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Created by : bopsie

Main type : Fan character

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Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Black

Animal/Human type : ---------


Detail Darkmist

*Darkmist is a CHIMERA! Meaning he has TWO sets of DNA which show up in his coat and can show anywhere on the body*


Name: Darkmist

Gender: Stallion

Age: 3

Coat: Black (Buckskin CHIMERA)

Genotype: EE/aa and EE/Aa/nCr

Eyes: Brown


Mom: Unknown

Adoptive Mom: A-ya

Sire: Unknown

Siblings: None

Friends: Open

Foes: Open

Mate: N/a

Foals: N/a


Personality: Darkmist is a funloving stallion, he loves to play, he's sweet, and carefree. Hes shy around mares and hes scared stiff around other stallions unless he has work to do. This has caused him to hardly have any friends in the lakota tribe.

Likes: Apples, Lakota childern, playing, being painted, his adopted mom.

Dislikes: Being near mares and stallions while not working, the Calvary, Spirit, His biological mother.



Darkmist was born in the Lakota tribe, his mother was the chief's mare, it was a hard birth on his mother and once he was out the shaman seen the colt as both a curse and a blessing. His black and buckskin coat seen as the downfall and the new hope of the tribe. Darkmist's mother upon seeing the foal refused to care for him, and would kick him if he got close once he was one his feet.

Seeing that the mare had disowned the colt the shaman took him to his mare and gave him to her, since she had lost her due to a Calvary raid the previous night, the colonel had shot and killed the foal when a warrior had ran out of the way. A-ya took the colt in happily, happy to have a colt to call hers. She chose the name Darkmist for the colt for his coat.

Growing up, Darkmist was mocked because of his two colored coat, and he was often left out of all the games the other foals and colts played. Darkmist felt leftout, he didn't want to be different. He often went to go play with the kids of the tribe since they would always play with him, even if it wasn't as fun as sparing with the other foals, at least it was something to do.

When he was two a group of young lakota men and a few stallions and a mare left the village to go raid the fort. They ended up bringing a buckskin stallion back with them, a wild one. Darkmist, didn't like this one bit, yeah, he's seen wild horses in the village before, even helped tame them, but this one was just different. He knew it, this one's spirit wasn't breakable. What was worse was this stallion was hitting on everyone's favorite mare, Rain, Darkmist was hoping to get to know the mare and make her his mate if the furture.

The stallion was in the village for a while, and Darkmist was getting more and more outcasted from the lakota tribe horses than ever, he was spending less time with the childern and the tribe was taking notice. The stallion wasn't fitting in with the horses. They didn't have much time the think of anything because the Calvary came to attack the village. A warrior jumped on Darkmist's back and they ran into battle, and then Darkmist felt an agonizing pain in his withers, a bullet had nicked him, it was so intense that it actually brought him to the ground. His rider fell to the groud too, and was killed.

After the battle and the remaining tribe and horses where gathered and around they seen the damage and they seen Darkmist and they started bullying him really bad about how a grazed wound brought him down and cost his rider his life. It got to the point that once the pain stopped Darkmist ran off from the tribe and in the the wild unknown...


Lines- BlackHorseBeth






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July 15, 2016
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I love his Chimera desing! :icon40: :icon40:
can I do a drawing of him and my mare Macha ? [ Is going to be upload in the site ] :icon307:

June 14, 2016
Usa Is not currently on the site
You are very welcome

June 14, 2016
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Thank you

June 14, 2016
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I like his history!

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