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Mate Needed For Lightning Bolt

Lightning Bolt the, strong, proud, cunning stallion that is quick as a 'lightning bolt' is looking for a mare that will keep him interested in life.





TOP RULE: Must Be In Stargazer Herd


Lightning Bolts' Profile


Lightning Bolt is looking for a strong, proud, competitve, flirty mare.



1 - Put EFFORT into your work


3 -  Use Template Provided below Requirements

4 - Render or linearts are accepted (renders would be great)



1 - Must Be a Mare

2 - Must Go well with Lightning Bolts c olours

3 - More Points if you go for a dark mare.  (light mares are accepted)

4 - Age between 2 - 3

5 - Must be wild (can escape from capture)




Age: 2 - 3




How She met Lightning Bolt:





Winner  -



  1 - Mare will Be Lightning Bolts Mate

2 - Render of the couple

3 - Character Design (Render and Linearts will be done by me)




1 - Use of the Winning Char in plenty of fanfics.

2 - Plenty of Renders

3 - Full Credit



Note: EVERYONE else that SENDS IN a horse will recieve a free;


Character Design




.Thank You.





Deadline for this contest : November 15, 2010

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Entries submitted :

  • lignhtning_bolt_and_lyss.jpg by lauratje1998 (January 27, 2011)
  • untitled_imahgek by Din77 (November 16, 2010)
  • bliss_3.png by MissBlueEyesxx (November 10, 2010)
  • wildfire.png by MissBlueEyesxx (November 08, 2010)
  • light_mare_2.png by MissBlueEyesxx (November 08, 2010)
  • lighting_bolt_mare.png by MissBlueEyesxx (November 08, 2010)
  • mare.png by Din77 (November 04, 2010)
  • flamebomb.jpg by Shantrai the WolfDog (October 30, 2010)
  • blueleopard_m182f.png by lunarhorse (October 24, 2010)

Last comments

December 08, 2010
Australia Female Is not currently on the site
Angel of Darkness.
Blueeyes - of course they can be in the herd !! if you hurry and make there pages ill put them in my fanfic :) but about the step sister, no im sorry (if you want to know why please pm me)

December 06, 2010
Uk Is not currently on the site
do we still get them to be inn the herd because i want her to be my char she could be like LB step sis along with wildfire lol ??

December 05, 2010
Australia Female Is not currently on the site
Angel of Darkness.
Thank You Everyone ! and im sory for the wait...

but the winner is the gorgeous.. caring and daring .. MYSTIC ! thank you especially Miss Blue Eyes for all you entries !

November 19, 2010
Australia Female Is not currently on the site
Angel of Darkness.
O_O incredible din, shes just amazing! i love the history, really fantastic !

November 17, 2010
Usa Is not currently on the site
Age: 2 1/2

Breed:Mustang X

Coat color: Grulla

Personality:She loves to joke around and is very sarcastic sometimes. She also loves the thriller of adrenaline so shes pretty much a dare devil. (that was when she was younger) Now she is very skittish and freaks out quite a lot, Shes slowly starting to change back to her old self but less dare devilish. She now is starting to become competitive wen being around LB, When he runs just so fast and beats her she always tries to keep up.

History/How She met Lightning Bolt: When she was little use Mystic to do crazy things that would scare her mother and father to death. She once was on her own little adventure when she saw the bushes rustling. When she went to check it out a cougar came running out of the bushes. She took off as fast as she could running faster than the cougar. When the cougar finally got tired and walked away,she stood there prancing in place. this is when she notice she loved the thrill of the chase. She soon became a dare devil jumping off cliffs and chasing after cougars. One night she Went for a run on a cool night while a storm started brewing. She heard cougars in the distance, Mystic didnt really care she knew she could take them. She decided to walk along the cliff edge letting the breeze flow through her hair. In the corner of her eye she saw three tan dots take off torwards her. She started to feel pain in her back, she began to fall down over the cliff edge. The last thing she saw before she fell was a lightning strike and a black stallion racing torward her. From then on she saw darkness. Until she saw a small light, saw opened her eyes and saw this black stallion with a white lightning bolt on his face he was soaking wet. she just heard mumbled words come from his mouth she tried to lift her head but quickly fell back down. she could barely move from the pain from not only the cougars but from the fall, It was night time now, the black stallion helped angel move under a nearby tree. he curled himself around her and made her feel safe. When she awoke in the morning her wounds were just pretty much stiff but she forced herself to move. She stood and shook her head and looked at this black dot in the distance she blinked her eyes and he was right there. She shook her head again and asked him " Wh-how did you do that?" her eyes were big with curiosity. She shook her head again " Nevermind, who are you?" She saw him flink his mane and replied Lightning Bolt. As soon as he said that her mind flashed back to the night before falling... the cougars. She flashed back to reality screaming. Lightning bolt came up to her and hugged his neck around her. She was breathing hard and slowly calmed down knowing she was safe.

