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Lightning Bolt

Lightning Bolt


Created by : Tweedbug

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : --------

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Black

Animal/Human type : Horse


Detail Lightning Bolt

Basic Info

Name: Lightning Bolt
Nickname: LB
Age: 3
Breed: Mustang
Eye colour: Hazel
A lighting bolt mark on his right eye, mane and rear.
Coat: black
Mane & Tail: black
Hooves: black

Lives:  Stargazer Herd


Everyone in the herd.
Especially his Brother Matrix.


RELATION TO SPIRIT: met him at the calvary.


Mother:  unknown
Father: unknown
Siblings: 1 - Matrix
Crush/s: Mystic (c) Din77
Mate: Mystic (c) Din77
NOTE: Needs to be in Herd.
Foals: none

Personal Info


Lightning Bolt is considered the fastest stallion in the west apart from his brother, Matrix. LB is very Strong and muscular and likes to show off to the ladies (mares). LB has a very strong heart, it is impossible to break. So when he falls in love it shall never end. LB is very, very strong and quick, he runs as fast as the flash of
(yes i dare to say it) a 'Lightinig Bolt'.


Being in love, caring for mares, storms, fighting, being proud, owning something, lightning, hearing stories, Matrix and The Stargazer Herd.


easy competition, being lazy, not winning, being told what to do (unless its right), being injured.



LB and Matrix were born rogue. There Mother and Father were born rouge as well. Lb and Matrix had a tough life; facing mountain lions, other rouge horses and men. Lb and Matrix had a tough beginning of life but at the age of 1 and 3/4 Matrix moved out, well he was actually kicked out. Lb was depressed about that he loved his brother more than his parents. LB's Father taught him how to gain speed, fight and defend. Lb learned quickly and was now faster than ever. Matrix didint get this much attention so he was a tiny bit slower, but could still beat him from time to time. LB left home at the age of two at his own will, his father cam with him. LB and his father travelled for many miles until they reached a herd that had many gorgeous man. Now LB was a very cocky stallion he loved fliritng with the mares but never fell in love with one. LB found that many mares liked him and i mean like 10 ! LB liked them, (well they were gorgeous) but not as a mate. His Father fell in love with the lead widowed mare, so he became lead stallion and LB felt left out because hi sfather preffered the clever and Non - cocky stallions. LB was s o upset he left with his head down and no one cared; even the mares.

LB once again travelled for miles, met heaps of gorgeous mares and showing off to them remeinded him of his brother. LB always showed off to Matrix becasue LB was yoiunger so Marix just shook his head and walked away. LB still didnt find a love anywhere he looked. LB felt like there was a hole in his heart; his father abandoned him, his mother was probabaly dead because she was left for death by his father and his brother got kicked out. So LB decided to search for his Brother, Matrix.  LB continued looking for about 2 months and he had a gut feeling he was being followed. So LB turned  around and their was a rope around his neck. LB got taken to the clavary. LB was riden so many times, trying to break him but as i said before he has a very strong heart. and soul.

LB met this golden buckskin. His name was Spirit , they became the best of frinds but unfortunatly Spirit was the leader of a herd and needed to return to them; so he escaped. Once again LB was left alone. LB got so upset one day he kicked the man off his back then jumped over the fence and out the gate to the harsh, hot desert.

Surviving in the hot hardsh desert was very hard for a lonely stallion, he got de-hydrated many times. LB wondered if his brother was dead ? Surely, Matrix was very smart and cunning but ... No he couldnt be, LB shook his head and kept looking. LB came along teh most beautiful mare he had ever seen, LB never knew what it felt like ti be in love; until now. LB followed the mare home and saw it was a bachorlorette band of horses, and ths band wasnt friendly. When LB arrived at the herd they all were very muscular (just like himself), they all reared in anger and chased after LB. LB ran for his life, thanks to his fathers training he got away in a piece of cake.

LB kept walking shaking his head from the nightmares he kept thinking about. He kept dreaming about Matrix and his father. Matrix and his dada always talked about owning a herd one day; his father was now the leader of a herd; could Matrix be one too ?

LB walked into the deep, dark, thick forest; he came across a stream, which appeared to be on a strong stallions land. (he could tell by the deep inprints in the ground left by some hooves). LB stood his ground and want going down without a fight, LB didnt want the land he just wanted a home.

LB kept his head high and his muscular body stretched. A black flash ran past the trees, then straight in front of him (30 meters infront) was a black shadow of a tall strong stallion; it looked like his father. Could it be Matrix?

Lb was sure it looke d like his fathers build so he called out "Matrix?", the stallion infront lowered his muscular body and turned his head to the side. LB started to walk towards the stallion, then when he could se his face, it was Matrix his face looked shattered; like he has seen a ghost. LB gave him a little smile and stepped forward, but Marix stepped back and said "Your supposed to be dead......"

Lb was shocked he shook his head while dropping it to the ground. "What ?!.....Where did you hear that?"
said LB. 
"From Dad, he came looking fo me to tell me you died." replied Matrix.
"He said you died from depression or soemthing, like you killed yourself. Dad also said that you left for no apparent reason"  Continued Matrix
"What ! NO apparent reason ! he preffered the smart  cunning stallions than me! his own foal." replied LB fiercly.
"Dad obviously wanted me too, believe him to cover up his own doing. I didnt believe him. Because YOU ARE VERY STRONG hearted"  replied Matrix

Lb started to cry and walked towards Matrix, Matrix also started to cry. He loved his brother more than anything in the world.

Lb asked "Are you alone?"

"No, i actually own a herd;quite a big one qith about 35 members." replied Matrix

"So you took after dad, like you always talked about (Lb smiled)...pause... Do you have amate and Foals?"  again asked LB

"Faith, Shes the love of my life, i love her and i have 4 foals."  replied Matrix

"Wow...." replied LB shocked.

LB and Matrix walked back to the herd with their heads held high, just like old times. Matrxi introduced LB to the whole herd, Lb felt very welcome and alot of Mares were very gorgeous but already had mates. LB flirted with them all when their mates werent around, and he was sure they all liked him. Lb was eventually introduced to Faith, Faith smiled at him and Lb's face stayed in a shocked position. Matrix approached next to Faith and Matrix cleared his throat and Lb shook his head and said "Well, you always had good taste Matrix"

They all laughed; LB is still alone, he hopes that a beautiful mare that he falls in love with , will love him back.


Lineart/Render/Design (c) Me 



Song: Bet on it - Zac Efron

Voice: Alex Pettyfer


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October 21, 2010
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Angel of Darkness.
does anyone like his history?

October 21, 2010
Australia Female Is not currently on the site
Angel of Darkness.
ekk thanks din, theres gonna be a MASSIVE ! fanfic about him and Matrix

October 21, 2010
Usa Is not currently on the site
Ekkk *hugs* i luffs him X3

October 21, 2010
Australia Female Is not currently on the site
Angel of Darkness.
thank you ^^

October 21, 2010
Usa Is not currently on the site
The Albino&Royal herds

October 18, 2010
Australia Female Is not currently on the site
Angel of Darkness.
thnaks all ^^

October 18, 2010
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
Tring to keep the darkness in.

October 18, 2010
Serbia Female Is not currently on the site
Alpha Full Moon Whisper Pack
He's beautiful! I love him! FAVS! :icon47: :icon40: :icon60: :icon300:

October 18, 2010
Australia Female Is not currently on the site
Angel of Darkness.
Finally, created my leaders brother ^^

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