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Created by : AppaloosaPalooza

Main type : For Roleplaying purposes

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Specific type : ---------


Detail Conifer





Color-Seal Brown


Personality-Determined, brave, stubborn, does not take no for an answer.

Likes-Being challenged, and being head of the group.

Dislikes-Losing, and other bachelor stallions thinking their stonger than him.

Markings-Dark Points

Specific characteristics- has a strong compact build, firey eyes and several scars, including a distinct tear in his one ear.



Siblings-(Nameless bay filly)-Deceased.

Herd/Group-Bachelor Stallion group


"Freinds"-Fellow bachelor stallions -Open- (Other Bachelors and lone horses)

Enemies- Spirit, Fellow bachelor stallions/herd Stallions/Two-legs/Predetars-Open-

More Info

Conifer, has lived with the bachelors ever since he was cast from his herd at 2yrs, (As all colts eventually are,) and fought his way to the top. He is determined and firey and does not take no for an answer. Each stallion either tries to beat a herd stallion once he's grown enough, or goes after lone mares. Wich happens to be a rare sight. Horses don't tend to walk alone. A lone horse is a dead horse, but there is the occasional slpit herd. Split from a stallions death or too many predetars etc. But Conifer doesn't go after those. He loves a challlenge, and that challenge is Enola,(AKA -That mysterious, imposssible to catch, wierd, lone mare-) As the bachelors call her. That's Conifer's goal.


Herd Life

Conifer once lived with his mother Flower, a lovely seal brown mare, and conifer looked just like her. She named him for he remindered her of the strenghth of trees and the color of their bark. Conifer can't quite remember the rest of the herd, it wasn't very big, but he didn't really remember anyone but his mother, because she was the only one he cared about, Nothing else seemed more impotant. But then their was his father. His father wasn't a very,,.fatherley stallion, he could have cared less really, all that mattered to falcon was his herd's saftey, and his power over it. But all of this changed the next spring in Conifer's life, his mother disapeareed one night, Conifer was terrified and anxious, but falcon gave him no comfort, and the other mares and foals did not either, They seemed to know somrthing he didn't. But after a few days, Flower returned, but not alone. At her side was a frail spindly legged filly, a pretty dark bay. She reminded Conifer of himself last year, when he was younger. As Conifer tried to greet the newscomers,Flower nudged him away, along with the others, conifer diod not understand, Who was this foal and where did she come from,because of her he could no longer drink his motherrs milk now weaned, and flower didn't seem to want him around as much. But after a few days, Flower let him come close. He aproached the frail filly, and she hid behind flower. Flower nudgeed her out. Conifer decided he liked this filly. it reminded him of his mother and himself, and he decided he wanted to protect her. 

Then one day, Conifer noticed something,Their protector, the stallion Conifer rarely thought about. This tall bay stallion wo always pushed them away as they bumped into him or attempted to get him tom play,was bay. And resembled this bay filly he cared about so much but she also looked like his mother. but conifer than realized as the stallion glanced at him,...his eyes. The filly and Flower shared those lovely brown eyes. But Falcon,..he had his eyes. those Firey eyes were Conifer's and Falcon's.So,..hge thought to himself. The filly must be his sister,..and the herd stallion he hadn't even thought about. Was his father, the horse he would least think of as his father. 

A few months later, the filly filled out a little and grew stronger.The herd had moved around a bit, closer to water. a river in fact. Summer aproached and sping faded away. And with it came sumer storms. Wich were very dangerous. One night, Conifer let his guard down, and the filly wandered off as the herd grazed. She got close to the river, which wasn't vey high. She edged ever so close,...but the herd stallion spotted her, and scolded her back to the herd. Conifer was glad, for then. But after a while, night fell, and the filly wandered again, her lead mare mother fretting a coming storm. The stasllion watching carefully for danger, and conifer following the filly down to the river, well she could explore, he guessed as long as he was watching, but the river was rising, and a storm was brewing. They watched the river rapids when,..."Conifer! Everyone, Come, we need to get to higher ground!" Conifer came running as soon as he heard, trusting the filly was behind him, not far anyway. Falcon was biting and nipping at the mares, chasing them into position, getting everyone to move,..Falcon didn't see the newborn filly, no matter he thought, he could spare one if he didn't move now,..everyone would be lost. As they began to move, conifer realized his sister wasn't there. 

"THE RIVER!" She was still there in the storm! he turned around leaving the herd. "Conifer?! Wait were's,..." his mother called. But Conifer did not care. his sister was in danger! As Falcon heard this he tried to stop him,.....but as Conifer arrived,..he saw his sister being swept away in the rapids. "Conifer!"

"NO!" and she was gone,....because he made a mistake. Because his father could care less.

Flower was the only one to comfort him. From then on, Conifer avoided everyone but his mother, and never ever made contact with the herd stallion.

The seasons went by and Conifer turned two years. And like every 2yr old colt,it meant being driven away. Flower did not seem to notice his age as most mares would. But the herd stallion did, he'd already taken care of any other colts, but of coarse Conifer hadn't noticed. Yet the day had come. Conifer had to leave. Falcon charged him when he was by himself as usual. With no warning. Conifer was confused, the herd stallion always showed him no concern, but now he was biteing and kicking him away from his herd,...and the only one he cared about, Flower,..was calling good bye. He now knew he had to leave,..and not come back.

Bachelor Life

Conifer wandered the land. Pushing away his old life. No more indifferent fathers, no more pointless deaths. No more. He wandered and came across, the bachelor group, just like every young horse. They all come together to teat there strenghth, cunning and,..authority. Conifer found his new ambition. And new friends to brawl with.(      Whirlwind,        _add freinds) But conifer always knew they would stop being colts,...stop being friends, start being stasllions, and start being enemies. Going to the top,here and then,...his own herd. He was only 2yrs old. But he waited. He was patient.

1yr later after a whole year of brawling and testing his might, he had the courage and the expectancy of victory. He decided to fight Stone, the oldest and the best, 5 yrs old. Years ago it was, Flash, but he was driven out by Stone to a lower rank. Flash left to be his own horse anyway. then Conifer did it, what all the Bachelors boasted about doing, going after mares, challenging herd stallions, and challenging the most dominant in the group. "STONE!" He neighed out in the clearing, before everyone. "I challenge you.!" Stone answered in his on loud terrible shreek, and the fight began. They came together, charged, they struggled biting and kicking, and finally. Conifer came out on top. Stone was scarred all over his shoulders even more than he was before after that. Conifer was on top.

His friends weren't worried then,..but then, he tried to




*You can use character in basically anything, with permission.

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March 09, 2019
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Hey, do you mind if I make your handsome stallion a mate?

March 18, 2014
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Yeah, he is Niabi's enemy after all.

March 18, 2014
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Hey Appy can Lancelot can be Eneimes with him

February 21, 2014
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Okay, just add him.

February 21, 2014
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could he be Belleza's best friend?:o

February 20, 2014
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Yeah sure, he can pursue two mares I guess, he is a bit of a jerk.

February 20, 2014
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Can i use him in Falicity's story as her enemy. Please?lol

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