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Detail Flint



Name: Flint

Breed: American Mustang/Spanish Mustang

Age: 4

Gender: Stallion

Height: 14.2hh

Personality: Flint is rather shy but he is a great fighter and extremely protective. He does get very jealous at times and he tends to be aggressive around other stallions, especially if they are trying to woo Sabella.




Sire: Fionn

Mother: Mischeif

Siblings: none

Mate: none(soon to be Sabella)

Crush: Sabella

Crushers: Sabella

Children: (biological) none (adopted) Maestro

Spirit Relation: Lives in the same land as Spirit and his crush, Sabella's, mate used to be the Albino, who is the sworn enemy of Spirit.


Special Relationships:



Sabella: Sabella is Flint's childhood friend and is becoming more than a friend to him.





Flint was born into a Mexican band of horses called the el rebano eltoro. His sire was Mexican stallion there and his mother was a American mare that I had moved there recently. Flint was always amused by how all the Mexican horses rolled their r's and he always tried, but never suceeded.

A little time passed and Mischeif decided that she wanted to take Flint to go visit his grandfather. They made the long journey there. They ended up residing at a herd a mile or so away from Larkwood's herd. There Flint met the filly named Sabella. This was also when the other foals first began to pick on him.

Flint was picked on constantly the first day after their arrival and he refused to fight back. But then a filly stepped in and stopped the fight with her words. Flint was surprised that a filly could have such an effect on the other foals and he wouldnt know until later that she was the daughter of the lead stallion and lead mare. He thanked her and they ended up running off to play.

The next day Flint had to leave and he missed his newfound friend.

A year or so passed before he met up with her again. She was surprised to see him and vice-versa. They promised to visit each other often. On one of these meetings they ran into a mysterious white stallion that would,ironically, become the mate and the sire of Sabella's foal, years later.

When they made it back to the herd all hell had broken loose. The calvary had come and were rounding up horses. Sabella took off and Flint lost her in the crowd. He ended up being roped and taken in. He fought the calvary men hard but didnt have enough fighting spirit to keep from being broken. But he was never fully broken and was always a handful.

A couple years passed while he was in the calvary. Finally he had a chance to bust loose. Murphy had to ride to the Calvary Breeding Base to check up on a sick mare and was ordered to take Flint. But when Flint disobeyed he became angrier and angrier, only confusing Flint. He broke away and bolted off for the wild. The calvary men were unprepared and when they were finally mounted up and riding Flint was far enough away to find a place to hide.

(more to come as SA and I RP ^_^)


render (c) DarkViver

design (c) me

Relationship picture (c) SweetAngel


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The Albino&Royal herds
Glad you like him ^_^

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Hes adorable ^_^

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Yay he is finally up^_^

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