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Created by : Sierra.

Main type : Avatar / Fursona

Realistic? : --------

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Specific type : ---------


Detail Khione.


Nickname:Khi, Khio, KhiKhi, Ione 

Name Meaning:Khione is the nymph or minor goddess of Snow. Her father is the greek god of Winter.




Coat Color:Beige

Markings:White appa spots, and dark beige appa spots, white stockings, and a white star and stripe marking, plus a white snip

Eye Color:Darkish-Blue




Siblings:Cleopatra, Zetes, and Calias(open to make, pm me)

Mate:None Open


Foals:none but she will take in any foal who needs a home


Likes:Starry nights, the sound rain makes, when a guy can make her laugh, grazing, feeling safe, being around her friends, foals, crickets at night, watching the moon, the sunset

Dislikes:the dark and being alone, when someone lies or wants to hurt her


Personality:Khione is not very patient and has a short temper, sometimes if you insult her she can often take it the wrong way. But in all honesty she likes being around her friends, but cannot stand when she is being lied to and has this special ability to tell when someone is lying or not being completly honest. Khione is a caring mare and loves foals so much, and will willingly take any foal in she feels needs a home. 


History:Khione was born to Boreas and his mate Oreithyia, she was the oldest of four children. Shorlty after Khione was born, her parents were bless with another filly whom they named Cleopatra. Cleo and Khione were so close in age they did everything together and had an amazing time. But a couple months after Cleo was born, her mother was blessed with twin boys, Zetes and Calias and as little brother are, these two were always annoying the sisters.

As Khione got older she was starting to realize she could tell when someone was lying to her. Only one of her other siblings had this talent her younger brother Calias, but unliek her Calias didnt like to use his gift. Khione was raised with love and care and she and her four siblings were very close. But when Cleo got ole enough to leave she went her own way and met a young stallion named Spirit, whom she mated with and began pregnant with his foal. Spirit soon left Cleo for Rain and Cleo returned back home. Khione who was very mad at Spirit sought him out but could not find him.

11 months later her younger sister Cleo gave birth to a young little girl whom she named Chi in honor of her older sister Khione who had helped her through so much. Khione was very happy for her sister and helped her sister raise her daughter, but soon Khione wanted to venture out on her own and she started traveling.

 Head Base(c)Me & Body (c)LionLover22 

How related to SPirit: her sister Cleo had a foal with Spirit, who left her alone to raise the foal, Khione helped her


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