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Detail Pandora~


Name: Pandora
Breed: 1/5 American Paint Horse 2/5 American Mustang 1/5 Arabian
Age: 5
Gender: filly
Height: 15hh
Personality: Pandora is a very unique filly. She's strong and has a positive influence on other horses. They look up to her as a intelligent being and respect her. Despite her power, Pandora is a very gentle and kind filly. She loves to act silly and play with the other horses. She is calm when she needs to be and smart when it comes to sticky situations. If challenged she doesn't charge into battle she just keeps a cool air about her and uses her way to talk herself out of it and deter the other horses.


Sire:  Hysteria
Dam: unknown
Siblings: (full) Bronty (half) Blair, Lorgan, Nicolette, Breeze, Mayyadah Neive, Brianna, and Delirium (full)

Mate/Stallion: Pistorious
Crush: Pistorious
Crushers: ????
Offspring: none yet


Pandora was born in a large, yet unorganized herd near the Cimmaron Herd territory. The herd was struggling from lack of grazing lands, but they were making it. Pandora was a happy new acception to the herd, the daughter of the esteemed lead stallion and lead mare. She was an exquisite and beautiful filly that was envied by the other fillies and loved by the colts. She didn't care about her position. She ignored the envious fillies and the colts' constant flirting. She wasn't going to put up with being envied or being flirted with.

This poilcy stayed with Pandora for a long time. She continued to shun anyone who approached her in a arrogant or jealous way. Her mother was forced out of her father's herd just after her sixth month of life. Pandora missed her mother dearly, but she began to adjust to being alone. Hysteria wasn't much help, he was already upset and he didn't really like Pandora because she reminded him too much of Ivvy Lee.

When she became two years old she left her home in the herd, although she knew she would miss her family. It didn't take long to make a new friend. His name was Harley and he was a handsome red chestnut Throughbred stallion. He didnt try to flirt with Pandora, which secretly charmed her. The two became friends and has two years ticked by they became more. They ended up becoming mates, although they would never have a foal. Times grew tough and the couple began fighting. Harley ended up leaving, much to Pandora's grief and dismay. But the mare quickly got over it, or atleast she seemed to have. Other horses pitied her, which she hated, so she kept her brave face on and told anyone who asked that she was perfectly fine and that she didn't need a stallion to survive.

Another year ticked on before she met him. His name was Pistorious and he was very kind and handsome. Pandora's first impression of him was high, much higher than that she had gotten from Harley. She befriended him very quickly. As the weeks flew by she began to find herself falling for him slowly, but surely. She had no idea if he felt the same, he didn't show it if he did.

lines (c) shy-fox


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The Albino&Royal herds
Ok ^^

November 23, 2012
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She's beautiful Haley! I'll add her to Pistol's page as soon as I can! :3

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