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Joy Of The Wind.

Joy Of The Wind.


Created by : Sierra.

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Specific type : ---------


Detail Joy Of The Wind.

Name: Joy Of The Wind


Age : 3-4 years of age

Breed: Mustang

Color:Bay with a white stocking and two grey stockings with white ends

Eye Color:Cinnomin Brown

Personality:Confident, curious, kind, adventurous, bright, spirited, intrigued, headstrong, romantic, smart, stubborn, impulsive, brave, over-protective, beautiful, perky, sweet, loveable

Likes: Spirit, apples, being around her herd, Fleur

Dislikes: anyone who can hurt her, the enemy herds, Flash


Sire: Striker

Dam: Esperanza

Sibilings: Spirit(twin sister), Storm(c) wildfire(older brother)

Adopted Sibling: Sassafrass

Foals:Jolt(c)Me/Adopted Foals:Saxon(she kinda took him in after his mother left)

Herd:Kendov Herd

Lead Stallion:Elgotor


Joy was born after Spirit, she was his twin younger sister. SHe was give the name Joy of the wind, joy enjoyed being around others and even more she loved her older brother very much. Where Spirit took after Striker in looks and additude his sister Joy was the opposite. She looked more like her mother and was a lot more calmer than Spirit was. As the twins grew up they grew very close to each other, joy felt safe when she was around Spirit, as they entered into there teenage years Spirit became more of a rebel than Joy did. Joy knew one day her brother would get into trouble and her premoniton came true, Spirit was taken to the fort because he was a mustang leaving Joy and Esperanza a wreck.

Joy tried her best to help her mother during the time that Spirit was gone but it was like a huge hole was carved in the Cimmeron herd because its leader was missing. Joy herself could only take so much, right when the herd was at the breaking point somehow Spirit had come back but thsi time he brought a friend. A young pinto named Rain.  Joy was happy her brother had found someone to spend his life with. Rain was sweet and Joy liked her but she felt like maybe it was time for her to start on her own. She left the Cimmeron Herd and soon founded the Kendov Herd where Elgotor welcomed her. That is where she resides with all her herdmates.

Soon she had a young son with the leader elgotor and named him Jolt. She also sorta took in elgotor's other son Saxon since his mother ran off after he was born for some unknown reason.

(more to come)

How related to Spirit: His younger sister
Designed by Keyo
I fixed a couple things on her. 


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