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Created by : Blakey

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Unrealistic

Used in a fan creation? : NOT used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Yellow

Specific type : ---------


Detail Miranda

Birth Name:   Miranda   Gender: Mare (Female)

Age: Adult (Varies) (Human Age): --

Breed: Mustang X Unknown

Sire: --   Dam: Meadow (Dead)

Siblings: --

Mate: --  Love Interest: --

Foals: Musgraves  Breeding: ... -CLOSED-

Personality: She’s a loveable little mare that is very nice towards others and very protective of her loved  ones. She doesn't like danger and would fight till the last drop of blood. She’s not shy, she would willingly talk to strangers when they come into her tribe. 

Spirit Relation: She knew Spirit since he came to the tribe. She formerly had feelings for the buckskin stallion. Miranda also has a horrible relationship with Rain, they never really got along. When Rain left, Miranda became Little Creek's new horse. She has relations with the cavalry army as well. 

Herd: N/A

Owner: Little Creek

Voice: Miranda Lambert


Miranda was born on a small ranch that was located far in the border of North Dakota. Her father lived in the cavalry and her mother lived on the ranch that Miranda was living in. So she knew her mother but not her father.  While growing up it was tough for her, because the owner abused his horses. He often picked on Miranda since she was the youngest on the ranch. But Miranda is often forced to watch her mother get whipped to death by the man's whip. She could not do anything about it because she had no voice to the man. 

Then she grew into a yearling, and got branded with "0115" on her upper neck. She was the man's horse since he thought she was pretty and strong enough. But Miranda did not like this man. She got whipped in the leg or rump if she did not follow his orders, the whipping happened often. Which left her with three deep scars on her face. 

After many months of being the man's horse, he got sick of her actions towards her. So during a warm summer day, he roped her and dragged her away from the ranch. She did not see her mother again. 

Shortly after many days of getting dragged away from the ranch, she saw a new building that she had never seen before. She got dragged in and the man tied her to a post as he walked towards this strange group of men. Then she heard what they had been saying. 

"How much do you want for her?" A man with long hair asked the man, he seems like the leader of the group of people. 

The man grinned, "500" he mumbled under his breath. 

"Deal" The colonel grinned back as he shook hands with her former owner.  

Miranda watched the man walk away with a grin on his face and money in his pocket. The colonel walked towards and untied the rope from the post. He tugged on the rope to make her follow him. She fought him at first then she followed him without a fight.  

Miranda began her training to be a cavalry horse shortly after days of staying in the Cavalry base. She got broken in more and she got ridden by many people. They tried to bring her into the war zone but she could not handle the sight of blood from dead bodies. She would freak out then buck off her rider. So when war started up again, Miranda was left in the base. She became a brood mare in the fort. 

When she was two years old, she got bred by this bay stallion named Blake. She did not like him very much and she didn't like the fact that she was carrying his foal around. Then she began to get sick of the cavalry’s men. 

When the men went towards Miranda's pen, she often snapped at them or kicked at the fence, which showed a sign to them that she didn't like them anymore. But the men did not know because they thought she might be having her mood swings since she is pregnant with a foal. 

One day while a cavalry man was walking her outside the base, Miranda tugged the lead rope from the cavalry man's hand then she bolted away from him. She heard many yelling from the man but she ignored it, she kept running away into her freedom. 

After being wild for many months, she stumbled into the Lakota tribe. She got captured by these Indians, Miranda began to fight back but she could not for long since she is heavily pregnant. She got put in a corral and she got left alone. Miranda watched the regular life of the tribe from the corral. She saw that the people were very peaceful and will not hurt a horse's soul. 

She stayed in the tribe for a while, she even gave birth to a young colt named Musgraves. She loved him all her heart even though his sire isn't the one she loved but that was okay. Miranda loved her son deeply and protected him from any harm that went their way.

While Musgraves was young, Miranda used to watch him and this young pinto filly named Amy play in the meadow. But the one that was watching Amy was Miranda's enemy Rain. While the two foals play, Miranda and Rain often mutter an argument so the foals don't hear them. 

Then a buckskin stallion got dragged into the tribe, Miranda watched him get dragged into the corral and fight for his freedom. When Spirit got settled in the tribe, she began to talk to him. Miranda thought about him as a sweet stallion then she began to have a crush on this young stallion. But then she heard about Rain having interest in this stallion too, which made Miranda get angry at her. But she watched Spirit fall in love with Rain which made Miranda sadden. Then she saw Spirit and Rain leave the tribe, Miranda's crush on Spirit began to fade shortly after. Once the two left the tribe, Miranda started to form a stronger bond with Little Creek. The bond got strong enough that Miranda replaced Rain as his new horse. 


Ref made Biggdaddy3 on DA!! :D

Headshot by Me


I haven't been on this site for AGES. I want to be active again so I'm going to reposting characters, changing them within the future. I changed Miranda bio a little bit. If any comments, questions, or concerns, please message me. 


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i remember seeing her. but welcome back blakey do you remember me from deviantart?

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