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Created by : HayleyWolf

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : --------

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Public

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : ---------

Animal/Human type : ---------


Detail ~Glory~


Scattering twice without even blooming
Like flames scatter, beautiful

-Tite Kubo





Name: Glory

Breed: Criollo

Age: adult

Gender: female

Height: 14hh

Personality: Glory is a very strange character. She is very outgoing and hardly ever lazy, almost always on the go. She acts very obnoxious and rude to other horses. She is also very vain and loves to strut her stuff, especially around the stallions. She seeks love from the boys because, in fact, she is very insecure and feels unwanted.




Sire: Coffee

Dam: Liqueur

Siblings: Kahlua

Mate: none

Stallions: many(open; she has many different stallions. She wonders around herds often. She comes back to every herd, however. She loves all her stallions but MOST don't love her because of her flamboyant ways)

Crush: all her stallions

Crushers: a few of her stallions(open)

Offspring: (OPEN)




Glory was born to a cowhorse Criollo couple in Mexico. The cowboy that owned her and her family drove his cattle along the Mexican border often. Glory took to the cowboy very quickly and her affections for him went skyhigh.

The little filly loved to watch her parents work the cattle and she couldn't wait for the day that she would be the one doing the herding and cutting. The day came sooner than she expected. She was only two, about a year too young, when she was started to saddle. Her cowboy was very broke and he needed to train her fast so that he could sell her just as fast.

Her health deteriorated. A lot of strain was put on her legs and back. She slowly broke down. However, she didn't fully break down until after she was sold to another cowboy. She was hurt that she was traded off just like that and seperated from her family. She realized that her beloved master had never really cared about anything but her value.

When she broke down on her new owner she expected him to shoot her. But, he didn't. He kept his cattle nearby and took care of the young filly. A couple weeks later and she could amble along behind the herd of cattle, the cowboy, and his mount.

By the time she had turned two and half she was better. But, she couldn't be ridden. It was clear by her slight sway-back and her knobby knees. She couldn't been ridden for a couple years, if not at all. She was eating the grass that the cowboy needed for his cattle. He couldn't afford to keep her.

So oneday when she started following him he shot directly over her head, which spooked her and made her take off in a irregular run. She came back. Each time she did he would shoot over her head. She got the point and left, her heartbroken by a human once more.

She felt unwanted. Useless.


lines (c) purapuss @ DA


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The Albino&Royal herds
Thanks guys ^^

March 07, 2013
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Aww, poor girl. But she's gorgeous, Hayley; really lovely

March 07, 2013
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This lady is just gorgeous Hayley! I love her so much~

March 07, 2013
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The Albino&Royal herds

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