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Created by : Tweedbug

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : --------

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Yellow

Animal/Human type : Horse


Detail Ivy

Basic Info

Name: Ivy
Age: 3 months
Breed: Mustng
Eye colour: blue
Black circle around each eye & black patch near rear.
Coat: Yellow
Mane & Tail: light sandy brown
Hooves: black

Lives:  Stargazer Herd




RELATION TO SPIRIT: visits him often in Glows group, parents used to live in his herd.


Mother:  Faith (Lead Mare)
Father: Matrix (Lead Stallion)
Siblings: 3  (youngest to oldest)  April, Dexter, Ivory. (Twin Sister)

Mate/s: none
Crush/s: none
Foals: none

Most Known Family Member:   Ivory. (Her Twin Sister)

Personal Info


Ivy was born 3 minutes apart from her twin sister, Ivory. Which makes them unseperable, Ivy has alot of emotions for her sister. If she got hurt, Ivy would get hurt as well. it was like they were one horse. Ivy is very in touch with her emotions and wont stand for bullies. Ivy has the same determination as her father and the same care factor as her mother.



standing up for herself and others, fireflies (chases them), night time, Ivory, Stargazer herd.


any type of humans, burning in the sun, her brother Dexter (hes annoying,sometimes), being teased.



Ivy dosnt have much history because hse only 3 months old. Ivy was born into the Stargazer herd, born 3 minutes apart from her twin sister Ivy, Ivy is the oldest. When Ivy was brn she was very suspicious and wanted to know her way around the land ASAP, so about 3 weeks after she was born she knew the land off by heart and knew to never, ever, EVER go onto opposing herds land apart from friends land. Ivy wondered down to the creek one day and spotted a mountain lion and she bloted for her life but the mountain lion caught up, it jumped but Ivy tripped. So she was in the path of death but luckily her father jumped straight in front of her to save her life.

(To see whta happened when Ivy & Ivory where in there mothers womb, be sure to look out for a fanfic called. The Devil Within')


Lineart/Render/Design (c) Me


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