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Created by : Blakey

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Unrealistic

Used in a fan creation? : NOT used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Light grey

Animal/Human type : ---------


Detail Juliette

Birth Name: Juliette  Gender: Filly (Female)

Age: Young Adult (1-3 years) Breed: Mustang

Sire: Gunner   Dam: Scarlett 


Mate: N/A   Love Interest: N/A

Foals:   Sexuality: Bisexual (secretly)

Personality (Character): Being exposed to abuse at young age, Juliette gets nervous about things that she is unsure about and she has trust issues. She grown close to her mother, the one that been there for her . For others, she just tunes them out because she feels she can't connect with them. Juliette is pretty timid and  tranquil as you can see.

Spirit Relation: Juliette lives in his herd with a lower rank then the other horses. Spirit saved Scarlett and her when she was younger. 

Herd: The Cimarron Herd

Ranking: Member

Height: Still Growing. (14.3 hh will be full growth)

Voice: Juliette Barnes (From Nashville) 

Theme Songs: 

"Pain Pain" - Ashley Monroe

"Cupid Got A Shotgun" - Carrie Underwood 

(Headshot/ Bodyshot (c) Me) 

(Background (c) Rena15 / Screenshot (c) Dreamworks) 


I was born in the morning on the first day of spring, I woke up to warm amber eyes staring at me and to a soft touch on my cheek. It was from my mother, Scarlett, a mare that belongs to a herd outside of the Cimarron herd territory. I was brought back to my father's herd after two days of staying at the spot I was birthed at. 

When my mother and I arrived to the herd, many mares surrounded us and just stare at us. I grew afraid, I never seen other horses before, so it's new to me. A tall, stalky build ,graying out stallion pushed through the crowd of mares and halted himself in front of my mother. Glaring at her then at me, he snorted, he wasn't satisfied what she brought back to him.

"I said birth me a colt.. not this! You should be ashamed of yourself!" the stallion roared, baring his teeth at my mother.

"G-Gunner, I'm s-sorry.." Scarlett whined, tears forming in her eyes. This wasn't tears of sadness, tears of fear. She feared of loosing her life to this aggressive stallion. 

Gunner just snorted, shoving my mother away from him. Her leg pushed me over, I only yelped and fell over on my side. I only lay there to watch my father vanish in the crowd of mares. From there on, I know staying here will be a living hell. 

While growing up in my father's herd, every foal born on my year would be pushed around by Gunner. His excuse was that we needed to be strong now so we can be powerful when we're full grown adults. Seeing how the foals react to him now, some will be kicked or even killed and a small amount of them will stay in the herd to aid our father when he really needs it. 

When I grown into a yearling, life for me became a living hell. My father began to abuse the mares in the herd more, to make sure they don't get the idea of fleeing because the punishment I heard was more horrible then the abuse. My father abused my mother the most for some odd reason, I don't know the real reason. He would bite her till her wounds bleed and make sure she's covered in bruises so she can't run away from him. I had it with this abuse, I stood up for my mother this time. 

While my father was abusing her, I rammed myself against my father's shoulder. Since I'm only an yearling and he's a full grown stallion, he only stumbled to the side. Gunner bared his teeth and glared at me, now seeing me as an enemy, not a member of his herd anymore. He slashed his hooves at me, only missing my forehead by inches. I grew afraid, but my mind is screaming to fight back for me and my mother's life. I swung myself to the side, bucking, and striking his chest to make him back off. Which it didn't, it made matters much worse. 

Gunner tripped me and  I landed on my side, he took control of this fight. He attacked me full force and left me with many bruises and cuts that was all over my body. When the fight was over, he stood over at the side and snorted.

"Leave.. just leave, the both of you are banned from my herd! If I see you two near my herd and land again, I will bring you to your deathbeds." Gunner snorted, glaring at us with disgust and disbelief 

I herded my mother  up and we left my father's land, we didn't go far because our wounds from him. We  rested under some trees for quite some time, not knowing a mother cougar was stalking us for hours on end.  

The cougar stroke when I was at the river getting water. I heard my mother's cries over the river, knowing something was wrong, I bolted towards the place we were staying. The cougar was cornering my mother and was ready to attack. I took action and stole the attention from her to me. The cougar pounced on my back, digging its claws into my back. I screamed in pain and I tried to buck off this feline. With the wounds I have, I just couldn't. Luckily my screams got the attention of a buckskin stallion that was searching its herd.  

The stallion pushed the cougar off my back and chased it back into the trees. I only stood there, every move I made hurt a lot. I felt the blood dripping from my back from the cougar's claws so that made me more frozen. 

"Are you two alright?" The stallion asked, his brown eyes scanning the both of us. 

"We're fine" I said simply, the pain was getting the both of me. 

"I'm Spirit, leader of the Cimarron herd. Come with me, both of your wounds need treatment" Spirit said, leading us to his herd. 

His herd was very nice, different then I thought because I always think the members and leaders were all the same. But this herd changed my mind for good. I like the members of the herd, but with the lack of communication skills, I couldn't make friends with them. 






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Oh sure!

March 09, 2015
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Can she be friends with Phantasma. Phantasma doesn't trust many but she likes to have friends she can trust. She joined Spirit's herd after he rescued her from Snakefingers pit. She lives in his herd for now.

February 10, 2015
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Thank you ^^

February 10, 2015
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I like her colors. She's very pretty.

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