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Jack Frost(KV)

Jack Frost(KV)


Created by : Shiny Vaporeon(KV)

Main type : For Roleplaying purposes

Realistic? : --------

Used in a fan creation? : NOT used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : White

Animal/Human type : ---------


Detail Jack Frost(KV)

Jack Frost

Name: Jack Frost
Nicknames: Jack, Jackie, Frosty
Age: 6 years old
Gender: Stallion
Breed: American Quarter horse
Coat: light gray white dapple
Eyes: Frosty blue

Grandmother: Calvary horse
Grandfather: Calvary horse
Mother: Random purebred Quarter horse Calvary Horse
Father: Random purebred Quarter horse Calvary Horse
Siblings: Winter, Nick, Frost Bite, open
Half Siblings: Open
Favored Mare: Tinker
Mate: Open(Pm me or comment but will be very picky, may end up making a mate for him myself or an adoptable mate.)
Foals: Prancer, Cupid, Bonnie, Open
Adopted Foals: Open
Herd: Frosted Waters Cave(this herd lives in a cave discription below :3)
Rank: Lead Stallion

Personality: Jack Frost is a troublemaker through and through, he is almost never serious and is in one way or another getting into trouble. He loves to play with foals and see others happy and will go to exteremly lenghts to see his herd happy. When it comes down to it though Jack is very protective and a very good leader, he loves each of his mares dearly and would do anything to protect him espically his mate. Jack is a standup horse! Who lives by his own rules.
Likes: His home staying hidden, mares, foals, sweet fruits, cold weather, rain, snow, swimming,
Dislikes: other stallions unless they are one of his foals, bugs that bite, extremely hot temperatures, missing out on some good z's, misunderstandings.
Fears: losing his herd and being found by the humans he fought so hard to stay away from.
Disabilites: None completely healthy :3
History: Jack Frost was born in the US calvary too two purebred quarter horses, the Colenal had taken a great interest in the stallion cause Jackie had always shown great potintal. But Jackie refused even from a young age to let the humans have their way with him he fought constantly to be free and had tried to escape many times. His parents never approved of his behavior towards the human and had their for shunned the foal at an early age. The only human he had ever came to care for at all was the colenials daughter. The sickly girl would sneak out whenever she could to sneak treats to Jack and groom him. The girl didn't live long though she barely reached 8 when she had passed. Jack was heartbroken the 3 year old stallion could only watch as they removed her corpse from the house. That same day after the daughter was burried a buckskin stallion who Jack later learned was Spirit, was brought into the calvary. The horse was a stallion after Jacks own heart, as wild as wild could be. Jack soon started planning an escape to free himself and the wild buckskin. Jack even took to sneaking out of his pen at night to go keep the stallion and soon Little Creek a captive brought in, company. After 3 days Jack was free, the stallion had broken most of the horses out and Jack ran, ran like he never had before not once looking back. He refused to be captured again and quickly parted ways from the other horses giving his farewell to Spirit.
Jack ran for days not stopping once until came upon a magical scenerie he had never seen, a forest he soon learned it was called. It was so green and peaceful he had never seen anything like it. Jack decided it was finally okay to rest, and for days he stayed in the forest resting following the streams of water to different places in the forest. He soon found his new home though a huge cave stuck right behind a waterfall, Jack didn't hesitate to explore this new place inside this cave was grass holes in the roof of the cave let in enough light to let the grass grow and cover the cave. It was a small paradise, his new paradise and the place where he had decided he would start a herd.



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