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Created by : Sierra.

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : --------

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Dark red

Specific type : ---------


Detail Paprika.

her design is unique. do not steal. thank you.

Apperance & Basics

Name: Paprika


Age: 2-10 years

Breed:Roan Appaloose 

Coat:Red Blanket with Spots

Eyes:light green


Lineage & Relationships

Sire: Unknown

Dam:  Unknown

Grandsire: -----

Granddams: -------

Stallion: Tuscan(c)Sofiel

Love Intrests: Tuscan---send me anymore if your interetsed

Foals: (Adopted)Tuscany

Home: The Lakota

Rider:Not known at this time


Character Traits & Persona

Likes: the sound rain makes, having fun, teasing Tuscan, being around the Lakota, Tuscany, flowers, prancing around

Dislikes:the calvery, when Tuscan is mad at her, fire, the fact she doesnt know her parents, being alone

Hobbies: Helping Tuscany(who looks up to her), teasing Tuscan

Fear: Being left behind

Obession: when it rains she likes to play in it. 

Persona: She is very bubbly and prancy. She is like the spice Paprika for which she was named, Shes a spicy girl who loves to have fun. Shes trying to get Tuscan into trying new thing although it barley works, She is a role model for Tuscany. Shes just a spirited filly.


Filly: She was born in a village away from the Lakotas. There she was raised until the Colonel attacked the village burning in to the ground. She and all the remaning females were taken to another village and put there. She was raised with a lot of females sence most their males had been killed in the attack. She met a young filly named Rain where she was and the two became close friends fast. 

Mare: As Paprika got older she was becoming more of a lovly lady and the Stallions were really starting to notice her. She was taken to the Lakota Village along with a few other mares that remained with her. She was taken to the leader of the village. They were to decide whether they wanted her for a mare or not. The choice was yes and she was put in a pen with a pinto that looked familiar. The pinto was Rain her childhood friend. She was delighted to see her again. Rain told her that she was mated to Spirit and that she wished Paprika would have some luck and find a great Stallion also.

Paprika did not want to just be used for mating which is what she had a feeling she would be. She regretted surviving the fire that destroyed her village until she met a stallion named Tuscan. Tuscan made her feel safe and like even though he did have other mares, that she would always be important to him. She also met Tuscan's daugter Tuscany. Tuscany who started to look up to her even though she was not her mother. Paprika enjoyed being with the filly and loved showing her thing.

(more to come as me and Sofiel work it out xD)
Images(c)Sofiel--thanks Soffie :)

How related to Spirit: Her Stallion is the ex lover of Rain, plus her adopted daughter Tuscany is the daughter of Rain


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Last comments

January 29, 2013
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
that wasnt suppose to be posted here it was suppose to be paet of an rp. stupid 3ds sorry guys i will get rid of it lol

January 29, 2013
Usa Is not currently on the site
Adorable :D

January 29, 2013
Usa Is not currently on the site
hey could they have a foal together i would make one for you guys so that tuscan and her could have a foal together i will make it if you want

January 29, 2013
Australia Male Is not currently on the site
Not to sound rude. But there are already Roan Appaloosa's, Gin is a few spot black roan appaloosa, Trench who belongs to Bluster has a roan appalooa. It's best to check into these things before posting those "nots not to steal certain things" but besides that, she's looking good, looks like for a req(?) she was a good choice

January 29, 2013
Usa Is not currently on the site
She's very pretty, but I also have a Roan Appaloosa :/

January 29, 2013
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
awe Soffie ^^

January 29, 2013
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
sweet now Paprika has life! you had such an lovely design idea design.

January 28, 2013
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
thanks but the credit must go to Soffie she designed her i just told her what i wanted :)

January 28, 2013
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
She's beautiful Missusart!!

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