life in the herd. All of the characters in his herd are not real characters on Spirit Source and are made up. This Fanfic has some violence in it. Enjoy!
Length :

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Eve Part Three :

This is chapter 6-7 in Eves life story. I won't tell you what happens in this, and I honestly think it's kind of lame. But I gotta think of what I should do next. :P Some graphic sceens, but not to graphic I belive.
Length :

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Eve, Part Four :

In this story Eve get caught by the calvery. Pretty much it. No violance, I think. Lol, Enjoy! K.S T.RP
Length :

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Artist presentation



Welcome to The RolePlayers Fanfic gallery. I've had experience with writing stories. I do it in school when I have free time, and I read allot so I know how to get stories to flow. I read horse books so I think I know how horses act and what they do when happy, mad, or scared.

Any way, below will show upcoming stories and information about fanfics I've written.

*NEW* Battle between The Angel & The Devil

See, I have resently got threw a faze where i think I'm awful and act like the Devil. So, my character Eve (Emily) is like my Devil side, and Kacey is my normal or Angel side. This is going to be a battle between the Angel and The Devil, a hard battle and no one knows how will win, do you know? No, you don't.

*NOTICE* This fanfic will take a while to make.


The Eve Trilogy is about a black foal who was treated so badly threw-out her life. This shows her life development. Eve has a small colt who follows her threw-out her life. He doesn't want her to get hurt and tries to protect her. His main goal is: he doesn't want to see Eve die. Eve has never seen this colt in good light, she sees him at night and hidden in trees, but never full out in the light. This shows battles Eve goes threw for so reason, and abuse from humans for nothing was done. Eve never learned to talk, and when other horses speak to her she doesn't know what their doing. But as things try to talk to her, she's learning what they mean and how to say them.  Eve learns to fear the humans and the horses, for both have hurt her. She also learned to fear wolves and everything. She doesn't have any family and travels alone except for her unknown follower, Charlie.

 The fanfic above has been made.

Freedom: How he got lost, and who saved him. *MADE*

This story is about how Freedom got lost, and who saved his, the foal who found him. If he had not run into this foal, he would probably be dead.

The fanfic above has been made.

Dumbledore Trilogy *MADE #1, #2-3 IN THE MAKING*

This trilogy will be about Dumbledores life. The first will be about Dumbeldores life in the Mountain Herd. The second will be about his life in teh mountains and horses he meets and what he does. Also about the train and humans. The third and final story will be mainly about his death I believe.

The fanfic ubove will be made soon.

P.S. Many Characters in this story (such as horses in Dumbledores herd) will be made up, along with some horses he meets in the mountains.


Thank you for coming to The RolePlayers Fanfic Gallery, I hope you enjoy my fanfics and the ones to come. 

 ~The RolePlayer

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