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Mate for Veren'a.

My mare, Verena, need mate, help her!

Hi, guys.

My mare, Verena, needs mate!


- He must be a stallion.

- Non sparkle characters!

- He can be from the Indian Camp.

- Credit bases!



~ 1st place - mate with Verena; image made by me.

~ 2nd place - Image made by me, they are may be a friends.

~ 3th-... place - free lineart.


Have fun!

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August 14, 2012
Usa Is not currently on the site
The Albino&Royal herds
Name: Harley

Breed: American Mustang

Age: 5

Sire: unknown

Dam: unknown

Siblings: a few

Mate: none

Crush: Aamu

Crushers: ??

Offpsring: none

Personality: Harley is a very gentleman-like stallion. He is rather popular among other horses and the humans but he doesn't boast and brag about it. He stands up for other horses, even if he don't know them. He enjoys the company of others, but is usually a quiet prescence.


Harley was born tame. His parents had both been wild, living together for years. But then there was a Mustang round-up and the expecting couple was rounded up.

Harley was born in the corrals of the round-up. While counting heads the men discovered the new arrival and took a liking to him. They were picking through all the Mustangs, keeping the ones that would go up for sell and which ones would be sent to the Calvary Breeding Base/Training Base/Home Base.

Harley and his mother were both desirable so they were sent to the Breeding Base. Harley's mother would become a broodmare and Harley would stay there until he was old enough to go to the Training Base and then to the Home Base, which was the base where the warhorses were kept.

Time passed and when Harley was old enough he was sent to the Training Base to be trained, and trained well. He behaved like a gentleman, taking everything in stride. It didnt take long to finish his training.

It was then time for the long walk to the Home Base.

It consisted of eleven horses and riders, walking across the desertland to get to the base.

Here,things went wrong. The Lakota tribe raided the travelers and took a few of their horses amid the madness.

One of those horses was Harley...

(will be continued when I make him a character page after the contest ^_^ PM me for questions or comments)

August 08, 2012
Usa Is not currently on the site

http://i290.photobucket.com/albums/ll270/anakinspirit8/Saxon-full.png< /a>
Name: Saxon
Gender: Stallion
Age: About 5
Breed: Paint Horse
Height: 17hh
Coat: Rose Grey Tobiano
Mane/Tail: Cream/Pale Beige
Eyes: Blue/Deep Red
Markings: Paint Patches/White Face/Stockings
Likes: Mares, flirting, being ridden, being withe the tribe, being with friends, playing, swimming, star-gazing,apples, clover, trail rides
Dislikes: Being in a small space, being away from the tribe, being alone, snotty mares, mean stallions, fighting, standing
Personality: Flirty, sweet, caring, loving, friendly, social, curious, humorous, loyal, dependable, smart, fun, willing to please
Mate: None
Crush: Verena
Foals: None
Sire: Unknown
Dam: Unknown
History: He was raised up as a wild horse, but was taken in as a foal by the Lakotas after a storm that separted him from his herd. He had an adopted mother to milk off of for awhile until he was old enough to be weaned. He grew big and strong. He was trained at a young ageand doesn't mind beong ridden. He could conquer the most difficult trails and tackle the fastest water currents easily. Many children ride him because of his sweet nature. He will ride for anyone. He made many friends in the tribe and around 4 was very popular with all the horses. He was grazing when he first saw Verena. He remembers eating a sweet clover when he first laid eyes on her. She was beautiful to him. He picked up his head and straed at her, hoping she wouldn't catch him. All of the sudden, he became shy. He was never usually shy around any horse, so he new he was falling for her. He wanted to ask her many things. Her name, where she's from, how she got here and many other things. But, he felt he wasn't good enough for her. He waited around everyday, hoping she would come up to him.

August 07, 2012
Poland Female Is not currently on the site
Aww... How cute :3

August 05, 2012
Is not currently on the site
Seccond part!

Ofcoure he was was heartbroken and almost refused to leave. Verena nuzzled him goodbye, the two had been together for only a few months and they never thought they would have to say goodbye so soon. The two loved eachother too much to be apart so Verena made Bear promise that he would stay as close as possible to the tribe and that she would meet him everyday at the apple trees. She kept her promise and the two met there everyday at noon by the apple trees. They played and as soon at the sun began to set Verena would be forced to leave. This carried on until one day Bear wasn't at the apple trees nor was he anywhere near. Verena panicked and ran back to the tribe, something was wrong but what greeted her was shocking. Bear was there led down on the floor coughing. He hadn't been well for a while and he looked awful. She saw him coughing, she asumed that his cold was just because of the rainy season and that it wasn't anything important. Sadly, for the seccond time Bear was on his death bed and again if it wasn't for the indians then he truly would of died. Verena was overjoyed at Bear's recovery and the men decided that Bear would never survive on his own, so thankfully he was welcomed into the tribe again. Bear never wanted to be apart from Verena again, so he asked her to be his.

They would always be together.

August 05, 2012
Is not currently on the site
Name: Bear
Age: Unknown, but thought to be around two or three years old
Breed: Mustang
Likes: The Indians, Verena, galloping, meadows and open spaces.
Dislikes: Cougars, Bears, wolves, other stallions, caves and getting wet.
Fears:Cougars, Wolves and death.
Personality: Bear is a nice young horse but shy nonetheless. He is very easily spooked by almost everything, a shadow in the forest and even a simple hoof beat behind him, but he has his reasons.
History: Not much is known about Bear's past, he was just a dying horse found by a few men out for a ride. I cannot put into words what he looked like, for fear that you would have nightmares, but he was in a mess. He had scratches and scars all over his body, most likely from a cougar or a starved wolf, but if it wasn't for the near by tribe poor Bear would've died. As he recovered Bear aquainted himself with the horses in the tribe, well at least he tried, as mych as he wanted to he could not pluck up the courage to go up to anyone. So Bear spent his time stood alone in an isolated corner, away from the terror of the world. Well until a gorgeous filly trotted up to him, leaving Bear backing away from the horse aproaching him. She backed him up in a corner and licked his cheek, leaving him shocked. She knew just how to get him out of his comfort zone and into the big world, she was sneaky in a good way. She trotted away slowly and looked over her shoulder, smiling at him. She was asking him to come with her. Bear waited until the mare turned around and trotted up behind her. The mare, whose name seemed to be Verena, was perfect. She was happy and cheerful and Bear loved her more than anything. The indians decided he was too weak to ever be ridden and he was set free.

August 05, 2012
Poland Female Is not currently on the site
Koolness909 - Nice :3

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