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Created by : Sierra.

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : --------

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : White

Specific type : ---------


Detail Jolt.

Name: Jolt

Meaning:like a lightning bolt. 

Nicknames: Jolty(by his mom)



Breed:  Orlov trotter X Mustang





Pelt: Beige with white 

Eyes: Sky blue

Marking: white face, daark stockings on three legs, one white leg

Mane/tail: Dark Grey with light grey mixed in



Sire: Elgotor(c)MissehBlue

Dam: Joy Of The Wind(c)Me



Family & Friends

Mares:none yet

Foals: nope

Crush: Athena(even though his brother likes her to)

Herd: The Kendov Herd

Rank: Lead Stallion's Son

Enemies: Flash



Jolt is a strong willed, headstrong colt who loves to be around his mom. Although alot is expected out of him he just wants to one day find happiness like his mother has. He has a strong heart and loves his half brother Saxon like a blood brother. Jolt can be quiet and reserved at times much like his father, but unlike his father he can hide hid feelings very well and not many know what he is really feeling. He is adventurous in the fact he is alway getting into trouble for wandering to far away from the herd, but he has a confidence like no other.


his mom, his herd, his older brother, adventures, athena(although he may neve amit it),playing with Mandoline


when he gets scolded, the fact that one day he will loose his childhood

Fears: That he will never find love and that Saxon will get the mare he likes



Jolt was born to Elgotor and Joy one day. Joy was feeling left out of the herd since she had yet to be gifted but all around her her friends were so Elgotor decided he would have a foal with her. There in came the day when Joy wen into labor. with the help of her friend Oriel she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy whom she and elgotor called Jolt. Saxon Jolt's older half brother watched him be born also. Joy loved her son right away a huge bond formed between them.

Jolt when he was able to walk would always play with Saxon. He felt bad Saxon did not have a mom and wanted Joy to adopt him but didnt push the subject instead enjoyed tthe time he had around his big brother. Jolt would often wander to far away from the herd causing his father Elgotor to normally go get him and bring him back. 

but jolt''s adventurous spriit could not be contained to long, no matter how many times he was tol he would always wander off, but one thing Jolt did was he loved his brother Saxon very much and looked up to his big brother. Sometimes even mimicking what he did. When his father brought home a filly he had saved named athena, he heard when he was old enough he may be gifted to her. He began to develop a crush on her but kept his distance knowing how she felt. He spends most his time either with his mother, father, brothr or Mandoline another filly from the herd.


How related to spirit: His fathers herd is in good term with spirits Herd.



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