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Draco Tamboney

Draco Tamboney


Created by : Tweedbug

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : --------

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : White

Animal/Human type : Human


Detail Draco Tamboney

Name: Draco Tamboney
Nick Name: Draco
Age: 21
Occupation: Ranger/ Horse Catcher

Mother: unknown
Father: unknown
Siblings: 1 - unknown (Open)

Wife: none
Girlfriend: none
Crush: none
Children: none

Pets: none
Horse: 1 -  unknown (open)

Eye Colour: Brown


Personality: Draco was never a happy child, he used to wish everything would die in the world. He believed in Sourcey and began studying it at the age of 8. Sourcey tto Draco is like his God, when his mother ripped up his text book full of his 'spells'; Draco lashed out at his mother and ranaway. At this age (21) Draco still believes in Sourcey but has found another occupation apaprt from studying Sourcery.

Likes: his team, his horse, Sourcery, The Lakota tribe, Storms, Catching horses, being smart and Studying magic.

Dislikes: His family, The Calvary when they Break horses, Sunburn, people dis agreeing with him even though he right.


~ History ~

Draco was born in an unknown white man tribe. His mother and father were terribly mean to him when he was around 6 - 8 years old. They destroyed his imagination and textbooks. His Imagination was destroyed by his father; his father used to tease him terribly about his beliefs, eg. Sourcery , Magic.

At the age of 8 his mother got so tired of Draco talking about Sourcery and Magic she ripped up all of his lifes work/studying of Sourcery. At this point Draco hated his family. Draco ran up stairs crying, he got out a saddle bag packed some supplies and he snuck out of the house. Draco ran out the door and headed towards the stables. He geared up his horse, jumped on an  they galloped away before his father could stop him.

Draco managed to hide 3 of his prized text books. 1 of survival, another of animals and fianlly one on Sourcery and Magic. Draco headed east and eventually came by a very large fort. He saw some rangers bring in some horses, he thought that would be a great job to do ! He thought that when he became a ranger he could catch horse, study his magic and learn the ways of horses. Draco was excited but he was only 17.

Draco entered the fort tieing his horse up at the post. Draco walked over to the Colonel and asked if he could be a ranger. The colonel looked at Draco and saw he was geared up and had his own young horse. The colonel said yes and knew he would do well.

Draco walked over to his team and said 'hello...'  they all said hello back and intrduced his to all the horses and people that are in fort. Draco made friends with them very easily and soon became very welcomed.

On the next day they were set to go catch a prized horse. Draco and his team saddled up and trotted away. Draco lead the group the far west were many herds laid. Draco was an expert at navigation and the team loved him for that. He lead them to the herds and they captured a few horses. Draco and the team entered a native american tribe. Draco introduced himself to the native americans and found out they are the Lakota tribe. He was welcomed with open arms, he gave them a horse they had captured earlier on as a sign of peace. The LAkota tribe were overjotyed and said that he and his team could come by anytime.

Draco was overwelmed along with his team mates. Draco visits the Lakota tribe alot and sometimes staya there for a few weeks.


Relation to Spirit:  Is friends with Little Creek and works for the Colonel.

Blank Render (c) Me (Tweedbug)


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Angel of Darkness.
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Cool character tweed!!*favs

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Born To Make History
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Tring to keep the darkness in.

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