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Created by : HayleyWolf

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : --------

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Public

Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : ---------

Animal/Human type : ---------


Detail Maestro

*****Dont steal his name or design or Ill sic his daddy on you! Trust me, you dont want none of that!*****




Name: Maestro

Name meaning: Teacher in Spanish; Also the real name of his father

Breed: American Mustang

Age: a few months

Height: ????(will be around 17.2hh)

Herd: The Albino Herd

Rank: The Albino's heir

Personality: Maestro is very kind and polite. He's also very reserved. He is very protective of those that are wick or sick and won't stand for any harm done to them or females. He is not the playful type and enjoys keeping watch over his future herd and visiting the sacred willows where his father died and where the strange red rose lies. He is intuned with the spiritual side and he often sees the dearly departed.




Sire: The Albino(deceased)

Adopted Sire: Flint

Dam: Sabella

Siblings: (half)

Alabaster (c) me

Trility (c) AngelTrouble

Mariah (c) Madster

Kai (c) Bopsie

Lash (c) Ilovejetta

Aden (c) wolfheart010

Fallen (c) Bopsie

Ghost (c) Liviedoo

Ginger (c) Bennyboy

Hysteria (c) me

Izyda (c) DarkViver

Latisha (c) tweedbug

Lavani (c) BadlandsBaby

Prosper (c) Leadstallion

Rinoa (c) Amy Pond

Shadow (c) Bopsie

Shiloh (c) spiritlivesforever

Snowy Day (c) Spiritlivesforever

Starfighter (c) Spiritlivesforever

Takota (c) BadlandsBaby

Rebel (c) RockLegendMustang

Comaticus (c) AngelTrouble

Soul Eater (c) me

Snake (c) CookieMonsters

Halo (c) Zelda Wolf

Prancer (c) me

Jolene (c) Luv4RoscoePColtrane

Montego (c) Amarillo Sky

Sierra (c) Amarillo Sky

Legend (c) Lady Jane BBL

Fire Born (c) Black Eagle

Saya (c) Ritsuka Samono

Serpent (c) Ritsuka Samono

Bamboozle (c) Ponderino

Beauty (c) Horses101

iris (c) Bopsie

Nikko (c) Bopsie

Allie (c) BLazetail

Thunderhead (c) Horses101

Sunset Wave (c) RainSpirit

Falcon (c) MW Roach

Darren (c) Bopsie

Kage (c) Bopsie

Aurora (c) NCIS-Rules



Mate: too young

Fillies: Mae Sharya and Chaya (open; these fillies are the ones that will end up becoming his mares when he takes over the herd)

Crush: Chaya and Mae(open)

Crushers: Chaya and Mae(open)

Offspring: too young

Relation to Spirit: He is the son of the Albino who was the sworn enemy of Spirit.


Special Relationships:



The Albino/Maestro: The Albino is the father he never got to meet. He has heard many horrible tales about him but something tells him that there is more behind them. His mother has told him some about his father, but Maestro knows there is something that has been left unspoken.




Maestro was born on March 4th into the Albino Herd. His mother was very happy to finally have his company. Maestro grew fast and became much more muscular and bulky than the other colts at his age. Sabella was extremely proud of him and he basked in her pride. Maestro got along extremely well with Flint, the current leader of the Albino Herd. Flint is like a father to him.

It wasn't until three months after his birth that he experienced his first spiritual mishap. It was strange. The mare seemed to be glowing and she had a transparent tint to her. Maestro was scared until she spoke out to him. Her voice was soft and lilting. She claimed that her name was Bree and that she had come to check on him, the son of the stallion she had fallen in love with over 20 years ago.

Maestro never told anyone about the ghostly mare in fear of being titled a freak. As the weeks trekked by it became obvious that Maestro had a ability that other colts didn't. He realized that he was speaking to the dead and it excited him that he had this ability. It dawned on him that maybe he could be his father. But the white stallion never appeared and the only ghostly being that Maestro ever saw more than once was Bree.

design and render (c) SweetAngel

head shot lines (c) Horsey-Lineart @ DA

head shot background (c) Serpentine



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The Albino&Royal herds
Yes to both

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Could I make him a filly too?

October 03, 2012
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Can I make him a filly?

October 03, 2012
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The Albino&Royal herds
Spirit- you can make him a filly
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could i make a future mate? if not a filly

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The Albino&Royal herds
Anyone want to make him a filly? They will be his future mares and he'll need those! XD

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The Albino&Royal herds
Ok :)

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Yay hes up too I'll add them to Sabella page

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