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Created by : Blakey

Main type : Avatar / Fursona

Realistic? : Unrealistic

Used in a fan creation? : NOT used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Animal/Human type : ---------


Detail Kodak


Age; Young Adult. - Same age as Rain

Breed; American Paint Horse X Quarter Horse

Species; Equine. 


Sire; Granite (Official Character)

Dam; Lillian - American Paint Horse

Siblings; Younger brother

Love Interest: None

Crushers; (Open)

Foals; None



Personality;  Kodak is a relaxing stallion that stomps trouble. He is often calm till a stallion or someone steps in his limit. Kodak then kicks up his temper and turns against that person. He loves foals, and loves to be around them. He doesn't have one. But he wants one day. Kodak doesn't really trust humans, hard life he had before going free.

Spirit Relation; Read Bio.

Herd; None/ Rouge 

Owner; None, never was broken.

Voice; Tim McGraw

Theme Song; 

"Shame" - Keith Urban.

(Render made and adopted from biggdaddy3! )



*Before Birth*

Lillian lived near the Lakota tribe, with a herd that led by her parents, and she was the youngest daughter. She was in power with her parents. She wasn't bossy or cruel like her siblings. She was light hearted and shy towards the members. 

She wondered off one day, to go to the creek for the day with one of her friends. They walked into the creek side, before they would walk into the water, they heard noises in the bushes. Lillian froze and her friend ran backwards, right into the water. 

"What was that!?" the friend whinnied. 

"I dunno," Lillian mumbled, she shook her raven black mane. Before bolting off towards the direction of the herd. Her stumbling friend followed also. 

The two stumble into a scene of blood bath, the herd was bolting around, trying to get away from the Cavalry men. Lillian bolted out in the open, and looked for her parents, she saw only panicking mares and stallions.  Narrowing her eyes, she saw her mother hiding her father, which was fighting off the colonel and the army behind him. They were shooting at their hooves to spook, so they can rope them down. After moments, Lillian kicked up her heels and bolted off towards the army. She slide into them, slamming her self into one of the warrior horses. From the fallen solider, he flicked up a rope from his belt and it looped around her short built neck. Lillian, panicking, slammed her hooves against the ground and squeals following. She got tugged on and brought away from her homeland, same with her parents, and the other members of their herd.

They were brought to the cavalry base and got shoved into corrals, to be broken.  From all the horses, Lillian was the first one to be chosen by the men and put into the ring to be broken. She only knocked off some men off her back, before her legs fallen from under her, and she landed into the sand in defeat. She then lost her spirit, she was broken. 

Most of her herd got broken, some of the members knocked most of the men off, and were shot in the head to save time. During that time, Lillian was putted in a corral with the Colonel's horse Granite, a large built brown stallion with a stubborn personality. He often bit at her knees, abused her but also sweet talk her to make her feel better about herself. Lillian often bucked him off, and bolted off towards the other side of the fence, followed by his laughter of envy. 

The time breeding season came, Lillian was bred to Granite without a chose. She felt scared and little down. 'What if he beat me when the foal was born'... or 'what if the foal was born dead'. Lillian didn't know, she didn't want to find out that moment.

The time she was near foal, Granite was out of her life at that period. He was sent off with the Colonel to war, with the Lakota tribe. The battle was bad, so the best slots had to be sent there. The time the war was half over, I was born.

I, Kodak, remember it all. I remember the warmth from my mother when she was laying by my tiny body. Hearing saying, "Wake up little one," I then opened my chocolate brown eyes and glanced up at my mother's smiling face. She then named me Kodak. 

Right after birth, I stumbled upon my new legs, they wobbly around so wildly. So hard to control! I got the hang of them after falling down a couple times, I then walked up towards my mommy, and began to nurse from her. She was little snippy but she was first time mama, she then got use to me nursing after a little while. 

I spent most of my time with her, not with the men that walked towards my mother and I's paddock or the horses that talked to us everyday. No. I like to be near my mother all the time, not because of the food, because of protection. I'm also shy, I'm scared of everything bigger then me expect for my mother. She is so sound and gentle.

During one day of the summer, couple of horses with men upon there back, walked into the fort. Everyone whinnied expect for mommy, she looked disappointed for an odd reason. A frown showed on her face, and she galloped towards the end of the paddock. Till the largest brown stallion snapped her black mane and thrown her against the fence.

"Where's my child," he said stubbornly, his eyes glowing with cruelty and rage.

My mother began to stumble, her legs began to stumble, and sweat began to roll down her face. "H-H." she couldn't finish the statement. The man upon the stallion's back, slammed his boot into his girth, and the stallion squealed before cantering off. My mother stumbled back, and sighed, signing in relief. 

The stallion, that almost beaten my mother, apparently was my father. His name was Granite, and he was big and  mean. He never liked me, he often called me "Useless" and he often kicked at me when I get close. To see that mother is the better parent.

I then grew into an young yearling, strong built and had a strong mind. I was like my mother, in a charming way, and my father, in a war minded way. The cavalry men showed some interest in me. They tried to cut my mane, I fought them, but they bagged my muzzle and they cut my mane. They didn't get to shoe me or brand me, I slipped out their hands. 

I was then brought into the corral, where men got on my back, but within' seconds, they fallen into my dust. I got most of the lower key men off my back. Piece of cake. The time the Colonel got on me, I was scared. He was hard to buck off and I even tried all of my tricks! Slashing my hooves to the ground, spinning around in fast circles, and also slamming my sides into the fence. The time came, I wobbled into the middle of the corral, legs shacking and panting. Everyone was staring at me, even my mother. I was defeated, The Colonel got me. He kicked my side, and I walked on. After a few steps, he kicked my side pretty hard, which pissed me off pretty good. I fought though the pain my legs, and bucked up in the air. He and I lost balance, I fell to the side, fallen to the ground, and he was laying under me.

The Colonel almost lost his life from me, I weighed so much. The men pushed me off, and helped the Colonel up. He was panting, blood dripping down his mouth. He was coughing for air also, he nearly can't stand, I think I almost broke his leg, wasn't sure. He gave me a glaring look, and told the men to get rid of me. They slipped my reins and I got up from the ground, walking me out of the corral. 

They wanted to shot me and kill me, but one man shot them out. He was SGT. Adams, even thou he worked next to The Colonel a lot, he liked me. So they walked me out the fort, and slapped my rump, watching me run off. When I was out of sight, they told the Colonel, they killed me with their pistol and he believed their lie. 

Me, the other hand, was bolting though some land that was lush and green, after miles of traveling. I stopped and began to glaze upon it, filling my tummy with this food of heaven! If you haven't known, I never really ate grass before. I only ate oats and hay at the fort. 

I walked into the woods that I claimed as my home shortly. I settled and owned this lands against my will. I often roam around the bushes to see if anymore or anything come towards here. I always want to know.


He is my Malesona. 

Any questions, PM me Please!







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