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Created by : Shiny Vaporeon(KV)

Main type : For Roleplaying purposes

Realistic? : Unrealistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : ---------

Animal/Human type : ---------


Detail Koral

Name: Koral
Name meaning: The ocean plant, spelled with a K
Nickname: Kora
Age: unknown
Breed: American Paint
Height: 14 hands
Scars: She has a handful of scars all over though they are small.
Other: she is blind in her left eye caused from a fight she was in.

Mother: Unknown
Father: Strider(Unknown to her)
Siblings: Spirit(Half brother though she doesn't know it)
Crush/Crushers: Brantley-Crush(C)Blakey

Future Mate/Mate: None
Foals: To young
Friends: Creamer, Felicity, Vision
Enemies: Spirit
Role Model: Open
Rider: None

Personality: Kora, is a lover but also a fighter, she is strong, brave, caring and determined, once she sets her mind to something she never gives up. She can be one track minded though and if she is focused on one thing she has a tendency to forget about other stuff. Kora is very stubborn and has a tendency to lose her temper easily, she can also be a tad over protective. She can also be a bit pushy but she always means well.
Likes: cheering others up and helping them see the brighter side of life, defending her family, helping others in general.
Dislikes:being unable to defend herself or others, wild cats, humans
Fears: failing those around her, wild dogs(when in packs), humans.
Bio/History: Kora was born to the father of Spirit, Strider, her mother had raised the foal up till the day she was captured by the calvary. Kora was just about a year at the time and had her first fight. She also learned her first lesson in that fight, never lose. The men that had captured her mother set the dogs on her having decided for a foal she would not be worth bringing with them since she was small even for her age. The figt with the dogs was the scariest moment of her life but she had managed to survive with her first kill under her hooves she felt horrible, but even more horrible that she had lost her mother and had no way of getting her back though she swore one day she would get her revenge. Through the years she had gone around the lands helping others and chasing off the Calvary anytime she saw them trying to take a horse.

At about 2 1/2 years old she had met Creamer, a young foal whom had got seperated from her mother, the foal was in histarics. Kora promised to help find the foal's mother, and that she did. It hadn't taken long and the mare soon became very fond of the foal, Kora had hoped to join their little group but kept that to herself.
Soon after she had lost her eye sight in her left eye from yet another fight she had gotten into with a wild cat. She had almost lost the fight if it wasn't for the fact that a black stallion had come to her rescue, but soon after dissapeared without a word. Trying to follow the older stallion to thank him she had come upon the Cimarron herd, the buckskin stallion as soon as he saw her was ready to except her into his herd until he saw the scars. Him and Rain did not wanting someone whom seemed would bring trouble into the herd. When he had tried chasing her out she stood her ground thinking his rudeness was not needed.

A few months after Koral ran into the Calvary again and met the Colonel for the second time, the man was determined to catch her after realizing it was the same mare she had put to death when taking her mother. Koral though would have none of it and made is life a living hell when he tried to catch her, she out smarted him many times and ran for days with the men on her tail, running back to the Cimarron herd hoping Spirit would help her or the black stallion would find her. Her hopes were made a reality when a black stallion, Strider came out of the forest and came to help the mare again. Before he could run off this time though after he helped she jumped infront of him and found out whom he was. He was her father, Strider also the father of Spirit whom she learned was related to her when the two started talking. Koral wanted to follow her father but during the night when she had fallen asleep he had dissapeared again. Koral at that point decided to go back and confront Spirit about being siblings.

When she came back upon the herd, Spirit and Rain were furious at first but when she told Spirit why she had come back he had welcomed her with open arms feeling horrible about sending away his own blood. But when he had offered her a spot in the herd she refused having wanted to find her own herd now, but also she wanted nothing to do with Rain, the two butted heads behind Spirit's back, Rain being worried she would steal away Spirit. Koral left the next day and went off on her own to find her place in the world and possibly a family, and herd of her own.

At 3 years she came upon Creamer again, and at this time met the stallion Brantley, she was surprised at first that the foal Creamer seemed to take such an interest in in the stallion but soon she found herself just as interested, he seemed sad though which peaked her curiousity at to what had possibly caused such sadness, whatever it was she was determined to help him move on.


Song- Hungry Hearts-Bruce Springsteen, I Will Survive-Gloria Gaynor, A thousand years Christina Perri(More to come)

Voice: Arielle Kebble



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