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Created by : Sierra.

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : --------

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Black

Specific type : ---------


Detail Shadowmere.

Name:Shadowmere or Shadowmare

Nicknames:Shadow, Shaddie, Shad, Mera

Name Meaning:A mare of dark coloration




Coat Color:Greyish and a dark grey mane

Markings: white face, black and white spots on rump, freckles under her eyes and on her muzzle




Siblings:Cobalt(older brother)


Herd:The Rowan Herd(c)May32


Foals:none/Adopted Foals: none

Rank In Herd: Mare

Best friends:all the mares in her herd, Open


Likes:Skipt, her nephew Leopold, being with the mares, grazing

Dislikes:cougars, being alone, rough stallions

Personality:Shadowmere is a kind gentle soul, she loves being around the other mares in the herd and enjoys being around Skipt her stallion. Although sometimes she can be a little smartmouthed, she has learned when to use her smarts and when not to.Shadowmere has a huge fear of cougars because when she was younger her and her older brother witnessed her father and mother being killed by cougars and she was atacked by one before that Skipt and Cascade came to her rescue.

History:Shadowmere was born on a cold night about a month after her older brother Cobalt. Her brother was called Cobalt because he was black and their parents wanted to name their daughter something that had to do with black also. They decided to call her Shadowmere otherwise known as Shadow or Shaddie. Shadowmere was her parent's whole world, she was their little girl and Cobalt became very protective of his younger sister. The happiness was so amazing but every good thing must come to an end and that happened when a cougar decided to come and try to attack Cobalt and Shadowmere. Cobalt tried to fend the cougar off but was hurt  process and his father took them and hide, their mother was killed and their father flew into a huge rage and was soon killed also. The cougar who was satisfied at the time left. It was now up to A young cobalt to raise his sister.

Cobalt and Shadowmere grew up wandering from herd to herd until they stumbled upon the Cimmeron Herd led by Strider. Cobalt decided to join and Shadow not wanting to leave her brother joined also. Cobalt knew that his sister would be okay with the other mares, he stumbled upon a femaale by the name of Charm who was staying with the herd because her best friend was Strider's mate. He soon fell in love with her and had a son whom he called Leopold. Shadow was happy for her brother and wished to one day find that same happiness. She stayed with the herd for a couple of months then left.

During her adulthood, Shadow would come visit her brother and nephew, during one of these trips she was attacked by the same cougar, who was responsible for the death of her pareents. Her brother Cobalt had no idea his sister was in trouble. When the cougar went to jump at her she let out a huge whinny. Skipt a Stallion and his mate were patroling when he heard her and ran to rscue her, while his mate helped her. After the cougar was chased off Skipt and Cascade offered Shadow to stay in their herd for a while. During her time in the herd she became attached to Skipt and developed feeligs for him. Soon he asked her to be one of his mares and Shadow said yes. That is how she ended up in the Rowan Herd, where she has made many friends with the other mares and stallions in the herd.

How related to Spirit: Was in his herd during her foalhood



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