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Cinnamon Roll

Cinnamon Roll


Created by : Tweedbug

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : --------

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Yellow

Animal/Human type : Horse


Detail Cinnamon Roll

Basic Info


Name: Cinnamon Roll
Nickname: Cinnamon
Age: 2
Breed: Mustang X  ???
Eye colour: Blue


Orange/Brown coloured oval shapes underneath right eye
Orange/Brown Muzzle

Front  Legs
Left: Brown and Cream
Right: Cream

Back Legs
Left: Brown
Right: Cream

Coat: Gold/Yellow
Mane : Chocolate Brown with Cream Tips
Tail: same as mane
Hooves: Light Grey 

Lives: Danish Herd



Danish Herd


RELATION TO SPIRIT:  Met him at the Calvary.


Mother:  unknown  (open)
Father: unknown (open)
Siblings: 2 – unknown, unknown  - ALL OPEN-  
Crush/s:  -OPEN- 
Mate: -OPEN-

Foals: none



Striker -  Lead stallion

 Spirit – Met him at the Calvary

 Alidia –Best Friend

     Candy  – Other Best friend



Personal Info


Cinnamon is very sweet, kind, loving and caring. Cinnamon is also a very good fighter, she was brought up as one and is used in a lot of fights. Cinnamon is accepted into many herds because of her skills, When Cinnamon has been in fights she would normally win, but sometimes she gets really badly injured... Cinnamons’ Caring side is only for her friends, Mate, and family.


Winter (weather), Running, exploring, Storms, Alidia, Candy, Fireflies, Cliffs, Fighting, Danish Herd.



Being Injured, Losing, being teased, her friends being teased, Calvary men, her parents.




Cinnamon was born rouge. Cinnamon has always thought that being born rogue means you stay rouge. Cinnamon and her family were hunted down lots because of their coat. At the age of 1 Cinnamon was captured by the Calvary and was taken away from her family. Cinnamon arrived at the Calvary beaten and bruised from the men. The men tortured her on the way there; pulling her hair, kicking her e.t.c.  Cinnamon collapsed when they got her there so she was put in the stables to cool off. Cinnamon woke up 3 hours after and was founded with blood pouring out of her mouth. The men cleaned her mouth, cuts and bruises while the men that tortured her were fired, she was a prized horse and they just destroyed her. Cinnamon was kept in the Calvary for a long time (3 months). A golden Buckskin arrived one day, he was put in with Cinnamon but wouldn’t talk. So Cinnamon lowered her head and sighed.


The men eventually realised that Cinnamon was bruised for life (mentally) and couldn’t be broken or ridden ... so they realised her. Cinnamon bolted away from the men and into the blistering desert. Cinnamon got so tired one day she collapsed near a herd that would hopefully help her. Striker looked over the horse and saw the bruises and thought she could do well in the herd as a fighter.



Song: Suggestions ??

Voice: Suggestions ??


Lineart & Render (c) Me (Tweedbug)


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