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Created by : Scoody_Doo

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Unrealistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Light grey

Animal/Human type : ---------


Detail Cobra

Name: Cobra {Indians name} Angel{Birth Name} Sheza Desert Rose {First owners name) Flica(Second owners name}

Age: 6

Gender: Mare


Coat: Grey

Mane/Tail: White and Black

Personality: Cobra is a kind hearted mare, she is caring, mother and rather fiery and protective of the ones she loves

Likes: Janus, her family, the indian tribe

Dislikes: Being on her own


Sire: Arabian Stallion

Dam: An arabian mare

Siblings: Some

Mate: Janus

Crush: Janus

Crusher(s): Janus open

Foals: None

Herd: The Indian tribe

Rank:A catcher(she goes and catches wild horses)


Cobra did not remember her childhood very much. Just alot of moving and farms. She did not remembr her mother, all she remembered was that mother had a very calming voice. The name her mother gave her was Angel but her first owner called Sheza Desert Rose, her second owners named her Flicka. She had various other names but remembers these ones as they took her fancy.

Her fourth owners had a daughter, who had taken a liking to Cobra at a horse sale. Cobra was being sold for   alot of money due to her Arabian blood lines. The owners were quite proud of the find as it was hard to find pure arabian blood. Cobra was worked very hard. And disliked it, everyday she was attached to a cart and had to pull it. She would go and pick people u for money, she did not like this and hated doing it. Oneday while she was grazing a young gir covered in rags came to her field and slipped a  dirty head collar on the mare. 

Oneday Cobra got loose and an older stallion bred to her. His name was Thunder Clap he was a stunning majestic stallion soon after some men found Cobra and took her back to her owners. They were not happy to learn that their ittle worker was pregnant and could not pull carts for 10 months or so. They decided Cobra was now worth absolutey nothing and put her for sale. But a fancy breeding stables recognised her and bought her. She soon gave birth to a foal. But in a barn fire that Gypsy escaped.

 Oneday while she was grazing a young gir covered in rags came to her field and slipped a  dirty head collar on the mare. Cobra followed the young girl desperate to go. The girl noticed bloody cuts from where Cobra had been whipped due  to her fiery temper. The girl took her to a place with other horses who had odd markings thought Cobra. They were all different and she got put in a wooden fence place. These new people bathed her wounds and were restoring her back to her original beauty.

She met a paint mare named Rain, who she became friends with. Her and Rain were like sisters. They were could not be seperated they went everywere together and Rain soon introduced Cobra to Janus a paint stallion.

She got to know Janus, he became her best friend and vice versa. She soon developed a small crush on him. They spent long sunny days togther roaming the camp. He soon told her that he kinda liked her. Cobra soon earned her name Cobra due to her fiery temper. As she "struck like a cobra". Her and Janus soon became mates... :3

More to come

Head shot (c) Purrsain

Adopted and body (c) MW Roach

Relationship to Spirit:Was good friends with Rain and met Spirit


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