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Fire Bird in need of owner family and mate!

A contest for my newest Mare Fire Bird

Okay so my newest horse is in need of 3 things so there will be three different catagories in this!

Catagory 1 Will be *drum roll* Family!:

1.Try to make them sort of like her but not fully.
2.Sibling must be mean to her.
3.have a picture of the parents.

1st:Gets to be related to her and gets a render of them together.
2nd. gets a render of one of there characters.


Catagory 2 Owner:
1.For this one create a person that lives in the Calvary can be guy or girl. :3
2.Have a profile please!
3.a picture of him/her can be with or without Fire Bird

1st:Gets to be her owner :3
2nd:gets to be a close friend

and last but not least

Catagory 3 Mate:

1.Must be Male
2.Must be in Calvary
3.Must fit her personality
4.Needs Profile

1st.Gets to be her mate and gets render
2.gets to be an old crush and render

Okay now the for how the contest goes what ever you are going for you ty that Catagory! Simple right? :3



Here is Fire Bird :3


Deadline for this contest : January 13, 2011

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  • larkspur.png by KiaraFireGirl (December 31, 2010)

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spirit love mom
love mom
January 24, 2011
Is not currently on the site
Name Sara


horses Fire bird

How she met Fire Bird

Saw her in a Meadow with mate so caught her and Now is owner

January 09, 2011
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
i've decided the winner for the mate ^w^

it was close cause i really liked both >o< other 2 catagories need to be filled ^o^

December 31, 2010
Uk Is not currently on the site
umm yeah the owner and mate tie together so ill send there bio soon i think you will like my idea of how there tied together

December 31, 2010
Serbia Female Is not currently on the site
Alpha Full Moon Whisper Pack
Here's for Category 3 Mate:

Name: Phoenix

Age: 3 and half

Genger: male / stallion

Breed: Paint

Main colour: Black

Eyes: Blue

Parents: Unknown

Siblings: None

Crush: Fire Bird

Mate: No

Foal: None yet

Owner: Ian Anderson

Likes: His owner, friends, playing, running, be useful

Dislikes: being alone, bad people, bored horses

Fears: To be ignored by Fire Bird

Personality: Born to be leader. He has the authority and every horse in Calvary respect him and his decisions. He's little arrogant but not aggressive like some horses. He loves to run and he always won. He think that he's fastest horse in Calvary. He advise an horse that need help and he though some horses how to win against their fears when they go to war.

Relation with Spirit: He lives in Calvary

History: He's born in freedom in Cimarron Herd. Strider gave him that name because he's born in time when constellation of Phoenix show. But when he was a foal some soldiers attack Cimarron herd and took some foals. They raised them to be cold blood war horses. But Phoenix never listen to them. He's very stubborn and a lot of time he try to escape and he was punished. That punishes made of him arrogant but strong leader horse who fight for something that's worth fighting for. Then he met Fire Bird and without questions he fall in love with her. But he never came to close to her because he know that she doesn't trust stallion and that she can ignore him.

He just wait to be activated
I hope it's fine:/: :(

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