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Written by pawface :


New concept artwork and ideas for the film has been added to the site!

Including one of the early ideas: Spirit is taken to a mining town, where he is later used to pull coal carts underground.


The Mines









Spirit and some other horses get stuck in the mine and though the others loose hope, Spirit does not give up and tries to cheer them up by telling them about his homeland.



"This scene would have taken place moments after the images in the dark mine, and you can feel the change in mood. Ultimately the story was judged to be simply too painful to watch, and people in the studio began to refer to it as "Schindler's Horse."  "

~ Paul Shardlow



The Frontiersman

The Frontier Man is a early concept of Little Creek, the only kind human Spirit meets. He saves Spirit from the forest fire and later gains enough trust from the horse to be the first to ride him.





Broken In

Another story concept - Spirit (now broken in) is used as the Colonel's mount.



Spirit was in some way going to be an American version of "Black Beauty", passing from human to human and being used for different jobs.





One of the old concept ideas was that Spirit was going to fight another stallion





For more info click on the link below!



Also click on the "Production" page link to see more Spirit artwork!




Take Note: In this storyboard Spirit appears to have a white blaze in the last panel. Possibly the inspiration for Spirit.Jr


Spirit's Family Tree



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May 08, 2018
Usa Is not currently on the site
Very interesting

May 06, 2018
Uk Female Is not currently on the site
Very cool concept ideas! :RainBigSmile:

Spirit was so close to being a ''Black Beauty set in America'' story. Although I find the early idea of the mines and pit horses kind of hard to imagine, it would have been something different from Dreamworks - and the Frontiersman would have been a very interesting character to have!

May 06, 2018
Fan chars mod France Female Is not currently on the site
Grande Méchante Admin ~
Really interesting and beautiful concept art! Really nice job, keep up the good work :SpiritBigSmile:

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