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Damian (B)

Damian (B)


Created by : Blakey

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Unrealistic

Used in a fan creation? : NOT used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Animal/Human type : ---------


Detail Damian (B)

Nicknames:     Gender: Male

Age: Young Adult (Varies)   Breed: Marawari Horse cross

Sire: Many think he might be Fuego. (Not enough proof is showed)   Dam:  Unknown

Siblings: Mesteño 

Mate:  N/A     Love Interest: 

Crushers:     Foals: N/A

Breeding Partner(s): Rain (Former)

Personality (Character): Damian is a gentle stallion who respects all the same. He is misunderstood most of the time, some stallions thinks of him as an enemy and turns against him. Knowing about his father, who was a strong leader back in the days. Who fought against  other herds and take over them if won. But Damian was different from his sire, he doesn't want to hurt a soul. But he will fight for himself or anyone if pushed to his limits. 

Spirit Relation: Damian formerly lived in the Lakota tribe. While living in the Lakota Tribe, Little Creek made Damian and Rain breeding partners. They had no feelings for each other so nothing happened between them. When he got released into the wild, he met an young mare which he started to travel with. She is Spirit's niece.

Herd:  Loner (Traveling with an young mare)

Owner: Little Creek (Short terms)

Voice: Jake Worthington​

Theme Song: ---

(Ref Made by Swift Drifter)

(Adopted from Moki Hunter)


Damian was born during a rain storm that poured in mid day. Damian's mother felt pains while the storm, discovering that she was in labor. She went into a dry place where she gave birth to her foal. She got worried about her new child, the foal wasn't support to be born in two more months. She heard stories from her friends that they had birthed foals early before, and sadly the foals had died from birth defects. 

But Damian broke the odds, surviving though the early months. The time winter came, it was hard for him since he was small for his age group. Most of the foals were bigger then him, Damian was smaller in size since he was born earlier then the the other foals. 

During the winter, the herd needed to leave the area that were currently living in from the snow killing the lust food supply. But Damian's father refused to, so the herd lived in that area though the winter. Many of the members died, Damian was close to death but his mother ate the dead grass to keep him and herself alive.. 

The time Damian was a yearling, his younger brother Mesteño was born. He was favored by his mother and honored by his father. Which made Damian feel invisible from the others. While his brother was growing up, Damian stayed away from him. He respected his brother but also hated him the same time. Secretly Mesteño didn't like his older brother either. His father gave him many thoughts about Damian. That he was enemy of the herd and he should get rid of the stallion before it was too late.

When Mesteño's trading was done, which Damian was two and his younger was a yearling. Their father passed down the lead stallion to his youngest son Mesteño. Thinking he was more suited for the role then Damian would be. Mesteño turned his back on Damian, banning him from the herd after getting the role as leader. He 'thought' his older brother would interbred with the mares that was in the herd and tried to kick him out of the herd. Damian got shoved out of his homeland, without a goodbye to his mother..

Damian trailed off from the herd into the wild, wondering into the wild till he felt he was totally lost. He was in the middle of the desert. Miles away from his former herd. He saw some figures stare upon him from a distance. After couple moments of staring, the figures darted towards him and Damian discovered they were Cavalry men. He bolted away, running for hours away till he slipped into something and fell into the ground. Shortly he fainted...

Water droplets began to run on his forelock down his face. He woke up from the wetness. His vision was burly at first it they adjusted to the light. He saw two humans above him with feathers in their hair and their skin was slightly darker then the pale humans that went after him earlier. They seemed friendly towards him, but Damian didn't trust them at first. While he was younger, his mother told him to do not trust them because the abuse that could happen to him in the future. But Damian got roped by the humans and got put upon his feet. He tried to fight back but he got brought to the tribe. Where he got put in a corral and watched the Indians continue on with their lives.  

Damian stayed in the tribe for many months, creating a close bond with an Indian named Little Creek. He and the human were best friend. Damian also had a small friendship with his paint mare Rain. She was friendly and sweet but sometimes she snaps at him for things, sometimes weren't his fault. Little Creek one day tied Rain and Damian up together, wanting to see the result of foals if they bred together. The both of them refused to do so. Rain had interest in other stallion that was in the tribe. Damian in the other hand, never really crushed on a mare before, Rain would be no different. Little Creek untied them, shortly seeing his plan failed on him.

The time period when The Cavalry and the Lakota Tribe where in war. Little Creek released the young stallion into the wild. Little Creek did not want his fellow friend to be captured by the enemy and fall under their control. Damian said good bye to his friend and fled into the wild once again.

Shortly being in the wild, he bumped into an young mare named Bradbery. She was short built with a heart gold. She was the Cimarron's herd leader's niece. She came from the herd, but she was lost from a thunder storm that came over night and flooded their homeland. Bradbery begged Damian to travel with her, not wanting to be alone anymore. He did accepted, the two of them traveled together since then and their bond is close.


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