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Golden Sapphire (ws)

Golden Sapphire (ws)


Created by : white stallion

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : --------

Used in a fan creation? : NOT used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Public

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Animal/Human type : ---------


Detail Golden Sapphire (ws)


Name: Golden Sapphire
NickName: Sapphire (By Vegas)
Age: 3 Years Old
Breed: Mustang/Appoloosa/Friesian.
Dam: Delighted Jazz
Siblings: None Yet
Friends: Romeo (DLW) Open
Best Friends: Vegas (DLW)
Crush/Crushers: Vegas (DLW)
Mate: One of Vegas's Mares.
Foals:: none Yet
Adopted Foals:: None Yet
Likes: being with vegas loves foals and water loves to play in snow and sure loves racing she loves to eat apples and sometimes loves rainy days and loves to swim.
Dislikes:: Colonel, Dogs, Cougars, Loud Noises, Humans.
Personality: Shes very nice but on certain occasions she will stick up for herself and others she holds dear to her. She wants to have foals someday she loves little foals. She's very good at swimming loves to play in the snow and loves racing. She loves seeing and being with Vegas.
Theme SOng: Little Things By One Direction.
Bio: When she was little she only grew up with her sire jazz he took very good care of her. She never even thought about asking about her mom Delighted Jazz was always gone doing something. SO she never really met her mother but soon she would get to meet her. She grew up without a sibling that she knows of but she did grow up alone with her father she was at the age of 9 Months Old when she fianlly met her mother. At first she was a little shocked to see her but mad because she was gone so long and she never understood why she was gone soo long.
 She started to spend time with her mother so they could catch up on things and learn about eachother she started to like her mother they acted just alike. She was able to see her mother till around the age of 12 Months. Then her mother left again for some reason again and she never told them why she left so they never asked her why. So when she turned the age of 1 Years Old she was fianlly looking for someone to be friends with she didn't really find someone to be with. AT the age of 2 Years Old she met a stallion named vegas and she soon became his mare she accually loved him dearly.
Romeo vegas's twin brother had rounded up a herd of mares and she was in the rounded up mares. Vegas kind of loved her back because he knew she could protect herself and didn't need to be watched all the time. She didn't understand why Romeo wanted so many mares there was getting to many mares in one area. She told Vegas that there was to many mares in one area they needed a bigger space and vegas kind of agreed with her well thats because he had to watch them. She was close to vegas but she understood his need of space so she didn't go around him all the time like some others did.
Sometimes she would go up there and give Vegas a hand so he didn't have that much of a problem of keeping track of all of them she loved helping him. Sometimes they would tlk sometimes they would just stand there in peace and quit but on a rainy windy night that ended up being horrible for her. She got lost trying to follow the herd they got all of them to safety but she got lost she started crying out vegas's name. he heard her cry for help and he turned and ran to find her and Romeo said where are you going Vegas said we left one behind. Vegas didn't seem to find her so he went back to the herd to help Romoe he said did you find her Vegas and Vegas said no her cry fainted.
A few days after Vegas was out helping Romeo again with getting more mares and then Vegas saw her wondering around a tree. He walked over to her and said Hey I tried looking for you and couldn't find you at all. She looked up and smiled and ran to him and said ya I got lost I don't know how I did but I guess I did cause I tried to find out but the storm got to bad. So she traveled back with them she was happy to be back she didn't like being on her own that much anymore so it was a good thing she found them. She just thought finding them was pure luck it wasn't long till they mo0ved to a bigger space for the herd of mares.
She soon started hanging around vegas more because she finally knew that he didn't really mind her company sometimes he was glad she was there. She was always there with him in a good and bad times she would always get into fights in her last herd but this one she never did. She didn't even argue with any of them not even Vegas but thats because she cares for him alot. She soon when she seen herself she looked alot like her father she remind herself so much of her father. Sometimes her and Vegas would go for a run if Romeo let them so she could get some of her energy taken out of her.
he is all that she really needs now because she knows none of them is going anywhere without her. She will set there and look at her past and then say its better than it has ever been she has never been more happy then she is now. She respects themboth she may not be that close to Romeo but she is to Vegas  her and Romeo are friends but her and Vegas are Best Friends. She hopes that soon she will decided to start making firends with the mares in the herd. She's starting to make a few with them but she's not that close to them she also loves watching over the foals.
She's learned she's very good with foals they seem to listen very well and there all just so cute to her. She knows she never wants to have a better life than this one that she has right now. How she got into the herd was when they rounded her up and vegas kept an eye on her and was always protecting her. Then one day she got into a fight with a cougar they all stop and stared and vegas ran to save her. then he told Romeo he's going to help clean her up so her wounds didn't get infected then Romeo seen how they were and told Vegas why don't you claim her as one of your mares. he walked up and asked her and she was delighted and said yes and she was as happy as she could have been. (More To Come.) When I Possibly RPG her with Vegas.
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