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Created by : Din77

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : --------

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Dark grey

Animal/Human type : ---------


Detail Tourette

 Basic Info:
Name: Tourette
Nicknames: Etta
Age: Age 2 1/2
Breed: Saddlebred x Paint cross
Gender: Female
Coat Color: Seal Black Minimal Tovero

Sire: Armageddon                                   Dam: Harmony

Siblings: still debating, maybe open to make but will be picky
Mate: Will take suggestions
Crush/Crushers: Open
Foals: None
Friends: Open (read personality and history will be picky)
Enemies: Open (read personality and history)

Character Info:

Normal Persona- Tourette

Likes: Fun humorous situations, adventurous shy stallions, traveling in the canyon, Nightfall, Sound of birds singing, likes to be called Etta or her full name Tourette.
Dislikes: Stressful situations, losing control to her split persona, hurting others, goodie goodie horses, Clingy stallions or lovey dovey.
Personality: Etta is more of a serious mare, she isn't the do good type she's more of a serious type who just wants to get by in her life, she likes a sense of adventure but she doesn't base her life around it, she mostly hangs around in the canyons for the serene calming atmosphere, Etta though does have a disorder she likes to keep secret..Split Personality,  whenever Etta is faced with a stressful situation her other persona come out That is the reason she hangs out in the canyon to prevent her other persona from showing herself

Theme song for Tourette: Breath of Life by Florence and the Machines

Stress induced Persona- Touraline

Likes: Danger, fights, the rush of adrenaline, evil stallions, tension, the rush of the kill, nightfall, the attack advantages of the canyon.
Dislikes: goodey goodey horses, kind hearted horse, boring relaxing situations, flowers, foals, people, ...pretty much anything nice...Doesn't like to be called Etta instead Touraline or Toura
Personality: A wicked mare, who loves to see the destruction of others lives, mentally unstable will not flinch at killing another, tends to mumble to her self  and hang her head low in her Toura Persona, laughs like an insane person when she sees other horses in misery, flirt, hides out in the canyons and waits for any kind of victim to come through.

Theme song for Touraline: Left in the Dark by Annelise Collette
Herd Info:


Lead Stallion:            Lead Mare:
Other members:

hopefully her history doesn't get to confusing D:

The Beginning

Tourette was born into a nice normal Mary-Sue type of herd. Everyone was happy and nothing seemed to ever go wrong...until Tourette was born. Her mother was the leadmare of the herd, but Tourette's father was not the lead stallion. When she was first born her mother was worried and stressed out that her mate would kill the foal once he knew...but the Lead stallion was caring and forgave the mare but warned her if it ever happened again he wouldnt be as caring. Tourette grew up as the next in line to lead the herd.  like any another foal she was a happy go lucky type personality. She wasn't the most social horse but that was normal for newborns. Her adopted father; the lead stallion began to take her under his wing and teach her how to act like a leader. For many months they spent much time together growing a closer and closer bond. But that bond was broke when Tourette's mother foaled the lead stallions son... After that Tourette was forgotten and shoved off. She was depressed and stressed out over the situation it was when that even her own mother turned her away that her split persona began to show her malevolent grin. 

The change
The lead stallions new son was a show off, very vain little colt. He would Pick on little Tourette and rub in her face that he would rule the herd. She did her best to just avoid him and the rest of the herd. Her mother babied the little brat like crazy and just left little Tourette to fend for herself. One day the little colt took it to far. He had pinned Tourette one day when he was out to bully her, he began to rub it in her face once again that he was to be the next leader of the herd...but this time he added her mother into the situation, and then she snapped. Her expression changed from fear to almost enjoyment, she shoved off the little colt and stood over him grinning at him malevolently. The young colt then scooted away and ran off to make it back to the herd. Tourette chased after him and cut him off at the river. If the colt hadn't continued to run his mouth and annoy Tourette in his current situation. He may not have ended up in the river as a floating corpse.but before Tourette had finished him off he had screamed Tourette's name, all she had to say was " that's not my name...It's Touraline" and ended him. She decided to leave the herd then still as a foal to fend on her own.

so began Touralines regin over the land, Tourette was hidden away as Touraline ruled her life. She took shelter in the canyons, where she could ambush any one who passes. Her life was based around taking other lives.This stage lasted many months...until She reached the age of 2. When Touraline was tracking a lone mare she hadn't noticed she was being Tracked by humans. When the humans finally found Touralines whereabouts they attempted to capture her...but she ended up killing many of the men and their horses....she took it as a game. As she went to escape and take a break from her fun little game she slipped and fell down the edge of the canyon. The humans thought she was as good as dead and left. But Touraline was indeed still alive she had taken a good beating to the head which allowed her original self to take control. Now Tourette is back in control, and does her best to herself from changing ever again by secluding herself in the canyons....

(More to come)

Other Images:

Character and Artwork(c) to me
Background(c) Dreamworks


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Last comments

September 11, 2013
Is not currently on the site
she's welcome to join Skull Head's herd, if that's okay ;) She's really beautiful!!! :DDD

February 24, 2013
Usa Is not currently on the site
Hey Din, if you do open siblings, I'd love to make her one. ^^

February 21, 2013
Is not currently on the site
Awesome, then I have a perfect idea for her close buddy :3 Thanks! :D

February 21, 2013
Usa Is not currently on the site
Lovely char din! I love all about her , Can Maggie Be her best friend? She almost sufered the same , Here is here is all http://www.animationsource.org [...] s/Their_Lead_Mares/213387.html

February 21, 2013
Usa Is not currently on the site
Loren: There all very lovely Stallions! Just give me some time to think about it....Since I still don't know what im going to do with her just yet lol, but I'll pm you :3

Kaneq: Thank you so very much for your comment! Im so glad you like her, Your comment means quite a lot to me c:, And I would love it if you made her a close friend ^^. I'd have to place her probably a little after spirits generation or so :3

February 21, 2013
Is not currently on the site
I really like her, Din < 3 She's got beautiful colors and I love her markings~ The split personality is very different, very unique, and her bio is so well written~ I'd love to make her a close friend, do you think I could? :3

Which generation is she from? Esperanza's, Spirits, or the generation after Spirit?

February 21, 2013
Is not currently on the site
She could be one of Izzy's mares or Trojan's? Or she could be a love interest for Alban? (:

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