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Created by : Tweedbug

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : --------

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Animal/Human type : Horse


Detail Danish


Basic Info


Name: Danish
Nickname: none
Age: 6 (When died)
Breed: Spanish Mustang X Appaloosa X Paint
Eye colour: Green


Front  Legs
Creamy Stockings


Cream Appaloosa like patch with brown spots.

Coat: Chocolate Brown
Mane : Deep Orange
Tail: same as mane
Hooves: Moose Brown
Lives: No where (Died)




RELATION TO SPIRIT: Met him while halling the train.



Mother: unknown (open)
Father: unknown (open)
Siblings: 3 – unknown, unknown, unknown  - ALL OPEN-  
Crush/s:  none
Mate: none
Foals: 2 - unknown




He is deceased



Personal Info


Danish was a happy stallion until he met the calvary. Danish was also very proud and strong and wise. Him being wise was a basic sign for himt o strt a herd. He started a herd called the Danish Herd. Before he died he had two beautiful foals with a gorgeous deep red mare {(c) Din77}


Winter (weather), Running, exploring, Leading, fightning, travelling, Sleeping, his herd.


travelling alone, being alone, being not wanted, Summer (weather), Rougue stallions that wanted his herd, Storms, short distant running.



Danish Was the lead stallion of 'The Danish Herd'.  He started the herd and hoped to lead it until his eldest son could take over it, but unfortunately he died befor ethat process could occur. Danish was born in a small herd, his father was the leader and his father before that. Danish was destined to be the new leader but he hated everyone in the herd so he ran away. Danish ran away to the high mountains were it was as cold as ice. Danish saw a deep red mare approach him...  he fell in love wioth her and instantly knew that she was the one to start a herd with.  The two horses travelled  many miled until they reached a vacant land. The called the herd 'The Danish Herd' .  Danish was proud of himself and hoped to ful fill his dreams. Danish accepted a few horses into his herd; later on Danish and his mate had two foals.  

Danish wandered of into the high mountains again where he had met his mate. He got cold again and he shivered and fell into a mans camp. The men captured Danish and helped him become warm and get back to health. The Men were very interested in Danish because of his markings; They were going to turn him into a champion show horse but the Calvay had other plans for the buly stallion. Danish was quite muscular after sometime working at the calvary; pulling logs, being riden and pulling steamer trains.

On a cold and dark knight all the horses were set to pull a lrage steamer over the mountain and into the home of many horses. Danish disliked thye idea but he obyed his master and did it. He met a golden buckskin while puliing the train, his name was Spirit . Danish was put next to him on the journey over the mountains. Spirit managed to outsmart the men and escape their clutched, he tried to free us all but forgot about Danish.... The trian tumbled over and landed on Danish.



Song :  Bad Day - by ???

Voice:  Suggestions ?

Lineart. Render (c) Tweedbug (Me)


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November 04, 2010
Australia Female Is not currently on the site
Angel of Darkness.
thanks all ^^

November 04, 2010
Usa Is not currently on the site
The Albino&Royal herds
Awesome! FAVS

November 03, 2010
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
Tring to keep the darkness in.

November 03, 2010
Australia Female Is not currently on the site
Angel of Darkness.
thanks you ^^

November 03, 2010
Usa Is not currently on the site
Awwww poor danish!!!! I like his story!! *favs

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