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Created by : Sierra.

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Unrealistic

Used in a fan creation? : NOT used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : White

Specific type : ---------


Detail Hera.


Name Meaning: Greek In Orgin normally known as the goddess of women and marriage

Nicknames: None.

Goes By: Hera

Age: Depends on use.

Breed: American Paint.

Coat Color: Chestnut Pinto.

Sire: Unknown.

Grand-Sire: Unknown.

Grand-Dam: Unknown.


Dam: Unknown.

Grand-Dam: Unknown.

Grand-Sire: Unknown.


Siblings: AchillesCaeser

Half-Siblings: None.

Adoptive Siblings: None.


Mate: -Open-

Ex-Mate:An Unknown Calvery Stallion

Love Interest(s):  -Open.-

Crusher(s):  -Open.-

Foals:Eris(soon to be made).

Adoptive Foals: None. -Open.-


Friends: all the lakota horses. Little Creek. Rain. -Open.-

Enemies: Granite. Spirit. -Open.-

Herd: None, is a memeber of the Lakota tribe.

Human Owner: None. -Open.-


   Hera is a kind hearted young mare who loves attention. Most of the time she adores flirting with any stallion that comes near her, but she can be kind of Naive when it comes to lies. She will often believe alot of what you say and puts herself before others. Not on purpose but being the baby sister with two older brothers she often feels smothered by their love, even more so when they found out she was pregnant with a young filly. 


  Hera was born to the same parents as the older Achilles and Caeser. Her father being the same outcast stallion that breeded with his mother. Unlike her brothers though, she took mostly after her mother. Their mother, once she recongized this, was happy, she had to get rid of both her sons, so she raised Hera as her own filly and when the lead stallion asked who the father was, Her mother lied and the stallion believed it.  Hera grew up in the herd with her mother and as a filly was an attention seeker, she wanted nothing but to one day leave the herd and be her own person and she was very oppininated. 

For the first couple of years of her life, Hera stayed with her mother in the herd, but then got annoyed with the herd and headed in the direction that her older brothers were sent. She came upon the fort and was captured because she was considered a prize. The leader of the fort wanted to mate her with his horse and she could not fight it. She became pregnant and wanted to leave so one night left.

She came upon the Lakota tribe and upon two male horses that looked alot like her, just different patterns she realized that these were her older brothers. When she came there she was half starved and slowly dying and wanted nothing but to die. Her brothers were worried about her and tried to get her to eat, but soon enough Hera realized that she was not just harming herself but she was harming the baby she was having. So she started eating and her older brothers started watching out for her. Soon she had a young filly whom she named Eris.


Render (c) Me.


Original Image (c) Dreamworks.

Relation To Spirit:  A memeber of the Lakota. And is enemies with Spirit.Also had a filly to an Unknown Calvary Stallion


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Can my stallion kili be a love interest? I love her!!

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