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Created by : Blakey

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Unrealistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Animal/Human type : ---------


Detail Lou.

Birth Name: Lou

Age: Adult - Same Age as Esperanza

Breed: Draft X Gypsy Vanner


Sire: River

Dam: Soul

Siblings: None as He Knows Of 

Mate: Sunrise (Formerly)  Falling (Current) (c) Blazetail

Foals: Lily  


Personality: A sorrow filled stallion, he basically hates his life. It first started when he lost his mate from falling off the waterfall from getting shot by The Colonel. Then it really broke when he lost Sunrise forever, but he still have a piece of her. Their daughter Lily, she means the world to him and he could kill anyone who touches her with harm.

Spirit Relation: Lou formerly belonged to the rail road. He is living with the Lakota Tribe. He had met Rain and Little Creek. Lou was an former horse towards The Colonel also.

His soul: Lou often hides his feelings from others. He never shares his feelings towards others. Only Blue Fire knows his pain because he lost his loving mare also.

Herd: None

Owner: The Colonel (Formerly) Blue Fire (Currently)

Height: 16.1

Weight: Unknown - Lou was never weighed.

Voice: Bryan Adams 

Theme Songs: 

'Sound of Bugle'- Bryan Adams

Lines by Troll Berserker (Will change soon)

Background by Dreamworks.



I was born in the middle of the summer in a small farm. My parents were workers for the rancher they belonged to. His name was Jimmy James. Many only called him Jamie. I liked that man I guess, he respected many and other people that stumbled towards his ranch. While growing up I bonded with both of my parents deeply. Spending my time with them and also with Jamie. 

When I was around the time I was an yearling, during a warm night I heard the barn door bang open. I glanced up and saw Jamie stumble in. I whinnied towards him like every time he enters the barn. But he didn't smile and come over to my stall like normal times. He stood there, holding his head with one hand and holding a bottle in the other. I looked closer and he was a mess! His hair was messy, he could barely stand and his eyes were blood shot. I flinched when he slammed himself into my stall. I looked at his hands, I saw blood across them. I gasped then he grinned at me. "Fat Baka!" he yelled at me, I backed up till the wooden wall at pinching my skin. 

Morning came, Jamie finally left before the sun came up. My hind legs and rump felt like they were on fire by the pain. But something opened the door of the barn and it wasn't Jamie. It was a group of men in blue uniforms with hair on their faces and one of them had long hair. The man with the long hair walked towards my stall, when he saw me, a grin showed across his mouth. I pinned my ears back and snorted, rolling my eyes at the man.

By the ropes of the men I got dragged out of the barn. I saw Jamie bolt from his house towards the men. He pin his lower lip. "What are you doing!?!" he yelled at the leader of the group.


The Colonel had pulled out his pistol and shot Jamie in the forehead. Jamie's body had fallen to the ground and was laying on his stomach. I felt tears gushing though my eyes, I lowered my head and nuzzled his short brown hair. I closed my eyes and sighed. I knew he was gone. 

The Colonel hooked me in place and I followed him back towards his homeland. The Cavalry base. I never seen much sand in my life before. Barely any grass for the horses could glaze. I seen the look at people when I entered with the Colonel by myself. Plain stares nothing else just stares. I got tied to posts, I got shoes on my feet, my mane got tamed very short and I branded with the  'US' brand sign. It was very painful but I'm a solider now. Not the wounded. 

Suddenly I got shoved into a small fenced area. Where I was gotten a bridle and saddle upon me. It felt odd but I flinched a couple times from the tightness. I never was broken by Jamie yet. Many got on top of my back and when I entered the ring, it was a ride. I got the solders off my back till The Colonel got upon me. I lost the battle and became his slave. 

I became the Colonel's back up horse because Granite was his horse used for war. When Granite got shot battle by the Lakota Tribe people. I got ridden by the Colonel towards the tribe. I remembered the screams by the Indians and seeing the horses run off when they saw us jump in. But two figures bolted towards me and the Colonel. It was a pinto mare and its tiny human. I heard The Colonel scream out the names of them, 'Rain and Little Creek'. When the pinto mare got towards me, she reared up towards me and knocked her knee at my shoulder. I lost my balance and fell to the ground. The Colonel got up from the saddle of me and he left me behind.. I was out cold when he left me behind.

I was in a deep sleep till the sunlight flashed on my eyes. I groaned and I opened my eyes. I glanced up and saw a dark bay mare with a paint mark around her eye stand above me. Her hazel eyes stared at me with grief and I was stumbled. 

"Who are you slave?" she squealed.

"Lou ma'am. Who are you?"  I asked with a greeting smile.

But she didn't smile back, "Sunrise. Don't smile at me like that Louser' she whinnied at me. 

I growled slightly from being made fun, but I felt ropes grip my neck. I was spooked, I stumbled upon my feet and saw the same pinto mare and tiny man from yesterdays' war. The man smile at me but I rolled my eyes, snorting at them as they brought me to one of their empty corral. I was left alone in the corral but I saw Sunrise glaze near my corral. I whinnied at her, she then looked up at me.  I grinned at her but she looked away from me. Than I pawed the ground and whinnied at Sunrise again. She smirked at me and she heard her owner call her. She snorted at me and spun around to walk towards the Indian. Which nicknamed with the name ' Blue Fire'.