November 11, 2010
Uk Is not currently on the site
it was done on deviant art by someone it said rules : you dont need to ask or credit just send me a link back so i email it her but if it is not hers ill report her ok (i forget her name i dident take note because i dident have to credit her but ill find it if it is not hers ok thx ) :)

November 11, 2010
Australia Female Is not currently on the site
Angel of Darkness.
sure din. ^^

November 11, 2010
Usa Is not currently on the site
Hey tweed? can u push this off to just one more day please???? im trying to finish i pic i did of the two of them but its taking forever and i just have so much work O.O

And miss blueyes i am making sure that you are a loud to use the lines for your full body picture of your horse. It was done by larkspur and i dont think she has a lineart for it. But idk i havent checked recent updates im just making sure

November 08, 2010
Uk Is not currently on the site

Age: 2

Breed:american mustang

Personality:strong smart fun loving competertive pround responsible kind but harsh to people that fight her or are evil has a very strong hate for the two legged egar to learn new things and above all VERY VERY VERY flirty

History:she has a bad history she was born to a good herd and soon was going to be lead mare with a stallion called rory the only thing was she hated rory he always put himself before others but she never wanted to let her mother and farther down her name came from how she had the natural instinked to rpotect she was great at running fighting and more people said itwas BLISS to watch her her mother gave birth to a younger colt on a very bad day as soon as the colt was born a wild fire broke out the colt was unable to stand and her mother was week and bliss never knew her farther so her mother told her to get out and take the colt with her she didn't want to leave her mother but she felt she needed to save the colt so she upthe colt on her back and muzzled her mother there was no hope for her as she ran her mother said" take care of him never leave his side i love you and tell him that too "...as soon as she herd this she wanted to go back and save her but was too late she heard a winne and then nothing she started too run with the herd but she herd a cry for help rory had fell and a tree was on top of him she couldent leave him so helped him when she came out safe with all the herd and rory and her little brother she said" i must leave rory stay hear and look after the herd" she looked at the colt who was just opening his eyes she then said "ill take wildfire with me he's all i got left " that was it she left her heard and looked after wildfire like he is her own she told him about mother all the time when he asked about his farther she couldent anwser not knowing who he was all shes looking for now is a stallion as she has not met any on her travels jet and only met rory and the other two stallions oh and wildfire but no of them was her type ...

How She met Lightning Bolt: LB was on his way to the river eged because there had not been any sightings of cogars around ..when "raWWr " a cogar was near "heigh" ...and a mare on his brothers land he ran towards the sound dident take long for him anyway thats when he crashed into and colt the colt looked up "whooww your big arn't you plz dont hurt me we was only staying hear a few days until sis was better but with all these cogars around i dont think that would ever happen" the colt looked through a hole in the bush" they should know by now not to mess with her" he sighed and led down thats when LB saw her in all her beauty and strength fighting off two cogars it was soon over whenshe started to walk that way he was struck by her beauty he then came out the bush and walked towards her she just whent into shock this was one of the first stallions she had ever seen she then just looked around in panic " wildfire where are you " " im hear sis this guys huge is he not see he didn't hurt me" he just looked at the mare she had such relife on her face he knew this colt was very important to her " umm hi im bliss sorry for coming into your land we just stopped because it was easy to find water by the river sorry we will go now " "wait " what was he doing he dident know he looked at her scars and wonds "you can stay at least until your wonds heal im sure it would be fine with my brother" "really mister we can stay that would be soooooo cool" the colt was just dancing around bliss and LB " well wildfire if we stay we will never find farther" the colt stood thinking "i dont care he never came looking for us and i like mr.huge" "plz call me LB" bliss was scared but she knew wildfire had apoint " but " wild fire and LB both at the same time said "PPPPPPLLLLLZZZZ" she was slightly shocked at this flirty stallion being so intrested in her and why did he want her to stay so bad "fine " it was ok with LB's brother and they stayed LB was over the moon and loved the kids attutued but also found out about blisses history and herself he found she was very flirty with him witch he loved ...and little wild fire had a crush of his own (april) and bliss always tryed to help him out with his girl problems but he loved getting flirting tricks from LB most of all he tryed them but she laughted and LB and wildfire would only get confussed every found THAT funny ..

November 08, 2010
Australia Female Is not currently on the site
Angel of Darkness.
yes. will she be in the herd if she dosnt win ?


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