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Created by : Shiny Vaporeon(KV)

Main type : For Roleplaying purposes

Realistic? : Unrealistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Dark grey

Animal/Human type : ---------


Detail Remmy(KV)

Name: Remmy(Her human gave her the name)
Nickname:  None
Name Meaning: None
Age: 7 years 
Gender: Female/Mare
Breed: Unknown
Coat: Blue roan
Markings: Captured Mounts markings, count of war honors, circle eye to see danger.
Indian Paint: Blue
Scars: A few barely visible on her left side.

Mother: A Village mare
Father: Village lead horse
Siblings: Many
Half Siblings: Many more
Crush/Mate: Sasuke(Crush though she would never show )
Lead Stallion: Sasuke(The Whisperer)
Other Mares in the herd: Azula, Juliet, Cassandee, Uquina----
Herd:Qouris Lupus
Rider: A young Idian mix 

Personality: Peaceful, kind-hearted, soft spoken, but also proud and strong, and willing to do anything for her loved ones. Remmy is very open-minded and even though though she has a resevered and comes off as a push over she is the exact oppisite. She is very much a leader in her own ways. Remmy has a hard time expressing her feelings to those outside her close knit circle of friends. When she is around her best friend she can be outgoing and even mischevious at times and a tad loud, doesn't get nervous easily but when she does she has a tendency to ramble which usually happens around Sasuke though she tries to keep her cool and play it off as being distracted. Remmy can be an air head at times.
Likes: Peace, wadding through rivers close to her home, green grass, berries, the dark skined 2 legged creatures she used to live with, and the Qouris herd she now lives with, she loves visiting her old home and being decorated in the decrative paints the 2 legged put on her, stargazing, cloud watching.
Dislikes: Riding into a battle(though she is more than willing), Forcing wild horses to come along to her village(though she usually puts her foot down when she sees fit.), the sight and smell of blood. Embarrassing herself in front of Sasuke. Clouds covering stars at night.
Fear/s: Roaches, frogs,blood, illness'.
Remmy was born and raised in a Indian village close to the Cimarron herd, as a foal Remmy and a few of the other village foals would sneak off to play along with the Cimarron herd foals, among them were Spirit and Sasuke. Remmy adored playing with the boys and other foals and had a tendency to cause trouble for them, even as a foal Remmy had a crush on Sasuke though she refused to admit it to anyone let alone herself. Remmy was happy the day Sasuke had joined the village her Rider having been close friends to Hawk Bear, so she saw Sasuke a lot. When Remmy had started being broken a war had taken over her village, her owner had quickly mounted her and the two went to fight to protect their home. When the attack had ended Remmy was heart broken to find some of her friends gone.
Years had gone by and Remmy had earned lots of paintings as well as a few scars on her thin but built frame. Out of all the decorations that had adorned her, her favorite was a leather strap with beads and a blue and red feather hanging from her mane. It was one of the things that always kept her hopeful about seeing her friends again, Remmy left the village after they had decided to just make her a work horse, whom helped carry things. After she had started refusing to help rein in wild horses, and freaked out during a war they decided it was time to retire her from harder work. The day she had left she decided she would go out and look for the men who took her friends and family determined to be reunited with them and maybe find a peace of mind that they were safe and a live and even more determined to reunit Bear with Sasuke. During her search she ached for her friends as well as her rider whom she missed dearly she had felt horrible about leaving him but knew that village would always be half empty for her.
-More to come-

Voice Actress: TBA
Song: Nightcore- When the rain begins to fall,(more to come)


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