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Main type : Fan character

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Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Black

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Detail Darius

NAME: Darius 






BREED: Kiger Mustang


COLORS: Black with Tan markings 


TRAITS: Strong, caring, serious, intimidating,shy, quiet, great leader, smart, and loyal 


LIKES: his family, friends, racing, eating, his herd, and swimming


DISLIKES: humans, bossy stallions, anyone who threatens his friends and family, fighting with his brother 





MOTHER: Esperanza (Dreamworks)


FATHER: Strider (book series)


SIBLINGS: Spirit (Dreamworks), (open)


FRIENDS: Constantine, Lazarus, and Caspian (open)


ENEMIES: none (open)


MATE: none yet (open)


CRUSHES: none (open)


CRUSHERS: none (open)


RELATION TO SPIRIT: Darius is Strider and Esperanza’s firstborn/ Spirit’s older brother.





Darius was the first born of Strider and Esperanza. Darius was looked down upon and bullied due to the fact that he was born scrawniest of all foals and because of this did fit in with the rest, most even questioned his ability to take over the herd in the future. However, the love his parents especially Strider gave him outshined everyone’s opinion towards him. His lack of social interaction caused him to become serious and reserved, that was until his mother, Esperanza gave birth once again and had Spirit. Spirit was the favorite of the her and loved by all. Instead of having jealousy and hatred towards his younger brother, Darius grew an inseparable bond with his brother and the two would often be found playing and exploring together.


As the brothers grew older, Darius grew up to be quite handsome and muscular causing people to avoid him due to the fact that he intimidated them with his size and looks. Spirit would often hang out with his group of friends leaving his brother to himself. One day, Darius decided he would explore the riverbank and return before in turned dark. Sadly, Darius ended up encountering members of the cavalry and getting caught. While at the cavalry, Darius befriended 3 three stallions named Constantine, Lazarus, and Caspian, the four stuck together and planned ways to try to escape and talked about returning to their herds or even creating a herd of their own. 


As the time passed, Darius and his friends became less optimistic about ever escaping as each failed attempt passed. This caused the stallions to grow bitter and cold hearted. That was until one day as the cavalrymen were bringing in a a newly caught stallion. The stallion bit, threw kicks, and whines as the the men struggled to control the horse. When Darius finally decides to take a look at the new stallion he immediately regconizes the midnight black coat the could only belong to his beloved father Strider. Darius then calls for this father who turns and whines happily to see his long lost son. With his father’s presence, Darius’ hope of finally escaping returns. After months of various attempts the five finally find freedom. Darius and Strider bring their new found friends back to the cimarron herd where they were welcomed to stay. During their stay Darius finally tells his father he plans to leave and create his own herd with Constantine, Lazarus, and Caspian and leaves his position as leader to his beloved brother Spirit.


The boys are currently creating their herd by the riverbank where they first meet. Darius had been chosen as leader and currently looks for a mate to lead with him. More to come.


Linearts (c) Derp8675309 on Deviant Art

Backgrounds (c) Dreamworks 


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July 09, 2019
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Thank you so much! Of course you can make him a mate!:StriderSmile:

July 09, 2019
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Loli Kitten
very handsome!! defs a fav! can i make him a mate??

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