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Created by : HayleyWolf

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : --------

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Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

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Detail Miasma


Name: Miasma

Breed: Holsteiner

Age: 5

Gender: stallion

Height: 17hh

Weight: 1169llbs

Sire: unknown

Dam: unknown

Siblings: none

Mate: none(possibly open)

Crush: none

Crushers: ???

Offspring: none

Spirit Relation: Lives in the same state has Spirit and was born on a ranch not two miles from his homeland. He has heard many tales about this stallion and hopes to run across him one day.

Personality: Miasma is a very sincere and intelligent stallion. He almost always looks on the bright side of life, but at times can become dark and depressed due to his horrible past. But he lives life to the fullest and does his best to be a good attribution to the world.

History: Miasma was born on a ranch on the outskirts of Colorado and Nevada.

As soon as he was old enough he was sold to a young woman named Kate Ransom, who owned a prestigous ranch in Nevada. She had never seen a Holsteiner before but had heard about their surperb skills. So she thought she'd give the little colt a shot.

By the time Miasma was a yearling the ranch had fallen on hard times after the ranch was burnt to the ground and two extremely valuable studs were killed in the fire. The ranch no longer had stud stallions, which was their main income and the cold weather that came in the winter was keeping them from getting any dude ranch customers. So they had to sell some horses to get by.

Someone from Mexico came in to the look at the thirteen horses that were for sale. He was very picky and was only interested in one Mustang stallion, until he got to yearling Miasma's stall. He was intrigued by the colt of a different breed and bought him for a handsome sum.

Miasma immediately disliked this man, named Henry Flask. He was harsh and his hands were rough. He was quick to punish and slow to reward. So when Miasma turned two he already held a hatred for this man. It only got worse.

Once the colt was put into training the punishments intensified. Miasma was a head-strong colt and he wanted to do things his way. The two battled every day and Miasma would be whipped with the crop constantly until his sides became numb and welts sprouted on his sides.

He became a bitter, wicked, and unpredictable. After he ripped the fingers off of a stablehand it became clear that the horse wouldn't make it here. So it was decided that he would be taken to the Horse Fair, where he could possibly be sold. If not he would be sent straight from the Fair to the Slaughter house.

Many people were interested by the colt until they got to close and he flailed at them and screamed. They kept going. It seemed as if the young colt's fate was decided but then came salvation.

A farmer who was widely known as a horse whisperer felt pity for the colt. So he took him, offering a few coins more than the slaughter house would've. He took the stallion home, ponying him behind his Draft gelding.

The farmer, who Miasma would come to think of as "Sir" due to one of the man's ranchhands, was kind yet persistent. It took time to break through Miasma's barrier but he did it. The colt warmed up to him and returned to his sweet loving self.

Miasma lived with Sir for three more years before bad luck got a hold on him again. Sir's son was riding him one day, jumping him over some stick obstacles they had made for fun. But the boy had got it into his head that he had to beat this one other kid that picked on him about not being able to jump his horse high enough.

So he pushed Miasma day and half way through the night until the poor stallion was exhausted. One rainy night he pushed him to hard and tried to make it over too high a jump. Miasma took of slowly and his forelegs rammed into the top log, sending him tumbling on his back, on top of the boy.

Miasma got to his feet and nudged the boy constantly, but he would never rise again. Miasma kept vigil all night, feeling guilty and remorseful. When Sir found them in the morning he was enraged and heartbroken. Not thinking clearly, he took his anger out on the horse. He retrived his gone and pointed wildly at Miasma. The bullet grazed his shoulder, sending him into a panic.

He bolted for the sagging part of the fence as bullets zinged past his ears and leapt over it clumsily, throwing a shoe as he landed on the other side. Limping away from the gunshots he ran into the wilderness, tack and all, and didnt look back.


(more to come once I decide what to do with him)


lines (c) Antiqua @ DA



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September 25, 2012
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The Albino&Royal herds
Ill have to let you know after the 30th. I entered him for Serpentine's contest ^_^

September 25, 2012
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I would love to give him a mate.

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