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Silent Bandit

Silent Bandit


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Detail Silent Bandit

Name: Silent Bandit (Bandit for short)

Age: A year older than Spirit

Color: Grullo

Breed: Kiger Mustang

Gender: Stallion

Mate: Temperance

Crush: Temperance

Foals:  Pocono(with Raven) Drake and Arizona Sunset (with Temperance)

Former Mates: he's bred many mares but two  he's had a true commitment to are Raven and Savanna (PM Me if you want him to sire you foal)

Parents: Strider and Esperanza 

Siblings: SpiritAmber Sky, and Kaden



 Amber_Sky- sister

Rain-sister in law




Trigger-brother in law



Likes: His mate, his foals, and his family

Dislikes: Batchlor stallions!XD 

Personality:  He's a tough guy and a good fighter. He tries to act all macho, but he has a kind heart. Bandit is sort of a ladies-man, which explains why he had two other mates, but he is loyal to his mate Temperance. He is also very fond of foals.

Bandit was born a year before Spirit and cared for his brother dearly. One day, he was captured by the cavalry and put into intense training. He soon became one of the colonel's favorite mounts and a mate to a roan mare named Raven and after a while they had a Appaloosa foal named Pocono together. Bandit left behind his son and mate when he escaped with Spirit. He was captured by natives and brougth to the Lakota village where he met his future mate Temperance.  The two were very good friends, but three times Bandit wanted Temperance to be his mate and three times she rejected him. For many months, he lived at the Lakota village, once being captured by the cavalry. There he fell in love with another mare, a palomino paint named Savanna. When the two escaped, he brought her to the village. Temperance (even though she didn't show it) was shocked and dismayed. After sometime, she finally told Bandit how much she really loved him. This time he rejected her, telling her that Savanna was not a way of making her jelous an that he really loved the paint mare.  Later he told Savanna that he would never be with Temperance and her loved her more. Temperance overheard and when Bandit found her she yelled at him "I hate you! Never talk to me again!" Spirit, who was at the tribe, was listening and told Bandit he really blew it and that he should apologize. Bandit responded saying that  he didn't care if Temperance loved him or hated him because he was always going to be with Savanna. Spirit then said "Fine, but you better think about how much you really love Savanna, because I know you know you're still in love with Temperance," before galloping off to join Rain. Bandit reallly didn't care what his little brother thought and thought that he was happy just the way he was. Another raid broke out (the same raid Spirit saved Rain in), but in this raid something terrrible happened.   Savanna was shot and killed in crossfire. Bandit got revenge by kiling the man who shot her, but was still very sad. Temperance set aside her feelings and comforted him. Bandit apologized to her and confessed his love for her. This time, she accepted him. They soon left the tribe abd rejoined the Cimarron herd, where they had two foals; Drake and Arizona Sunset.

Realation to Spirit: Is his brother

Voice: David Boreanaz

Song: Fortunate Son~Creedance Clearwater  

  *His bio may change because of a fanfic I'm writing


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April 03, 2011
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March 22, 2011
Usa Is not currently on the site
I have a sibling of Spirit too his name is Kaden http://www.animationsource.org/spirit/en/chars/Kaden_MB/20758.html maybe you can put him as a sibling too:) *faves*

November 17, 2010
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to Horses101: of course!!!:)

to EquestrianOrigins09: OMG, I am so sorry:( , I didn't know there was another Bandit! Once again, sorry about that.:red:

November 11, 2010
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really reminds me of my Bandit :/

November 09, 2010
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
Born To Make History
lov him could i use him? PLEASE!

November 04, 2010
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Thank You!

November 03, 2010
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
Tring to keep the darkness in.

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