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Created by : Scoody_Doo

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Unrealistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Animal/Human type : ---------


Detail Tomahawk


-Basic Information-

Nick Name(s)- Tommy ( By Close Friends ) and Hawk ( By Mate )
Gender- Stallion
Age- 10
Breed- Full American Paint Horse
Genetics- BB
Color- Multi Chesnut Mix Paint
Markings- Unique Paint Marks
Weight- 1,200 lbs
Eye Color- Dark Blue
Height- 18.2


Sire- Blue Streaks' Dun ( Paint Show Horse )
Dam- Rose ( Paint Brood Mare )
Step Dam- Sierra ( Wild Mustang )
Sibling(s)- A few...
Crush(s)- Blue Grass
Crusher(s)- Not that he knows of.
Mate- Blue Grass

Mare(s)- Red Maple (c) Black Horse Beth, Adelina (c) Luv4RoscoPColtrane Rosali (c) Flight of Caos Blue Grass (c) Angel Trouble and Seamist (c) BlackHorseBeth
Children- Tanka (c) Ritsuka


Herd- Northern Wells Herd
Rank- Lead Stallion
Lead Mare- Blue Grass
Aprentice- Octane (c) Bopsie
Mares- Sis; Bopsie
Cleo; Bopsie

Previous Home- Calvary as a Breeding Stallion


Personality- Tommy is a big brute dude. He loves challenging stallions to duels but isn't a big fan at breeding. He's a sensitive guy at heart but is all around known as cruel and obnoxious. He's not patient and what even makes it worse is he has a little bit of a temper problem. Tommy had learned all his life was to Deny any Lie and so he did. Even though he's viewed as a scoundrel and rebel, He's a lover at heart.

Likes- Dueling
Dislikes- Haters

His Motto of the Day- "Don't Hate, Appreciate."

Octane- One of Tommy's cloosest friends. They fight a lot and both like to duel each other out.


Voice- Some Cool British Dude
Song- Who Says

-Relation to Spirit: Dueled Spirit Out, and Beat him.-


Tommy was born in a Ranch in South Texas in the late 1800's. His mother had died two hours after she gave birth to him and he was her 7th son, so that gave her a little more stress then most mares. A few hours after he was born he barely listened to anyone and wouldn't drink milk from his new mother. He barely let the people touch and was known as the ranch's "Finest Hypocrite". He was slightly mad at the beginning and everyone knew that would happen being a pure 13th generation Paint Stallion Colt. People had to make little gate ways for Tommy or he would ram people in the gut if they even got close to him. Everyone was afraid to touch the little colt. Although he was jumpy, he was very expensive and all the rancher's near his area wanted him. They bargained up to a million before but every time he was sold nobody could load him up.

After a year or two the crazy and slightly mad Yearling had settled down and now allowed to be pet, but when a stupid little ranch boy claimed the horse his when his friends came out to look at the ranch and threw a saddle on his back, Tommy killed the little boy. Tom was only a year old and he wasn't even close to being broke. All the rancher's called him loco. At this point of time it was either life or death for this Stallion. The Rancher had made his mind and he was going to put down Tommy, but a young lady from the State Government insisted on placing him in the wild near Utah.

A year had passed and medical and vetenarians were down at the ranch to help sedate Tommy so helpers could help lift him into the trailer. Halfway to Utah Tommy woken up and was freaking out. The people kept driving because if they stopped and tried to help re-sedate him they would be killed. Once they reached the Freedom of the Wild where the Wild Mustangs roamed they let him out of the trailer. He had a few scratched from the fighting at the medal but all around he was fine. He stormed out of the trailer made by hand and he galloped off.

After a few years Tommy's wild behavior had settled all the way down and now traded anger with duel ling wild stallions. One day he came across a few Calvary men as they tried to capture Tommy with ropes one of the ropes had caught Tom by the leg, and being a big brute he was he tore the man from the saddle and galloped away. A few yards away from the capturing scene Tommy had looked back and noticed the trifling man dead, being dragged behind him. He stopped and shook the rope free and ran off quickly. Over the years Tommy was tired of rebelling and wanted to settle down at heart and so he is by making the NWH, Northern Wells Herd.

He soon found Blue Grass, a pretty mare whom he liked at once. They started a herd together, he started to find mares

More to Come! :D

Head Shot and Body Shot (c) MW Roach and adopted from Loren who adopted from Roach

He is allowed automatically to be made in or rendeered in a Fanart or Image!


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Yay he's finally up, Its ritsuka BTW so yea

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