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Created by : Blakey

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Orange

Animal/Human type : ---------


Detail Jango.


 Nicknames:  Breed: Morgan X Appaloosa  

Age: Varies. Gender: Stallion.  


Sire: Unknown  X   Dam: Unknown

Siblings; Older Sister.

Mate (Crush): Abal   Love Interest: Abal

Past Love:   


Breeding: ... -Depends-



Jango is a lady charmer and great at slipping them off their feet. He is very witty and slick on his feet. He is stubborn sometimes and always in trouble with someone or something. He likes to cause trouble.

Spirit Relation: READ BIO.

Herd: The Darkwoods herd.

Ranking Lead Stallion - role shared.

Owner: N/A

Voice: Justin Moore

Theme Song(s):

"Small Town USA" - Justin Moore

"In My Heaven" - Blake Shelton



Jango began to bang his hooves against the ground, throwing his head wildly as he began to bolt around the corral. Humans stood there with their fists in their pocket, watching the stallion have a melt down. This wasn't the first time he had this. Third time this week.

Soon Jango's dancing hooves went into a halt in the dust flying in the air. A halter slipped across his face and he got walked into the stables. Where he got put into the empty stall and got locked in. The human shut the lights off and said goodnight before heading out for the night.

Jango's eyes began to shut his eyes, not for very long before he heard something slam into the side of his stall. He blinked his eyes open and saw a scowling brown stallion staring right at him. He didn't seem so amuse at this hour.

"You're at it again," the stallion rolled his eyes, his blazing eyes got fired up as Jango walked closer to the stallion.

"At what again?" Jango mumbled, his long raven black bangs covered his blue eyes.

"Being a wild mutt!" The stallion snapped with his teeth, without the bars standing between them, he could of rip the younger stallion's face apart within' minutes.

"You keep thinking that Granite..." his voice fade before turning his rump towards the older stallion and the night was quiet for the rest of the darkness hours.

The morning came, the horses were whinnying for their breakfast. The stall hands throwing hay down among the floor so they can eat. Jango grabbed a good amount then began to chew.  It was a every normal morning, after eating the hay, Jango got clipped to a lead rope and led to a paddock that was empty.

Being left alone, Jango galloped around the empty space for some fitness time. He stopped himself when his eyes saw a broken board lay in the ground among him. He began to prance towards it, his muzzle nudged it slightly, making the board break completely from the base of the fence that stood between Jango and the tree line. He stood there, thinking about leaving the ranch or keep himself in the paddock. He got his choice, he crawled though the fence and pranced into the tree line. Off he went into the forest where the humans couldn't find him, and didn't know that Jango let himself out.

Galloping the wild by himself, he felt lost. He seen new sights Jango never seen back in the ranch. Shortly some rain drops fell to the ground, seeing the signs of rain was coming. Jango began to trot faster, as soon he did, rain began to rain upon him. He began to bolt, hearing the thunder rolling behind him and seeing the lightning dance across the sky. He narrowed his eyes and saw a horse stomp towards him. 

The horse was a buckskin with amber eyes, eyes that remind him of Granite for some odd reason. The stranger began to creep among Jango, making him back up a few steps.

"Who are you?" the stallion said.

"Jango sir, Who are you?" he questioned, his long mane was blown behind his ear.

"Spirit," he said, his head glanced up at the lit sky. "Why are you alone, do you have family?"

Jango frowned slightly, " I don't have family. They died when I was a foal."

Spirit and Jango talked more then, they went off in their lives. Spirit went back to his herd and Jango went on traveling though the storm. Since that night Jango was alone, he often stopped by some herds to charm some mares but the leaders or guards always rip his ass up for it. Jango never brought of his childhood again, he something deep happened then, it still stains him now. 

While traveling he met an young stallion named Badr that soon became close of a friend to him. Afterwards, they formed a powerful herd.

Lines by Vaillemoo

Background by Lionlover22




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