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Created by : breyerlover21

Main type : Avatar / Fursona

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : NOT used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Specific type : ---------


Detail ~:Dreamer:~


"You may say i'm a dreamer...but i'm not the only one"

Name: Dreamer

Name meaning: A person who dreams or is dreaming

Gender; Mare (female)


Eye color: evergreen tree (dark green)

Coat color: Chestnut

Mane color: light brown (tan) with frosted tips

Markngs: extended strip and snip with a cornet, and 2 socks on the legs

Breed: 50% Mustang/ 50% Arabian

Parents: Spirit and unknown Arabian mare

Siblngs (half): Violet, Anna, Maiko

Friends: horses in her herd mostly

crush/crusher: (OPEN)

Mate: Nobody (OPEN)

foals: none

Herd: The Avalan Herd

Personality: She is a bit stubborn like her father and loves to run wild and enjot the open air. She loves every woodland creature and will stop at nothing to get what she wants

Likes: Her herd, bunnies, sunlight, grass, apples, running free, storms

dislikes: Means horses, hurt creatures, man, wranglers

Dreamer was born late in the night on a cool summer. She was born in the forest and the only thing she first saw was her mother. After some time of balancing and trying to keep up with her mother She was intoduced to the herd... her family. She was forst greeted by The strong handsome kiger mustang stallion Spirit her father as long as her sisters Anna, Violet, and Maiko. Spirit was a bit uneased that he was to have another daughter, but he didn't treat her any other way. Spirit loved all of his daughters and would tell Dreamer and her sister the amazig adventures he went through. Dreamer wanted to be just like her father and would do many Dangerous things just to show her father and he would be proud as she became older, but this did not please him. He didn't want his daughter getting hurt so he forbid her to do anymore dangerous things and as she was told she had to obey her father's words. When she became a young mare, it was hard for Spirit to keep band stallions  away from his daughter. She had grown up to be a beautful mare and had grown very intelligent but in her own ways. It was to this extent that fate would happen. During the winter, Spirit had finally let Dreamer go on her own and let her explore for a bit. As she was walking through a wainter wonderland of trees, a mysterious yet beautiful dapped rey stallion arosed from the thicket and reared in front of her. She was terrified thinking the stallion would hurt her as she trembled in fear and stood her lace. The stallion felt bad for spooking this besutifu creatre that stood in front of him as he apalogozed. She then forgave him and they started to talk. He then told her that his name was Ice, leader of the Avalan herd and she was Dreamer daughter of the msot powerful Wild stallion in the lands. They then became friends and Spirit soon found out. He did not enjoy this and forbod her top see the stallion but she didn't give up. During the night Ice had krept in and told Dreamer he would take her away from this place. She was shocked and didn't want to leave her family, but he desperately wanted to know what's beyond the hills of her home and accepted as he led her farther and farther away to a nee place to call home.


Characters and renders belong to me

I got her design from this breyer model SS Justadream


Spirit and original images (c) DreamWorks




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