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Soot (Bopsie)

Soot (Bopsie)


Created by : bopsie

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : NOT used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Public

Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Animal/Human type : ---------


Detail Soot (Bopsie)

First off this is bopsie, this is the only char I shall have, I'm being paranoid so I'm back to make sure my previous art work isn't stolen on here


Name: Soot

Gender: Gelding

Age: 3

Dam: Unknown Mare

Sire: Granite

Siblings: None

Coat: Sooty dark bay (or bay, I'm not too sure, didn't have a good color refference)

Eyes: Brown

Markings: None



Mate: None

Crush: None

Foals: None, he is a gelding

Friends: None

Foes: None


Other info:

Personality: Soot is a calm and collected gelding, he doesn't get exicted easily. He is a hard worker, and will practically do anything for a treat or a good bit of petting. He does have days when he is playfull and will run around with the other horses like a foal.

Querks: He is terrifed of shiny objects, he so much as sees a reflection off of anything sends him running back to his stall.

He a big sweet lover. He will do anything for a treat.

He balks at loud noises.


Likes: Sweets, being petted, being groomed.

Dislikes: Shiny objects, loud noises



Soot is a son of Granite, he was bred to help repenish the horses that Spirit set free that managed to escape being recaptured. As a colt, Soot was a tough little guy to halter train, thus what lead to him being gelded at a young age. It calmed him down and training became a breeze for the soldiers of the US Calvary.

When Soot came to the age to broke to saddle he was a bit terrified of it. The stirrups in particular. He would flee if he seen them flash in the light. This behavior perplexed the soldiers and even the Colonel himself. After a few tries they then wrapped the reflective metal in cloth and Soot took the saddle just fine.

Once Soot was trained to be ridable, the real work began. The drills that Soot started made him a hard worker and he was often rewarded for his work. He was soon a favorite in the fort, but he was to be tested with sounds to determine his role to the Calvary. Would he be a war horse? Or a work horse? Since stud was out of the question. 

When the Colonel and the soldiers took Soot and a few others out of the fort and shot off a few rounds to see the horses reactions, Soot was the only one to bulk and flee back into the fort, dragging the poor cadet on his back behind him, causing him to have a few scrapes and bruises. Soot would be a work horse.

When Soot was two and a half, war between the Soiux (The Lakota, the three tribes (Dakota,Nakota, and Lakota) are all one tribe, its just the dialect in different places) and the Calvary broke out. Soot was used to pull dead or dieng Soldiers off the feild. But he was shot by a stray bullet and it brought him down, the Soldiers left him there. 

Little Creek seen the downed gelding when the fight was over and helped him heal and Soot found that he was taught that these people where bad, when they where good. He soon became a Lakota horse and helps with teaching the little ones to ride.


Everything- Me (Bopsie)



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he is so pretty

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