Blue Fire was allowed by Little Creek to ride me. Which was an mistake because I bucked off the young Indian. I then chased him out of my paddock and whinnied at him but Sunrise jumped in front of him and whinnied back at my face. I snorted and backed off, letting the young mare greet her owner.

Later that day I got tied up with Sunrise. Great I'm stuck with her. When they freed up, I bolted away from the tribe for a little while till Sunrise tugged on the rope to  stop me. I grew so angry and I began to tug on rope but Sunrise tricked me and knocked me to the ground. She stood upon me and smiled at me. I snorted and  I let her show me her world. 

I looked between the lines and saw many things I never seen before. The kindness of the people and the excitment of the horses that loved them. I believed looked down at Sunrise and she finally became my friend. 

I spent a lot of my time with Little Creek and Blue Fire, I started to like them. They respected me and I did the same with them. I also hanged out with Sunrise a lot. She started to become shy around me and I don't know why. One day she told me she loved me and I told her the same. I felt the same way and I am not lying ether.

I loved Sunrise with all my heart and I protected her with all I had. But gunshots filled the air and it changed everything. 

Sunrise bolted from the apple trees we are always at the burning up tribe. I whinnied after her and I followed her. Till I got slammed into by an solider and horse. I fell and they fell over me. I jumped up and saw an tent fell over. Showing Sunrise rearing over with Blue Fire on her back with an spear. The two bolted towards the Colonel that was near the raging waters of the creeks. Before I could bolt over towards them, The Colonel shot Sunrise and she fell backwards. Both of them falling in the water, I screamed and slammed myself into the Colonel and Granite. I didn't look at Blue Fire, I bolted after Sunrise who was getting sent away by the waves and was drowning by them . 

 When the rocky side ended, I leaped up and splashed into the water. I swam after Sunrise. When she went under, I went under too. I got her on my neck partly and I got us above the water level. She was out by drowning and I snorted as I tried to stumble to land. Which I couldn't. I lost my grip and the both of us fell over the waterfall. I screamed out Sunrise's name before falling into the bottom. 

I gasped up from the water, I thought I was dead but I wasn't. Than I began to search for Sunrise till I found her laying upon land. I whinnied at her and began to stumble towards her. She was laying on her side, barely breathing with her eyes closed. I reared up and whinnied out sadly. I rushed behind her and lied next to her, nuzzling her cheek softly. She whinnied softly and I whinnied back as well. Telling her everything is alright. 

The both of us lied there. I kept telling Sunrise that she will live and that I loved her. She lied there under me with her eyes closed. She was resting. I heard hooves and voices coming towards us. I snorted and shot my head to the side when I seen the men coming towards us. Ropes got tight around my neck and I felt myself get forced up from the ground. I spun around and whinnied at Sunrise. She didn't respond. I saw that her chest wasn't moving like she was breathing. I gasped and began to swallow up with tears. Sunrise... was gone...

I followed the men back to the rail roads. I was sent into a box and I saw my old friends. They whinnied at me with smiles. But I frowned and looked away. They knew something was wrong because Sunrise wasn't next to my side on the train.

I was looking out in the cracks towards the blizzard snow. I began to dream, I kept seeing Sunrise in my dreams. I smiled and whinnied out at her to run towards me. But she only smiled and faded, the snow splashed into my face. I began to frown and swallow into my own tears again. 

The train got to its spot and the door began to open. Men upon the door and walked towards me. I snorted and they put a rope on my halter. I got walked out and got hooked up to another train. I saw many other horses, I glanced around to see how many there are. But one caught my eye. He was an buckskin stallion that was younger then me. He was whinnying and snapping at the men. I knew he was an wild horse from the way he acted.

The time came and we began to pull the train. The chains were digging into my shoulders. I fought the pain and kept going. Till I saw the buckskin stallion fell to the ground. We all gasped and saw the mules come by the humans. The stallion got hooked up and saw dragged away. Till we began to whinny, Spirit jumped up to his feet and fought the men. Also set us free, I bolted away with the others going home to Blue Fire and the memories of my loving mate.

From time there, I stumbled to my rider Blue Fire. He had tears falling from his eyes and spoke to me. "Sunrise is gone Lou." he said in his sad voice. I lowered my head and sighed, knowing she was. She was gone forever leaving me, her young foal and her family behind. I missed her, same with everyone else. But I know that isn't the last time I'm going to see that beautiful face again...

By the time went by, I grew use to being alone without my sunrise being there. I use being alone in the woods and everything, but sometimes I'm not, my little filly often follows also when I allow her to. During a normal day, I stumble into an appaloosa coated mare named Falling. She was quiet and very kind hearted. I didn't turn and run off. I stayed, we talked, and became friends for a short bit.

Before I knew it, Falling began to look up towards me. I didn't really know it, I was still shocked from Sunrise's death from years ago. When we were glazing, she admitted that she loved me. I was little confuse at first, I never thought I could get over my ex mate. But I knew she wanted me to be happy if she wasn't dead or not. So I took the step towards a happy life again and I became mates with Falling.






















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